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Doing another drive for jannies, send applications to admin@jakparty.soy; try to avoid using gmail since gmail tends to block my email
in an effort to test our anti-CP system, a board called >>>/nofur/ has opened up; all posts containing furshit will be removed by our bot. Attempt to break this, as all knowledge gained from this endeavor will go towards the actual anti-CP system.
Jakparty.soy's anti-CP system has started development, contribute to discussion here!

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... im sorry for all you guys
why are shartyshits so coal they dont even try to mess with the literal shitcord tranny running their site? why not dox or otherwise fuck with this nigga or something yall
Replies: >>3859 >>3860
well i would but i have a 1 day ban for raiding /qa/
Even doe I’m doing that right now in the heckin soy poo poo Caca thread
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>>3857 (OP) 
they dont even care is the worst part
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and in another post he is anti doxxing trannys
Replies: >>3887 >>3938
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stop it soicvcks i cant hold it anymore im gonna fucking DIEE
Replies: >>3868 >>3876 >>3879
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cobsonGOD this affects all of us
soyteens are stubborn and will just leave they wont come here
no more people to laugh at
Replies: >>3871
https://soyjak.wiki/Main_Page archive every wiki page A LOLKIKE EVENT WILL HAPPEN SOON
Replies: >>3870 >>3885
lolGOD did nothing wrong and was actually a funny jakker and good content creator unlike all the unfunny filth running the site now
>just leave they wont come here
They’re not gonna leave the ‘arty doe. Maybe some of them but most will probably forget about it and post gay brimstone like nothing ever happened doe
Replies: >>3872
i have no fucking idea how you could forget this i got one of my vpns a  perma just for posting a video of the admin saying he likes trannys
Replies: >>3873 >>3875 >>3876
They’re dumb or something. Why do muttmericans not overthrow the government when everyone knows it’s le corrupt. It’s out of ignorance and laziness
Replies: >>3874
That and there’s a legion of janny dick riders
lol angeleno is fucking with you, as he said drama is good, you crying like a little bitch is creating the drama, dont want to play into his games? stop visiting the sharty and touch grass
Replies: >>3877 >>3890 >>3892
>lol angeleno is fucking with you, as he said drama is good, you crying like a little bitch is creating the drama, dont want to play into his games? stop visiting the sharty and touch grass
img rel >>3867
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no i will be a selfish little fuck and cry that le admin banned he and is a le corder
Replies: >>3880
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>touch grass
trangeleno needs to get doxed imminently
Replies: >>3881
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>no arrow 
(this is a pre quote)
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have fun failing at that j*RtyCVCK
Replies: >>3882
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bait god i fucking kneel
>>3857 (OP) 
dude literally no one cares if the admins have a discord even this site has a discord (the lutecord) just move on lmao
Replies: >>3893
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>dude literally no one cares if the admins have a discord even this site has a discord (the lutecord) just move on lmao
You can copy the pages to soypedia
Replies: >>3886
That’s the same as archiving doe
JIDF doxxes People so I understand that.
hi froot
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>hes just playing 3D chess y'all
>touch some fucking grass
<angeleno moderated a tranny reddit wiki before buying the sharty wiki
<angeleno was a reddit tier wiki mod for a full year banning anyone that said anything thats even slightly mean towards him or kuz
<angeleno is an actual discord faggot
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>the lutecord IS real and not just a joke
>as is the LSS and dont tell me otherwise
>jokes are NOT real
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apparently trangeleno likes soytan despite hating jarty, so i drew this to make xim dilate
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>>3857 (OP) 
>check >>>/sharty/
>first thing i see is this
Replies: >>3899
why is she wearing a hat?
Replies: >>3900 >>3901
Cuz why not chudcel
>he doesn't know about about dr pepper hats
the hetman has invited you to stay at lake lutecordia
Replies: >>3902
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doesnt the hat man only show up near death
Replies: >>3904
No a hetman is like the khan of Ukraine
>>3857 (OP) 
Goes a little bit deeper than that







Replies: >>3907 >>3908
meds how is this related
Replies: >>3913
Replies: >>3913
*kaff kaff* 




*kaff kaff*
Replies: >>3914 >>3915
thats crazy but who asked tho
Replies: >>3919
force feed this guy meds now
Replies: >>3919


KAFF KA..............ACK!!!! 

Sorry, I have bad cough yes?  Summary: Froot make post on /q/ about doxing. Very funny stuff, many laugh. However; Froot post image that is only seen one place. Twitter land. By finding image, you find this homofag Poolydoon in like of image, and worse, find connections. Poolydoon most likely Konata poster, very tranny. Much disgust to be had, involved with Sharty very much long time. 

Dox of Poolydon coincide with recent leak of new Discord general. Very connection yes?  Further touch of connection when research Poollydon show big tranny network. Much disgust and dismay. Who is Poolydon user? Konata post maker? Transexual Discord user? Or what if Froot? Not much likely on end; but would be funny da? Owner of Shartyjak party is actual transexual! XAXAXA! But no. Problem is very real. These are men involved with Shartyjak party; very big trouble, and why Froot aware of these people? No idea, but research made regardless. 

You may wish as much to do as you want with information. Transexual user is very public as noted. If transexual man named Poolydon here on Jartyjak soy. 

"You are not of women real, you are sick man in the head. Mockery of God flesh and perfection. Only brimfire hell await you in death, which will be commit through self killing once into mirror you realize that you are not woman, but joke."
wow who cares
Replies: >>3923
is there any proof Poolydon is froot doe
Replies: >>3923
Is not Jartyjak soy sharty board people who make care of Shartyjak party? It seem big concern since owner Froot make connection. Perhaps you are transexual who make aware not big deal da? If yes, consider take time off, find church, find God. Young man constantly on computer bad for mind, make poison and cause harm. Do this yes if transexual? 

No no friend, that was joke. Big laugh. Mighty funny! It would be of big laughter if that was case, but is not. Froot make knowledge of transexual person through post. Froot say quiet part "This transexual man can be found." Quiet part understood, and here find transexual man, who make connection with leak above. https://soyjaks.party/q/thread/119661.html#q119940 and maybe Konata poster who complain here on Jartyjak soy? 

However, very funny if Froot was transexual man that say "We must destroy the transexual, but not me! I am special!" XAXAXA!!! Would be funny to extreme!  But I must make aside, Froot is most likely not transexual Poolydon; this is most likely user who make Konata post, and maybe past moderator Red/Pollyanna. Is mystery at moment. 

However, worth regardless of look into, because from Froot himself (unless Froot is transexual, then herself? XAXAXAXA!!!!) I cannot get over such funny joke whose truth is not!
ah make wrong link quote. Apology. 
Correction here.

Connection of transexual man of interest and leak of Discord users.
Replies: >>3927
stop speaking like a stroke victim nigger
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>stop speaking like a stroke victim nigger
EslGOD I kneel
@remindmebot in 1 hour remind me to goon to this
Replies: >>3934
esl GOD please keep posting
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Not me, i dont have twitter or trooncord or most other social media
@remindmebot stop reminding me of this, i already gooned to it.
https://soyjaks.party/soy/thread/4703160.html thread is autosaged lol
Replies: >>3950
is @remindmebot real?
>doxxling le good
kys kiwinigger
Replies: >>3951
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It's over, I 'literally unironically' say doe, 'though'
>doxxing trannies le bad because I want the internet to be my little estogen themed safespace
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>doxxing trannies le bad because i don't give a shit about them and i just want my funny bald man forum get flooded with twitter screenshots
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clearly, j*rtyCVCKS are MINDBROKEN by cordGODS
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