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GEG, Froot is PRO EPI. Get ready for your 7 year old gay porn spamming overlords nuteens.
Replies: >>7232 >>7498
where are the sharty's servers stored? it's illegal in most countries to display pornography without having an 18+ requirement
Replies: >>7223 >>7224
wow thats crazy but i dont care
Likely in america
>>7220 (OP) 
i agree with froot on this, nobody cares if porn is there and if u do go back to reddit
Replies: >>7233 >>7236
>Nuteens screech at gooners for epi
>But when they post gay porn on their "teen" website, it's suddenly not epi
Nuteens should be consistent, instead of acting like hypocrites.
why are you pearlclutching so hard sis
Replies: >>7236
Froot actively grooms underages in the janny irc and the aftershitty
He wants kids to look at 'cado asshole then look at thugshaker scat porn to finally get them desensitized into gay porn 
Basically just keeping the kuz train going
Replies: >>7396 >>7482
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>how dare you worry about the website? What are you a Reddit tranny or something?
Replies: >>7269 >>7272 >>7291
garbage nas dust go fucking kill yourself you worthless piece of shitstain
treasure ias gem go fucking live yourself you valuable whole of utility
Gem even doe it’d be better to have it as 2023 newfag instead of 2022
Replies: >>7295
no it's not because it mocks no one other than s*icvcks favorite boogeyman, and no no 'cord user will get triggered by this shitty 'jak. why? because they spam fucking cp and nigger gore that's why. funny how s*icvcks are constantly shitting out jaks of imaginary villains that miss the whole point of the original meme, while being the most insufferable, easily offended porn addicts on the internet
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this nigger is so dumb
>but the 7 years olds will just ignore it XD
that's not the point. the point is when people genuinely believe they are in an environment with adults they won't act out the most terrible qualities children do. they won't openly talk about how much they hate their parents. they won't talk about how they hate school. they won't spam roblox threads because they know everyone has outgrown that.

look at 4chan. you'd think it's mostly adults posting but there's middle schoolers you would never suspect. they have the ability to act like an adult deep inside them but society molds them into acting retarded because school is glorified daycare and they have no responsibility in the world.
Replies: >>7314 >>7378
>they won't openly talk about how much they hate their parents. they won't talk about how they hate school. they won't spam roblox threads because they know everyone has outgrown that.
Holy trvthnvke it really do be like that. Nuclitties really are talking about the topics you mentioned. 
Alongside self insert and no self reflection that is. 
Those threads are always on top of the catty because let’s face it: nu sharts are mostly children from fucking roblox. 
I’m 20+ and the website doesn’t feel like a shitposting safe haven for late teenagers ie 16-19 and early twenties like 20-25 anymore. 
It’s dogshit daycare with curated memes and maybe occasional nigger getting his head blown off.
Replies: >>7315 >>7331
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Can I browse the sharty with no nsfw at 11:00 - 12:35 pm
Replies: >>7319
Underagefag, just don’t browse it at your glorified day care. It’s that simple.
Replies: >>7320
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I’m joking
>yaaaasss based froot! groom those kids!
do you faggots even realize how big the sharty is now? if this faggot wants to keep it running he has to protect his ass
doesnt fucking matter you have to cover your ass if you dont want the glowies to shut you down you dumb gorilla niggerfaggot
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'cado 'corders coming through
Why do 'cado posters get mad when people want the site to be 18+? Marge, what is the implication here.
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cado is such a dead meme now and the people posting it must be faggots.
Replies: >>7330 >>7382
'cado is dying because nucorder inmigrants post his asshole and nothing else.
Replies: >>7333
You know that makes it creepier when doll called the supposedly 11-16 year old userbase his little buddies.
There's literal grooming ops on it in the sharty masqueraded as "raids" niggerjew froot even made a roblox board for a while put two and two together and you'll realize that froot's trying as hard as possible to replace the old soyteens with nusoytoddlers that'll praise him 24/7. Just take a look at /q/ and you'll see a couple 12 yr olds typing out essays for the "FDL"
Replies: >>7332
>Fnac was shilled so little children would get attracted to the sharty 
How stupid am if I didn't realize this sooner.
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Xhe’s right
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>cado is le cord
>'cado is dying because nucorder inmigrants post his asshole and nothing else.
>cado is not absolutely 100% and forever sharty culture

Replies: >>7645
4cuck buzzword go back
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>4cuck buzzword go back
Replies: >>7339
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>hey maybe add an 18+ disclaimer since this site has pictures of dead babies and gay porn
Replies: >>7341
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18+ disclaimer is a good idea, people who think porn should be banned are redditors.
Replies: >>7342
no meme arrow
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>no meme arrow
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>roblox raids
context is a zellignigger 'corder lusting after a supposed 9 yr old 
homestuck tranny below is one of the admins in such "raids" btw or however the kids are groomed
Replies: >>7644
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>roblox raids
Replies: >>7644
It literally is 2 faggots posting that shit
Replies: >>7394
The funniest part is them seething about having less children see cado's asshole
Replies: >>7395
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It’s the second easiest group to bait since they have meltdowns after they click their filters
can someone explain me why is this 'cord troonery shithole called afterparty popping up lately?
I haven't browsed sharty for a while but I remember that place (it had the same name) spamming their shitcord links back during soypocalypse
Spoonfeed me as well, I don't keep up with 'cord drama
new nuqafe
gay faggots larping as peter scully and gooning to 'p
I would rather have m00t as an admin
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what can be inferred about root from the fact that he used some buzzfeed tier gif as a response?
Replies: >>7425 >>7427 >>7432
Root has finally been groomed by froot
Prob it’s xer fav movie or something
How is froot supposed to get his harem of little boys if the site says it's 18+?
Replies: >>7454
tsmt how is he supposed to have hus jannies make roblox raid threads to recruit children if there aren't any children on the sharty to begin with
i've personally talked to froot before on a first name basis and he wants kuz dead for raping little boys
>>7220 (OP) 
Maybe Froot wasn’t lying when he said he was 40

I do want a content warning btw. It scared me away from NSFW Reddit when I was 11, so we should do the same
Replies: >>7508
Froot literally supports people gore spamming threads on “underage” posts
Replies: >>7509
I understand scaring away offsiter immigrants shitting up the ‘log with that, but can’t the lazy fuck just ban underage users?
Replies: >>7510
How is he going to epi kids then?
Replies: >>7524
I don’t think he’s a paedo, I think he just doesn’t give a shit which is also pretty bad
froot can't do the bare minimum to keep his site up lmfao
Replies: >>7529
Yeah he thinks that adding ads was a 4d move and still strokes his dick about it
look at this unabashed cordtroonery
sharty is fucking dead
we need more superpozz mashups like this
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