0. Content Illegal under United States law is banned.

1. Loli, shota, jailbait, and child abuse content is banned.

2. Creating posts that come with any type of signature or avatar is banned. Avatars are non-OC files (and file names) that can be linked back to a singular poster and the poster is using the file as a form of self-identification. Style of writing in posts generally will not be used to decide rather someone is or isn't using a signature or avatar.

3. Invites to discord servers for chan-culture of any type are banned due to the threat they pose to their upsteam communities. However, discussion of these places, while discouraged and in bad taste, are not banned.

4. Excessive spam is banned.

5. NSFW content on SFW board is banned except in cases where the content is spoilered and the NSFW content is on-topic.

6. Rules are enforced by intent, not letter, therefore loopholes in the rules are disallowed.

7. This site is assumed to be 18+ even on sfw boards. Browse with discretion.

What is allowed

1. Soyjaks are allowed on all boards

2. Posts on-topic to various boards is encouraged to maintain posting quality, but posting off topic content is permitted so long as it doesn't devolve into excessive spam.

4. Trolling is allowed

5. Dumping images in single threads

6. Complaining about moderation staff or the rules is allowed on any board. Feedback helps us to improve our moderation.

7. Community events are highly encouraged

8. Discussion of other sites is permissible

9. Fun is allowed

Rules for jannies

1. Only rules wrote down on the rules page (here) should be considered valid for the site. Jannies confused about rule interpretation can email for clarification.

2. "Rules" take priority over "what is allowed". For example, if someone posts loli or shotacon content to "troll" users, it's not a valid excuse and still violentes the rules of the site.

3. When dealing with CP, click the "CP" Button in the moderation menu. This will report the poster to NCMEC, ban the poster, and remove the files.

4. Generally, excessive spam should be consolidated into one thread rather than out right removed. Bans for spam should be light and only accelerate after repeat offenses.

5. Some users are stupid and will fall for bait, it is not your duty to help these users, in fact, you should bait them further.

6. Bans should usually only be within the range of 1 hour to 2 days and lean on the lighter side whenever possible. Light bans are always from 30 minutes to 2 hours. This does not apply to perma-bans, which are mostly reserved for law breaking activity.

7. The rule of least damage should be applied when removing rule-breaking material (except in cases where the poster is breaking the law). If an image is breaking the rules, only it should be deleted. If text is breaking the rules, a janny should edit only that text to redact that text. If multiple threads existing at once are breaking the rules, then jannies should consolidate the threads.

8. Jannies should not edit the text or interfere with normal posts unless moderation action calls for it. A jannies job is to clean things up, not flex on normal users with gay admin powers.

9. These rules are subject to change at any moment for any reason without notice. Violation of janny rules could lead to being dismissed as a janny.

10. Remember, you are a janitor on a bald cartoon man with glasses website. People post here for fun and the site, generally, should not be treated as anything serious.

A special note on raids

If you're going to raid somewhere, please do not do it in a way that is illegal or allows for the proliferation of illegal material. We do not want to be associated with that nonsense. Also, please do not attack moderation infrastructure for sites you may visit. That infrastructure is vital for the removal of illegal and harmful material. Any attempts to organize raids that do either of these two things on this site will be punished.

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