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the jarty needs (You)r help to fight the CP spam menace and help improve image boards as a whole.

This will be achieved through an automated anti-CP dedication system that is capable of sharing CP hashes with other websites so, when CP is posted, everyone is able to block it from their servers.

A link to the specification for how this work can be found here:

This thread will serve as the main discussion point for the project. Namefagging and tripfagging has been enabled on /comtech/ for this project and other projects like it.

Code Repo:
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>even though 'p bot still occasionally posts here
we are actually doing that but fucking drumpftards are blocking us and now that goyimcattle hate us for bombing some alahu ackbar babies we can never do that
we'll get offline image models banned and use Intel ME to hack into every alt right bigot's PCs to see if they have it. You. Cant. Stop. Us. Incel freak.
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btw im  CHUD ## ADMIN on a different device
Had a realization recently that only mentally castrated soy faggots hate pedophiles. Women fantasize about getting doted on by older men and being pampered enough to age regress and embracing their inner child. Virile and powerful men fantasize about pumping their seed into young fertile cunny. Soy cucks tell themselves that it's le bad and seethe cope fap to mature pussy porn while chads slay prime wet tight pussy.
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Plus children are cute, full of energy, they embody fruitfulness, playfulness, and joy. Only a faggot who's been emasculated by too much screen time cucking him out of a healthy appreciation for the beauty of children, recoils in conditioned horror and self loathing at the mere sight of a child. Naked children running around and playing in a water fountain or something is a pleasing thing to look at. If you think otherwise, you are a cucked faggot with a brain warped by the virtual lash of slave morality and cuckdom.

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Importance of FOSS people, FOSS...
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I lol'ed at this meme
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>Oh my heck! he can not self terminate! it's the FRICKING plot of terminator 2, the only good 80s movie sequel, not that I would know what 80s movies are good because I'm a balding thirtysomething 90s kid who gets all his movie opinions from imdb and reddit!
this is why i'll never switch to windows 11, it's literally just windows 10 with a worse ui and more bloat and spyware
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lmao you cant even turn off updates no matter what you do unless you run a script during booting
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<movie opinions

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what is the jarty's opinion on revolt? its le libre version of 'cord but ive literally never heard anyone mention that they use it
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How is this different from matrix?btw this reminds me of how used to be called riot until the george floyd monkey riots made them change the name.
Replies: >>1580 >>1583
I'm not saying Element and Revolt can't be useful alternatives, but why would I want a clone of Discord? Sure, it's free software, but either cordshitters will bring their problems to it, or they won't even use it because it's not as big/convenient as Discord. Just use IRC and Mumble.
kek was that really the reason? I just figured they thought riot was a cringe name.
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Literally the same thing as cord but FOSS
No encryption
Ran by trannies (Probably).
Element is better
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isn't this just but worse?
where muh decentralized/federated shit, i wanna treat instant messaging like email.
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>>1575 (OP) 
all feds btw

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Buying an iphone:
>You WILL let us spy on everything you do with our proprietary OS and forced updates
Buying a google pixel:
>You WILL enjoy having no headphone jack. You WILL enjoy having no SD card slot. You WILL buy a new phone in 6 months when yours breaks and you WILL be happy
Buying a samsung galaxsoy:
>You WILL spend hundreds of dollars on a (((  flagship  ))) phone that explodes and/or catches on fire in 3 years
Buying a fairphone:
>You WILL spend 500 hundred american dollars on the metal square you use to watch cat memes on the shitter
Buying some offbrand chinkphone:
>You WILL not unlock the bootloader and you WILL not install an open source OS so we can't catch you disrespecting the glorious CCP

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Why does the government tolerate this financial terrorist? He's singlehandedly wiped out billions in shareholder value. We need to do something about this.
Replies: >>1572
>>1571 (OP) 
get those freetards like stallman while you're at it too.
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I just don't get it. What could possibly cause someone to turn their back on our great nation and become a bitter, hate fueled schizo like louis or luke smith? These people obviously need mental help, not our enmity.
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Don't bother trying to reason with or redeem financial terrorists. Maybe there was a point where they could have been brought back from the brink but most of them have long past the antisemitic point of no return.

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Qubes OS reporting in.

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basedpill me on stegano
Replies: >>1525 >>1565
>>1524 (OP) 
what sector of the undercity is that...
Replies: >>1527
level 9 of the soyrooms
>>1524 (OP) 
Stego in name only until we can figure out how to thwart detection by neuronet.

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>Based entirely around a dead forced meme and some literal who youtuber who uploads videos like once a year
>Shitty UI that tries and fails to imitate truchan deployments like yotsoba and vichan 
>Runs on mongoDB javascript pajeet code
>Constantly raided by discord

Craigslist forums:
>Discussion revolves around a variety of topics
>Kino UI is simple and easy on the eyes 
>Runs on html4, mankind's greatest invention since the printing press 
>Cannot be raided by Discord because Discord users are too young to even know what Craigslist is.
Replies: >>1559
>>1558 (OP) 
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Lute just put the server up for sale on the 'list already
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He just traded it in for a goth girl's dirty sock.

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There was a nice thread for this on the sharty. Now I figure I'll make a thread here.
I've been working on a fork of jschan that uses a peer-to-peer database system called peerbit. This lets you download and seed boards, posts, and files as you would torrents.
Peerbit essentially allows modifyable torrents.
here's the repo:
Prototype p2p browsing client is also in development. And I also am thinking about an in-browser light client so you don't have to download anything except maybe a browser addon.
Right now I've gotten p2p browsing working but still have to implement p2p posting. Once I get that working we can have a peer to peer soyjak website that should be a lot more resilient to attack.
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Replies: >>1552 + 7 earlier
No link albeit
Replies: >>1547
If you have the software running you can access it directly.
Or you can go here:
>>821 (OP) 
Replies: >>1553
I enabled posting through the gateway here:
It's on the honor system for now! If people go hogwild posting CP I might disable posting lol since I don't wanna sit there moderating.
This runs on android if you set it up through termux. If you have a good wifi connection posting and replicating data from other peers seems to work fine:

>install termux through fdroid
>apt upgrade
>if things can't be found, try termux-change-repo and select a different one and when upgrading enter y on every prompt to get the remote version
>if things aren't found in apt, try pkg instead
>apt install git
>apt install nodejs
>install openssl-static if necessary for nodejs
>git clone the repo
>(you can download with wget or something if git doesn't work)
>cd into the repo folder
>npm install (not yarn)
>npm start
>termux-wake-lock to prevent it from shutting down when the app goes out of focus
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>The most powerful programming language is Lisp. If you don't know Lisp (or its variant, Scheme), you don't know what it means for a programming language to be powerful and elegant. Once you learn Lisp, you will see what is lacking in most other languages.
>stallman actually believes this

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