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This /comtech/ needs GnuSchizo to be good because w7 is a pisscel that uses propriatory BSD and spends time seething about furries
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>>688 (OP) 
xhe doesn't even use bsd, he uses pro-LGBT windows 10 kek
Replies: >>690
why would you use xher pronouns correctly only to misgender xher after?
xhe doesnt use windows those are screenshots of virtual machines
who's w7
Replies: >>692
anti-furry schizo namefag who frequents altchans like the jarty
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>>688 (OP) 
>that uses propriatory BSD
are you mistaking him for me?
what is proprietary? is it software you can't modify the code of?
because if so then *BSD is much more free than GNU as all source code is in /usr/src, which means you can modify ALL the software in the base install as easily as cd /usr/src and checking what you want, if you want to modify a package you just cd /usr/dports/editors/teco and make fetchwhat is the process of doing this in GNU(/Linux)? you have to open up a javascript compliant web browser and search for the source in a bloated webpage, does this increase the hackability of the software? no.
Replies: >>850 >>851 >>864
its proprietary because it contains binary blobs you cant modify or easily remove
Replies: >>936
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>durr js web browser search for sauce in a bloated page
git clone --recursive
cd abslibre/libre/package
#fuck around
makepkg -sirf
oh yeah or have fun installing everything with make install lol
if you want a source based distro, theres gemtoo
>hurr durr muh BSD has source code
guix lets you define packages any package you want using LISP. you can download whatever you want and compile it so long as you have a source code repo and some build instructions (most of the heavy lifting is already done for many packages).
>just use gentoo
no rollbacks
lack of system reproducibility
slowly becoming a slave to ((( systemd )))
too obsessed with source compiling, doesn't realize that providing bin packages of reproducible binaries is adequate.
Replies: >>865 >>866
Nice browser, sis.
>what is proprietary?
Software that uses non-free technology.
Your software can be open-source and still be proprietary. BSD contains proprietary blobs in the firmware.
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>muh rollbacks
zfs does this for you, you dont need builtin rollbacks because most people wont use them
you dont need them if you dont fuck around and break everything daily, i dont have any backups and my parabola install has been running for 2 years now
>muh soystemdick
systemd is good for you doe, how can you cope without user daemons, masking, nspawns, targets, etc?
>slowly becoming a slave to ((( systemd )))
>systemd le BAD
Thinking systemd will kill you in your sleep is a /g/ meme. You are more likely to be datamined by BSD.
Replies: >>867 >>868
if you really dont want systemd,
-systemd -elogind
or use guix
Replies: >>868
I don't think ((( systemd ))) is inherently evil, but it's way too complex for its own good. I don't like its syntax, its way of handling unit files, and the journaling system. I also don't like how it slowly creeps into taking over things like cron, boot, home, and other stuff. I'd like to keep my processes separate, easy to understand, and ideally defined in just one file.
>most people want use them
that's fine for most people, but i'm a developer who actively develops software. I don't want to manage my dev environment with cancer like virtualenvs and rather just set up a manifest to define what I need when I need it. Builds that are reproducible and not tainted by system state are amazing too for build testing (there's a good reason why most devOps systems use containers to build after all).
i am a guixGOD
Replies: >>872
systemd is a complex black box, which means more attack surface, and it being harder to audit
but name a single better software suite slash init system
Replies: >>874
i'm fond of OpenRC, but on my guix systems I use GNU Shepherd. I have heard RunIt is good too.
Replies: >>876
openrc is utter trash, its slower and has less features than systemd lol
Replies: >>941
i cant make my crontab work, is it systemd's fault or a tinkered with my shituntu to a point of no return?
Replies: >>906
most likely ubuntu, but systemd manages cron so take that into account
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>its proprietary because it contains binary blobs you cant modify or easily remove
cd /usr/src/sys/config
ed TNDKERNEL #remove all devices except ones you need
cd /usr/src
make -j 4 buildkernel KERNCONF=TNDKERNEL
make installkernel KERNCONF=TNDKERNEL
if you are a nigger than doesn't compile his own kernels then then you should stick to linux
>features... le good
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