"Jakking dies in darkness"
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August 22nd Site Updates

Moved to latest JSChan version, which offers some ...

August 17th Site Updates

>Tor nodes are banned from posting images; ban wil...

Happy birthday jakparty.soy!

One year strong with only minimal Russian Interfer...


Today, I am happy to announce the start of ==TOTAL...

Transparency report on leak suppression

On May 14th 2023, current manager of soyjak.party ...

🔥 64 ... im sorry for all you guys
🔥 48 >dead people good ev&tho they talk to wi...
🔥 16 /nofur/ coal container - all furry content that the /nofur/ bot p...
🔥 45 >he got oosp
🔥 37 make the block bypass popup just a norma...
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