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I'm trying to make amends with the guy on various subjects, ordered in importance: 
1. his belief that jakparty.soy is some CP spamming website
2. his belief that jakparty.soy has attempted to DDoS him
3. addressing jakparty.soy's removal from the community tab on the wiki

I previously sent an email to him, and I have yet to receive a response or acknowledgement of it. He may just be busy and hasn't checked his email, so getting his attention on the subject could hasten the process. 

I want to maintain good relations with all soyjak-related site administrators as a way of promoting health between all sites. Already, this tactic is working: my contacts with soyjak.in's administrator is going swimmingly, and everyone is going to benefit from the results of that (not to build hype around what's happening or anything, though). Cooperation between all parties will lead to a better future for everyone, and the best way to start that is through good-faith contact. I want to extend an olive branch to Angeleno and address some of the concerns he has with me, my users, and my site.
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>>8546 (OP) 
Trangeleno will never look at the jarty in good faith. He was accusing the narty of being a pedo site even after kuz retracted his accusations.
Have you made any contact with the sharty.party admin, Max, or the supposed new guy that will be running the sharty?
new 'plinter just dropped (and it WILL join the jarty webring)
>made any contact with the sharty.party admin
no, not yet, but the guy is free to email me at any time. I for sure want to contact him about implementing CSAM-Buster once it's complete.
I was only in contact with Max for the original soyjak.party buy-out craze. We don't talk much, but my email is always open if he has something interesting to say. 
>new guy
Someone emailed me awhile ago from an anonymous email service saying that they would attempt to buy the sharty and that they wouldn't be hostile to jakparty.soy.
I forwarded that email to the new owner and asked if it was him. I got no response.
That's okay though, the new owner has a lot of work to do and answering emails from randos online is not his top priority.
I wager that the DDoS nonsense was meant as a falseflag to discredit the jarty and sow dissent in the splinters in the same way that the 'p spammers falseflagged the site when Coalyma first took over.
Replies: >>8605
trangeleno blames the jarty for everything
>>8546 (OP) 
Good luck. angeleno definitely hates this site, even moreso after the recent leaks.

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>thanks to the hard work of the soyjak.in administration
CP has been up for nearly two hours on that shithole and some of the cp that's been posted is shit that was supposedly taken down by the CSAM buster, but it's obvious that this CSAM buster never existed and the admin was just deleting the cp manually, he just lied because he wanted people to use his garbage site.
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Thank you for your thoughts
Didn't read
The admin made a new post and identified the problem.
soyjak.in admin here
I posted a full post-mortem on my site
tl;dr is that I made a change to one of the filters and it was not sensitive enough so it started missing threads. this old filter was combined with the new one at a higher sensitivity.

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add /caca/
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false, babyposting is a fun practice in absurdism and has nothing to do with either babybot or adult baby diaper stuff
Replies: >>8535
>adult baby diaper stuff le bad even though it's cute
/Nate/ should replace /b/ albeit
Replies: >>8573
The jarty's /nate/ should be /sharty/ doebeit
/caca/borea will live on forevermore!

Jakparty.soy has just confederated with the website scifichan.space. Users are encouraged to respectfully cross post to the website, or to any other site added to the webring.

Imageboard owner coal, ignore if you don't run an imageboard
Any imageboard owners wishing to confederate with us are free to, but we request that:
* you avoid publishing meta-related boards onto the webring for the user's sake
and require that:
* you do not engage in datamining/data harvesting/extensive data collection.
* you do not promote discord servers or similar chatrooms dedicated to chan culture. 
* you do not force users to use proprietary software (including non-free javascript) for the core function of your site.
* you do your best to remove illegal content from your site.

This is just a general guideline, and sites can be added or removed at any time for any reason, and can be rejected for addition at any time, for any reason.
Last edited by admin
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good to hear aryan arab flute
your site was quite gemmy
ask lute for advice doe
Replies: >>8591
saw that too its a cool idea
I shilled the webring on the meta boards of both of the other splinters but it doesn't seem to have been given any public attention from the admins
That sounds like an unnecessary and kind of scammy step, maybe it's worth it to look into a different hosting provider
Replies: >>8591
(my last post was deleted in a accidental ban wave)
I will if I need it. Customer never replied to my support ticket so I can't use them anyways.
I agree but I just want the site to work for now. I'll probably transfer the server to terrahost in the future though.

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Lutey I know you're in contact with the soyjak.in admin at least, would you consider organizing and participating in some sort of proper soy coalition?
After the sharty died it seems things decentralized which isn't wholly bad. I think this is a chance for owners of various sites to firm a real network, advertise each other, share tech (like the csam stuff that's already being shared), and generally keep the soypopulation informed so we aren't left in the dark like with sharty administration
Just off the top of my head you, angeleno, soyjak.in admin, soyjak.city admin, and whoever takes the sharty if it comes back could really form a nice webring
If you do want to do this, share the plans
Replies: >>8590
>>8588 (OP) 

Hey lute whats the point of putting my username during registration  when peolpe only called me by my id number?
Replies: >>8558
>>8552 (OP) 
coz accounts only exist for mods
Replies: >>8559
for now, >>8558
though I may add more functionality to accounts in the future
Replies: >>8560
you get 9 diamonds in jakraft2 if you make a jarty account

judging from the thread, they love the kolyma-era sharty and theyre conflicted on the jarty. the one thing they agree on is that they dont want to use this site and are more interested in angeleno's bunker & the return of the soyjak.party domain. kne user even had this to say:
>Existed before the 'party shut down, its jannies are trying to exploit the situation right now but many are reluctant to use it because how hated it was before the death of soyjak.party. Anti-Kuz and anti-Kolyma.
Im glad that these niggers dont want to orbit this site. they can go to Trangeleno's sharty and get datamined to hell as far as I care.
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>mixed bag
new slowburn kino lutey sootey post xropped
why would marmar apply as a janny when all he does is badmouth the site?
>the two namefags should post some doxeralds
marmar appears to have intimate knowledge of the foodists and he still hasnt volunteered any new information
i hope kiwifarm jannies arent letting potential pedos posting on the site
Replies: >>8550
>why would marmar apply as a janny when all he does is badmouth the site?
Infiltration. That's my bet. MarMar's silence on the subject of these pedos he orbits speaks volumes on where his priorities lie. That is, unless he's an undercover glowie exfiltrating information to relevant authorities. 
If that's the case, jakparty.soy shouldn't attempt to get him away from his duties (and also we should keep the feds away from janny positions).
im glad null avoids discussing the sharty because attention from kiwifarms invites coal

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