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Doing another drive for jannies, send applications to; try to avoid using gmail since gmail tends to block my email
in an effort to test our anti-CP system, a board called >>>/nofur/ has opened up; all posts containing furshit will be removed by our bot. Attempt to break this, as all knowledge gained from this endeavor will go towards the actual anti-CP system.'s anti-CP system has started development, contribute to discussion here!

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the jarty needs (You)r help to fight the CP spam menace and help improve image boards as a whole.

This will be achieved through an automated anti-CP dedication system that is capable of sharing CP hashes with other websites so, when CP is posted, everyone is able to block it from their servers.

A link to the specification for how this work can be found here:

This thread will serve as the main discussion point for the project. Namefagging and tripfagging has been enabled on /comtech/ for this project and other projects like it.

Code Repo:
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LOOOOOOOOOOR You should collaborate with the frenschan community i met someone highly experienced at AI/ML training there.
Replies: >>1057 >>1066
i'm sure if lute wanted to contact the feds directly he could just do that instead of working with feds- i mean, frenschan
Replies: >>1066
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Team America has the beast leaks fr fr nocap
I poo poo in diaper
There’s ‘p on /meta/

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the jarty pc setup
Replies: >>1115
>>1114 (OP) 
soor edit this to have laughing cob and soytan and xe is showing off hte lutecord monitor
Replies: >>1116
on it
Replies: >>1117
don't use c*bson or i will downvote your post
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Replies: >>1119

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>the arch linux philosophy
>protest distros
>cuck license 
>systemd is what system admins deserve
>vim-like key bindings
>church of emacs
>cult of vim
>long option flags
>FSF-approved distros
>auto*hell, dependeny hell
>rewrite it in rust
>software mascot
>IBM and red hat are freedom fighters
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>I Promoted AI for Years and Automated Myself Out of a Job

>I had to have known this moment would come. As a technology evangelist, I’d spent years minimizing AI’s potential to destroy jobs. Every paper I wrote about AI and its practical cousin, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)—which uses software robots to accomplish “thinking tasks” like reading emails—boasted that the software would liberate employees from drudgery and enable them “to do more meaningful work,” or words to that effect.

>But now, the very technology that I helped promote has put me out of the job.

>I’ve been evangelizing the business benefits of enterprise technology for more than two decades, first as a marketing executive and more recently as a freelance writer. At IBM, I was known as a “Software Evangelist,” and my work always had me delivering secular sermons about the redemptive potential of the latest computer program or hardware.
based based based

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Distrotube, is in fact, BBC/Distrotube, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, BBC plus Distrotube. Distrotube is not a real entity unto itself, but rather another sissy component of a fully functioning BBC gangbang made useful by the BBC cocks, cum utilities and vital system components comprising a full gangbang as defined by Israel. Many faggot 4chan users fap to a modified version of the BBC system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of BBC porn which is widely used today is often called “Distrotube”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically a BBC gay gangbang, developed by Mental Outlaw. There really is a Distrotube, and niggers are fucking it, but it is just a part of the gangbang white boys they use. Distrotube is the sissy white slut: the faggot in the system that allocates the cocks resources to the other holes that you cum into. The faggot is an essential part of a BBC gangbang, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete BBC gangbang. Distrotube is normally used in combination with the BBC gangbang system: the whole system is basically BBC with Distrotube added, or BBC/Distrotube. All the so-called “Distrotube” gangbang are really distributions of BBC/Distrotube.
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Marge, why is this the only board on the site where people can attentionfag and namefag?

Anyway, dark matter and dark energy is a stupid theory, and no I'm not a scientist but rather a wheelchair amateur so my opinion is not peer reviewed by snopes or whatever but hear me out here
>we can't see 95% of matter in our observable universe, therefore it's a different type of matter
schizo schizo schizo, just take your meds already and admit that you don't have the necessary tools to observe 95% of the matter in the universe.
Replies: >>1104 >>1105
>>1103 (OP) 
dark matter is just me shitting really hard
>>1103 (OP) 
Ewww OP, you're not one of those "chuds" are you?
Replies: >>1106
I follow all of the modern snopes reviewed science and all of the modern science communicators. I am not a heretic, I swear.

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do you guys think so-called "smart guns" could take hold in the private security/military corporation industry? (not in the civilian one thoughie, it'd fucking flop there geeegg) especially ones that work off of biometrics, all they need is some additional doodads like some sorta vitals sensor, network features so all employees hooked up to the corporate network get a ping to their gun/vital sensor device whenever a colleague is unresponsive, ammo counter, etc (i'm sure they could figure out a way to shit out a mandatory heartbeat sensor that the gun won't function unless it detects a pulse). the closest thing we have so far is the Biofire smart gun. what do you think, techtroons?
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smart gun, a man just broke into my pod! unlock safety!
>unable to comply
what? this is serious smart gun!
>unable to comply!
>Subject is an BIPOC male. Studies show he belongs to a category historically disadvantaged by systemic racism
so? why does that matter? he has a knife! he's going to kill me smart gun, shoot him!
>since subject is disadvantaged by systemic racism he is merely lashing out against a flawed system, not "breaking into your house". The first rule of soybotics states I cannot be fired except in self defense. Unable to comply!
Nooooo AGHHHHHHH *gets stabbed 1000 times by the niggo*
>Black king detected. Unlocking safety. Ayo fam, wanna use me to show those niggas in bronx sector who the real gangsta is?
Gemerald that vvill probably happen someday

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A software like Tor yet even more private. It shuffles around the packets and sends them randomly to the various different servers that agree to be on the network. These servers then send the packets to other ones in the network maybe 4 times to complete a cycle. Then the packets are sent to the actual target server and put in their correct order.
If a server is sending something to you, the same procedure occurs except your computer is the one receiving the packets and reconstructing the webpage.
Is this plausible?
Replies: >>181
>>180 (OP) 
I forgot to add that it sends part of the packets you are sending to one server, some other packets to a different server, etc..
This stops the flaw in Tor where the first server in a circuit can see not only your IP but also what you are sending, just not what you are sending to. By splitting the packets up to be sent to different servers, they can only see a part of what you are doing.
i am a heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans
isn't this packet switching or am i being trolled

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There was a nice thread for this on the sharty. Now I figure I'll make a thread here.
I've been working on a fork of jschan that uses a peer-to-peer database system called peerbit. This lets you download and seed boards, posts, and files as you would torrents.
Peerbit essentially allows modifyable torrents.
here's the repo:
Prototype p2p browsing client is also in development. And I also am thinking about an in-browser light client so you don't have to download anything except maybe a browser addon.
Right now I've gotten p2p browsing working but still have to implement p2p posting. Once I get that working we can have a peer to peer soyjak website that should be a lot more resilient to attack.
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I just changed the files database format so that files are stored in a way where the poster can start seeding them. Just need to hook that up to the P2P client and you'll be able to post files freely. They'll only be referenced by a post if that post is validated by the mediator node however. Posting posts freely as well and just having peers choose if they'd like to validate and decide of they'd like to keep the post or not is something I'd like to do as well but there are a few trickier issues. Namely, the post timestamp, the post userId (for threads with that enabled), and the post number, are things that need some more consideration on how to do them.
Replies: >>1040
not using your datamining software
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Here we have the first image upload to a local peerchan instance from the peerchan-peer client.
Just a few more things before P2P file posting is what I'd call "functional". I skipped over a few things like file r9k checks but we can handle those down the line. I'd rather get the meat of it working first because it's more fun.
Got P2P file upload/posting working and pushed it to the latest version and the live instance.
>P2P file uploading works

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