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the jarty needs (You)r help to fight the CP spam menace and help improve image boards as a whole.

This will be achieved through an automated anti-CP dedication system that is capable of sharing CP hashes with other websites so, when CP is posted, everyone is able to block it from their servers.

A link to the specification for how this work can be found here:

This thread will serve as the main discussion point for the project. Namefagging and tripfagging has been enabled on /comtech/ for this project and other projects like it.

Code Repo:
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slide thread
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What are they sliding?
Replies: >>1352
show flag kike
I was right!

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</ban evasion general/
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>>1 (OP) 
reset your router
personally i wait 30 days to evade mine
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>>1 (OP) 
Tuxler is free and works well

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>install gentoo chuddy!
so soylita isnt banned here? geg i'm glad kuz is gone for real now.

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explain this one to me

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There was a nice thread for this on the sharty. Now I figure I'll make a thread here.
I've been working on a fork of jschan that uses a peer-to-peer database system called peerbit. This lets you download and seed boards, posts, and files as you would torrents.
Peerbit essentially allows modifyable torrents.
here's the repo:
Prototype p2p browsing client is also in development. And I also am thinking about an in-browser light client so you don't have to download anything except maybe a browser addon.
Right now I've gotten p2p browsing working but still have to implement p2p posting. Once I get that working we can have a peer to peer soyjak website that should be a lot more resilient to attack.
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Hooked up the file upload system from peerchan with a few minor adjustments. So when you post with a file, your client will put the file into appropriate format in the p2p database (chunking it up and making it hash-addressable), and you'll start seeding the file along with your post. File chunks are stored independently of the file name, so reposting the same file will have the benefit of referencing the same chunks, so we can mitigate redundancy. 

One issue I'm probably going to skip for now is thumbnailing... How can we ensure a peer has generated an accurate thumbnail? We can allow anyone to put whatever thumbnail they want and have it make an accurate thumbnail by default, but people could modify their clients to give whatever thumbnail they want. Rather than going down the rabbithole of "thumbnail verification", for now I'm thinking to probably just set the auto-load file size limit to 4mb or something semi modest (this can be client-side configurable though) 
So far it just shows the file hash ID but now I actually have to set it up so images etc are displayed, I've done that before on peerchan so it's not a tricky thing to do.
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got it working on a basic level, next is to neaten things up and then we can start working on self-moderation/post deletion
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Got the basic interface and functionality for "blocking" files you don't like. So you can click "Block File" and then click the file you don't want, and it gets deleted from your machine and you'll stop seeing it and seeding it.

Currently anyone in the swarm will also receive your deletion action, so a next step is to make it so it checks which node deleted it, and only allow either yourself or people you trust to delete (eg. if you subscribed to a moderator). That way anyone can't just delete files that you posted from your perspective, but they can delete them from their own perspectives. This way selfish pissbabies can delete all the content they want and put themselves in a bubble but you can have access to the uncensored content as you wish.

As for being de-anonymized via your node/client ID, there's no worry as you can simply use a different randomly generated ID every time you post, and keep your own record of all the identities you've used on your machine, but others wont know who you are by that, as it'll be a random value each time.

Another next step is regex filters so you can automatically not accept posts that contain phrases you don't like.

This is a very similar concept to the CSAM buster in a way.
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wholesome decentralizaerald
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got this working on a basic level, left and right are different perspectives of two different peers (running on the same machine), peer A can't see the file it deleted but peer B still can, and vice versa

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Both on windows and linux, sometimes firefox gets fucked up to the point where restarting it doesn't fix it and it crashes upon restart with no open to start a new session with no tabs etc. Kinda annoying since the only solution I've found is to reinstall it which messes up the addons. So I'm using chromium but reccomend me a browser that wont crash.
librewolf is good but if you're getting problems on firefox, you may get it on other engines.
chromium/ungoogled chromium le good though
>irrecoverable crashes
are you using a custom user.js?
if so delete whatever you are using, if you want a good one you can check
Replies: >>1434
I pretty much just use it stock except for a few addons like ublock origin, i dont care about cookies, and sponsorblock
Replies: >>1435
and yet you get irrcoverable crashes? that's weird
you are sure that you didn't change something in the settings like "Always use private browsing mode" or something?
anyways with web browser I just use some big one for compatibility and stupid sites which need javascript (eg firefox, chromium) and for actual browsing (like encyclopediadramatica or some other wiki) I just use lynx or plain curl
but if you need some recommendations you can check out falkon or webkit2gtk based browsers (eg. midori, surf, luakit) or netsurf (or it's fork neosurf), or palemoon or something, these are the ones I know that are actually different and not frontends for the same engine.

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looking to install either one of those, preferably vichan. does anyone know a good guide because i’m a little bit of a retard
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holyrald i care
>>1386 (OP) 
Made a new jarty splinter now
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>>>1386 (OP)  (OP) 
>Made a new jarty splinter now
jschan is the best imageboard software right now.

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what is this?
Mental Outlaw knows who is built for his BBC
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>Mental Outlaw knows who is built for his BBC

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duckduckgo does what google don't
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>>1376 (OP) 
fucking kill youerself xkcdnigger
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>>>1376 (OP) 
>fucking kill youerself xkcdnigger
erm, show this chud the door

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british hacker who leaked GTAV source code got committed to a looney bin for the rest of his life
Replies: >>1380
what a gigachad
>>1375 (OP) 
>managed to breach Rockstar, the company behind GTA, using an Amazon Firestick, his hotel TV and a mobile phone.
>severe autism

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>The teenager was also convicted of fraud and stalking offences in the youth court after using the email addresses of international government officials to send emergency disclosure requests to companies including Discord, Google and Uber to obtain personal details of those he targeted, the court heard.

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