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@Soot have you read the "Industrial Revolution and Its Future"
if you have then please summarize it in this thread. if you have read it and you dont summarize it then your mommy will die in her sleep. if you dont reply then kuz will come back from the dead and steal the jarty.
you have 48 hours to comply
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will you have sex with my wife?
Replies: >>10694
Chud ## Admin
No, but I would recommend a black male for her.
Replies: >>10696
this is a real post
>>10678 (OP) 
that was the first book I read fully, I like the style of making a group of paragraphs each one having a number, do you know any other books with that style?
Replies: >>10746
Any pretentious essay written in the last 200 years

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I'd like to see what you jarteens would think about setting up an irregular sort of jarty book club or perhaps another random thread every so often on /ent/ or /art/ focused on a particular chuddy piece of media, maybe voted on from a set of choices or picked from popular suggestion.

>>10678 gave me the idea that it could be gemmy to have some effortpost discussion or shitposts about various fringe material. Perhaps we could even organize groupwatching sessions for these or post music files to comment on/react to. I would throw out They Live as a candidate for this type of event obvious reasons.
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Lute needs this site to advertise his discord server so he wont delete it
Do this now lute I need an outlet for my autism
no one is stopping anyone from creating the threads on /ent/ or /art/ now, go right ahead if you have something that could incur decent discussion.
>>10703 (OP) 
good idea
literally 1984

Dead discord website
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Dead website
soyjaks in general are completely dead now, only discord trannies are left
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Thats a good thing though
Dead websiye
Dead shit website

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>>10730 (OP) 
New splinter just dropped doe
Feel free to post gemlita

is it finally time to shut down the jarty and move on, or is there some kick still left in this old thing?
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>Made a new Splinter doe. Shemmy hates us
Delete this splinter and move to shartycuck /qa/
Its the same culture of tranny namefags and furries dancing tiktoks
Thry replaced jartycucks
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>Thry replaced jartycucks
Replies: >>10729
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>everybody that hates my dead discord splinter is from the other discord splinter

what changes do yall want to the jarty
more president gaming video crossovers with joe biden and barack obama
Replies: >>10677
selling site to president milei
Replies: >>10677
sleepy joe could never be an epic gamer he would fall asleep in the middle of a match. So no.
America First!
install trumpflare to get rid of the soikikes

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can you stop deleting the wipe on /b/?

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If the last revision on the page was made by an anonymous user, you can click undo and see xis ip.
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I've been trying to figure out why this is happening for a couple days now, and am stumped. I think it's just a flaw with the AnonPrivacy extension the site uses.

If anyone can provide some help on how to prevent undos from leaking IPs, it'd be useful. You can just sign up with an account to prevent leakage, which requires basically nothing.
Replies: >>10664 >>10693
dont fix IP reveal thing and ban popular VPNs so nusoytoddleras can learn how to use tuxler
Replies: >>10687
>encourage newsirs to hop on a botnet where someone will use their IP to download 'p
bait or mentally retarded
just find a way to keep revision logs always anonymous unless someone with a user is responsible for the revision

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fix this
Replies: >>10669
op image died of old age
sooooooooooooooooot there are broken op images on older threads of that one board i'm not sure exists

Delete /sharty/

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