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>I fell for the Thinkpad meme a few years ago and have since daily driven two old Thinkpads with Arch Linux. I’ve found doing this has been a vast improvement over using Windows in many ways but over the past few months I’ve realized that using ten year old laptops is silly, they’re heavy, have terrible battery life, terrible screens, underpowered hardware and everyone rightfully thinks that you are crazy for doing it, so I broke down and bought a macbook
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>>520 (OP) 
you can run linux on an m1 macbook too
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I wouldn't want to gimp my hardware with some shitty OS that's held together by ducktape
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>>520 (OP) 
theyre powerful enough to play half life, gta 3, doom, quake, minetest, and crazy taxi
theyre powerful enough to shitpost and do everything else that isnt modern hecking AAA games or blender 3.X
that means theyre powerful for me
4 hours battery life is fine
an X200 isnt exactly heavy, and my laptop is 15 years old so shove your copypasta up your ass frogposter
you havent even compiled your own firmware you fucking nigger monkey
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a single image says more than words
this, laptops dont need great hardware just get a desktop
which chinkpad would you recommend chud
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X200 for portability and long battery life, as well as not having to take out the whole motherboard just to libreboot it
T400/T500/W500 for price and better performance but shittier battery life, as well as more weight, and having to take out the whole motherboard to flash libreboot
or consider a dell latitude since theyre cheap and you dont have to take them apart to install libreboot, they have similar hardware
you could buy a T400/T500/W500 to install a quad core CPU in it, aka a quad core mod
you cant do this in an X200 because its CPU is soldered for portability and less weight, sadly
well, you probably could if you can solder CPUs around, but i dont know if the pinout is the same, so have fun soldering off some gold pins off a CPU then replacing them with solder balls, youd be the first person to do it on an X200
pic rel is a quad core mod on a T400 btw, you rip off some CPU pins and solder a bridge at the back of the CPU socket
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i just want one that's cheap and doesnt require sny work coz im a lazy little fuck
is that the x200?
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dell latitude, T400, T500
>no work
X200, dell latitude
the X200 can be kinda expensive if you live in muttland, 50-100$, but i get mine for 50$-ish each, you just gotta lurk on ebay for a few weeks
>any work
none then lol
but for an X200 all you have to do is unscrew like 8-10 screws, take off the keyboard and palm rest, then flash libreboot with some 5$ SPI flasher (e.g. ch341a)
and of course, the usual stuff, renewing thermal paste, removing dust, throwing in a new hard drive or ssd if you want, upgrading the RAM to 8 gigs if it has less, and installing gentoo
also, dell latitude
you dont need to open it up to flash it but should replace the thermal paste and upgrade ram/hdd, on any old laptop really
even on new laptops because they usually come with shitty drives, less ram than you could throw in max., and shitty thermal paste
What even is a thinkpad. Is it like a shitty rip off of an iPad
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