Copyright Takedown threat from Angeleno
Today, I have received a rather rude, and legally uninformed message from the screamer wiki team about "unauthorized copying" from the soyjak wiki. Angeleno, being the literal faggot he is, is threatening a false copyright claim after changing the footer to say "all rights reserved", which is not how a copyright transfer happens at all.

Angeleno is making a claim of copyright ownership to all articles users have wrote on the site, which is patently false as the site's contents are under the CC0, a public domain-like copyright license. Even if this page is to change today, this does not retroactively change the license of past content. Even if this CC0 copyright license is invalid, then Angeleno still holds no copyright over the works on, as there was no transfer of copyright, and instead the ownership goes to the individual contributors.

I'm currently working to set up a registered copyright agent to receive a proper claim, so legal proceeding can begin if Angeleno wishes to pursue litigation.  If he does, he will need to submit his dox under perjury to my registered copyright agent for a proper DMCA take-down request to commence, which, to the maximum ability of my legal right, I will proudly publish for everyone to see.

Even if you disagree with's actions, behaviors, or site culture, the threats against that Angeleno is making is an assault on the free flow of information between different parties, the archival of work that is currently threatened by off-site actors, and the individual copyright and good will of every contributor to, who has either gracefully surrendered their information to the public domain (or something similar) OR holds ultimate, exclusive control over the use of their work, including the exclusive right to make DMCA take-down notices. Angeleno's behavior is an assault on the very freedom to repost, edit, modify, and redistribute that allows sites like and to exist. Just because Angeleno is butthurt on the internet, does not mean that he should be given the ability to threaten law-fare and shutdown on sites over content he does not even own.

Do not let Angeleno get away with this troon-like behavior and censorship, as it's a threat to the freedom to share and remix that every 'jakker, shitposter, and contributor enjoys when using the internet.

Full email received from Angeleno below:
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2023
From: Soyjak IP Enforcement <>
Subject: Immediate cease and desist for all soyjak wiki content

To whom it may concern,

I am writing on behalf of the Soyjak Wiki. We have recently established 
that unauthorized content copying originating from our website has been 
carried out intensively by your website, Soypedia.

We have solid evidence supporting that whole pages present on the Soypedia 
platform are almost completely identical to those on Soyjak Wiki, without 
any consent or prior permission.

I must make it explicitly clear that Soyjak Wiki has exclusive copyright 
over all the published content, which is protected under international 
copyright laws. By copying, reproducing or duplicating our copyrighted 
work, Soypedia is infringing upon Soyjak Wiki's legal rights.

Accordingly, we demand Soypedia take the following immediate actions:

1. Immediately stop using, displaying, distributing, or otherwise 
infringing on Soyjak Wiki copyrights, which include the copied pages on 
your website.
2. Confirm in writing that you will cease from making any further use of 
Soyjak Wiki's copyrighted materials without prior permission.

Failure to comply with these demands may leave you open for significant 
statutory damages, including potential legal action for copyright 

Your understanding and immediate attention to this issue are greatly 
appreciated. Should you have any questions or require further 
clarification regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us.

We recommend that you seek legal advice if you have any concerns about the 
alleged copyright infringement. This letter does not constitute a complete 
or exhaustive statement of the rights, legal or otherwise, of Soyjak Wiki 
in connection with the above matter.

This is a serious issue. By ceasing immediately, you may limit your 
exposure to legal liability and potential damages.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this serious matter.


Soyjak IP enforcement.
August 22nd Site Updates
Moved to latest JSChan version, which offers some interesting features:
>Web3 integration with MetaMask, development generously funded by @0xBekket

>Users with the MetaMask browser extension can now register/login to accounts, and sign their messages with MetaMask.
>Signed post messages will display a signature and link to their wallet at the bottom of the post.
>The link uses etherscan by default but can be changed to another url with %s substituting the address, like other URL settings.
>A board-level and global option is available to disable web3 features.

>signature and address are available as new properties on signed posts through the API.
>No third party server communication or details are required for signing messages or authing.
>This is a very exciting feature with a lot of possibilities for expanding in future. Stay tuned.

currently >>>/comtech/ is the only board where this is permitted

many accidental bans and post deletions were given out today due to mistakes on my part. I can restore from back up, or let the site just move on.
Likely going to just move on, as little of value was lost.

Automated moderation systems for less human intervention (and thus less mistakes) is the primary focus.
August 17th Site Updates
>Tor nodes are banned from posting images; ban will be lifted once site is more capable of dealing with CP
>Tor is permitted to post text though
>CP Button added to moderation screen, if you are a moderator and you see CP, click it and click submit and the poster posting it will automatically be banned, have their files pruned, and be reported to NCMEC.
>Backups increased to hourly, so if the database is corrupted, less damage is done.
>We had to restore from a day old backup, contact if something important (such as moderator permissions) are missing
>we added a new board, /comfy/, dedicated to the old locked at 7 pph maximum. It's the dedicated slow-mode board.
>permitted file size drastically lowered.
>A request for more resources was submitted to our hosting provider; this will drive up costs, but also permit the site to stay on more sustainably.
Happy birthday!
One year strong with only minimal Russian Interference! It's been a wild ride over the course administrating this site, A wild ride that, overall, I do not regret taking part in. It's also a wild ride that I do not intend getting off of any time soon as well.

In fact, I wish to use this next year as a time to improve the site by adding quality of life features. I'm not one to make promises (I hate disappointing people), but given that OTHER bald cartoon man with glasses website has stayed alive for this long, investing the time into improving the site may be worth it.

Hopefully in a years time, we'll be bigger and better than we are now, gemming up a storm like no tomorrow. Remember, Never stop jakkin', soyteens!
Today, I am happy to announce the start of TOTAL GEM WEEK, a competition on the jarty where there is only one winner. The goal is to produce the glistening, jarty saving gem on /soy/, and the prize is having it pinned on /soy/ for the whole month of August.

Gem requirements:
* The gem must be a unique thread on /soy/ with the phrase "The Gem that saved the Jarty" in the subject
* The gem may come in any format or form: it could be video, audio, software, website, or any other format:
    - If you make a website or piece of software, the source code must be made avaliable under a free software license and cannot contain any malware, viruses, or other forms of digital AIDs
* The gem will ultimately be judged by's admin, but comments from users about the gem-factor of a post will have heavy sway on being chosen as the top pick.
* Ultimately, there can only be one winner, but all other interesting or high quality posts will be added to the pinned thread as runner-ups for effort recognition and archival purposes.
* All gem submissions should be given the cycle attribute by jannies so they're not lost in case of a catty wipe. However, jannies need not give the cycle status to rule-breaking posts or posts that are incredibly low effort with zero possible appeal (i.e spam, low-effort nonsense, or simple re-use of other 'jaks). 

The date of judgement will be July 17th on's birthday, minor extensions to this deadline may be approved with requests on /meta/, up until July 22nd at the latest.
Transparency report on leak suppression
On May 14th 2023, current manager of submitted an email requesting I enter the Kolyma IRC chat to discuss something with Kuz and him. I rejected to do this and requested to merely stay in contact over Email. Doll obliged with this request.

Doll detailed how had an incident of posting history and IP leaks due to a rogue moderator. He requested that I suppress the dissemination of the contents of the leak on the site due to it affecting a vast amount of innocent users. 

I stated that, under the current rule set of the site, the only way for me to suppress this information is if the contents of the leaks violate any relevant U.S. Laws. To my current knowledge, the posting history and IP addresses of users are not protected information under any U.S. federal or state laws. Because of this, unless new legal information is handed to me or there is a change to our rules (a subject that is under discussion), users posting such information will be tolerated.

Doll did state that COPPA and New York City's SHIELD act could have been violated through distribution of this data. Reading through both of these regulations seems to not provide any specific information on posting history or IP addresses. COPPA doesn't apply to or as neither of our websites are orientated for children. SHIELD may apply to the hosting of private information, but IP addresses are not considered apart of this collection.

However, I did remind Doll that, in case of government authority investigation, I will comply with any and all legitimate subpoenas from legitimate legal authorities. However, there is not much information to gather outside of posting history and hashed IPs given our robust privacy policy.
Wiki exchange - expect downtime
Our wiki owner has retired from his administrative position, and I have taken the wiki over in it's stead. There will be downtime during this administrative transition, however, no data loss should be incurred.
Return of Mod logs
Modlogs are back and without any dirty hacks! Now you can have peace of mind witnessing jannies clean up CP and dismiss reports.

I had to modify the software itself to fix the modlogs. The issue was related to the way jschan converted dates. For some reason, startDate.getDate() returns the previous day rather than the current day when working with mod logs. I believe it might have something to do with getDate() using local time rather than UTC when making conversions.

The patch to the code is simple. You merely change line 248 in the lib/build/tasks.js file to this:
const day = ('0'+(options.startDate.getDate()+1)).slice(-2);and it just works
Busted Logs
Logs are still busted, however, the issue seems to be that jschan thinks its one day ahead of when it actually should be. Because of this, you can still see the logs from a specific day just by subtracting one day from its date.
for example:
should become
and you will see the logs for 11-25-2022.

We're hoping to get this fixed soon enough so janny transparency returns.
Moving Hosting Providers
Hello everyone, we have moved hosting providers to a more freedom tolerant provider, because of this, a discussion on updating the rules is necessary. Until something new is agreed upon, the old rules will still be enforced. 

With this transition, you should expect some hiccups.  Any and all issues with the site should, as usual, be directed to /meta/. 

For the time being, expect email to be non-functional.
Last edited
After action report of an obvious gay op
Hello everyone, as most of you know, yesterday a rogue janny "leaked" various pieces of information about the site. Most of which is false. That information will be talked about, but something else I'd like to note is the strange timing on various events that happened. Shortly before our janny went rogue, a number of users on the site attempted false-flag attacks on by CP spam. At the same time, a significant amount of pro-kuz spam and demoralization posts were occurring on /soy/, namely about how kuz has deregulated as an attempt to poach users. 

After the rogue janny started deleting things, we were hit with a conveniently timed DDoS attack that used the same strategy as DDoS attacks in the past. The threat actor spammed requests for the captcha from various IPs and succeeded in slowing down, but not disabling, the site.

the contents of the leaks themselves were pitiful with no evidence supplied for any claim besides one poorly constructed inspect element job of what I believe is a gmail email. Luckyjakker, our rogue janny, used a protonmail email when emailing me. While I am not exceptionally familiar with the service, I am with Google's products and the email looks to be taken from a google account. The rogue janny himself says this information is fake, so I am willing to share it.

The other claim that moderation staff can see IP addresses is, to my knowledge, and unsubstantiated lie. Board staff were not given the ability to view raw ips in our permissions for the site. Also, for quite some time now, we have not been storing raw IPs for posts and opt instead to use JSChan's "Don't store raw IPs" feature. The only IPs that are stored are stored in the server's web access log, something only I have access to. I have been overt and clear that this is how the site operates for awhile now. 

Given these strange occurrences and lies back-to-back, I believe that there is some group or person who wishes to take down this site using nefarious means. I'll let everyone else be the judge on who it is or if this perspective is valid. 

Lessons Learned

- Better vetting of moderation staff is necessary to prevent incidents like this from happening again.
- A better back-up system so we can have easy restores of the site must be implemented (as of writing, this is in the works).
- The DDoS protection we use is successful in thwarting off most attacks.
- For clarity purposes, we should adopt some type of Privacy Policy.
- There seems to be someone out there who desires to have us taken off the internet, vigilance against this actor should be maintained.

With all this said, I hope we can move on and learn from this incident. If there is something I haven't addressed, feel free to either email me or make a thread on /meta/ about the subject. Thank you all, and happy 'jakking.
Rogue Janny
One of our the janitors we have picked up, luckyjakker, has went rogue and deleted various posts across the site. This user has since been removed.
Transparency report on IP requests.
TL;DR: The NSS requested IP addresses and other information. We didn't surrender any information.

A member of the NSS on November 2nd requested IP Addresses from users of the site. The NSS member claimed that there were users on the site "uploading child pornography to the kolyma network". The NSS member claimed "if the request is not satisfied, then involving law enforcement will not be ruled out."

No information about our users was handed over to the Kolyma NSS member during this contact and no information is planned to be handed to them without court order. The Kolyma NSS is not a government agency and has no legitimate legal jurisdiction anywhere in the world. Instead, I have requested that the NSS hand my contact information (email) over to law enforcement agencies and will comply with further investigations with the legitimate authorities if prompted. 

I aim to only exfiltrate particular data about particular users of this site under the circumstance we are subpoenaed by a legitimate legal authority or in the process of reporting a crime to the proper authorities with high confidence in said information. It would be immoral, and perhaps legally dubious, for us to hand over information about our users to a non-government organization, especially one as shady as the NSS. 

I hope everyone reading this doesn't find this information alarming and can rest easy knowing that, while a request was made, no information was handed over. Thank you all, and happy 'jakking.
New board and the return of Email
Hello everyone. I have added /art/ as requested. Use it to make gems.

I have also finally gotten to fixing my email server. I am reading the emails that have been sent in and replying when possible. I again apologize for not answering them in a timely manner, It's my fault for misconfiguring it and it's caused high amounts of headache and miscommunication that was totally unnecessary.
Tor blocked again due to denial of service attack
Sorry soyteens, but tor will be down again due to abuse.
Email still down
Email is still not able to receive communications. 

Anyone attempting to contact me, stay on standby while I fix this.
Email deliverability at
I have just discovered that emails sent to have been completely unable to be delivered due to lacking a CNAME entry in my DNS that would redirect communications to, my real email domain.

To my knowledge, all emails sent to have been received just fine. 

Anyone who sent emails before to that email address didn't receive a response due to my email server quietly black holing the emails. This includes any emails Kuz sent me.

Because of this, I would like to make it clear that any accusations I or anyone else has made about Kuz forging emails sent to me are null and void. I made a mistake in configuring my server and did not receive the emails because of this. I have sent an apology email to Kuz about this mistake and hope that everyone can understand and forgive me for my error.

If you have sent an email to me in the past to that domain, please re-send it so I may finally read it. 

Again, I apologize to those I have accidentally ignored, it was a technical mistake and not one I actively chose to make.
On the Kuz conundrum
I was going to hold off on making an announcement, but Kuz has opted to start talking about me and slandering me publicly, so I best get my side of this out now. 

Civil communications between Kuz and I have broken down. He is threatening me with legal action, violence, and has made promises to ruin this site. He's slandered my name by calling me a CP spammer and is totally unwilling to cooperate with me removing the offenders from's community. He's implied that he will use his datamining services at the NSS to attack me as well. He has presented me with an ultimatum:

1. Shut it down
2. Outlaw organizing, participating, or inciting raids against my sites

I believe if I pick the latter, he'll make further attempts to bully this site into submission. If I pick the former, this place is no more. Diplomacy is obviously out of the question due to Kuz' hostility. This site is at an impasse.

Because of this, I'm calling on users of this site to communicate with me about what they think I should do as administrator. You're the lifeblood that keeps this place going, I'd like for you to have input. Email me at

However, for now, I'd like to remind Kuz and his lackeys that his intimidation tactics, at least under US law, are illegal. 
In Kuz' emails, he has threatened me with violence and other nastiness:
"I have given you THREE separate opportunities to put an end to this yourself without violence" 
"I will not cease my efforts to destroy completely your website if you do not"
"I have, up until this point, refrained from directly threatening you, I am no longer doing that. I am telling you right now, that if you do not immediately cease your (or your users) nightly raids on the 'party, I will. And I will use any and ALL means necessary to do so, I will spare no expensive, I will risk all collateral, and I will eliminate anything or anyone who tries to prevent me from doing so."
(all are quotes from kuz from our emails)

I could make a substantial case in US court under 18 U.S. Code ยง 2261A ( due to this. 
To my knowledge, Kuz' residence is within the USA and he is subject to US federal law. If he attempts to do something stupid, such as put a bounty on my head for my dox, he'd only be supplying further evidence for a case if I pursued one. 

If Kuz goes for illegal attacks against my site with child pornography or denial of service attacks, he'd be a prime suspect due to having a motive. It'd also be a massive slap in the face to the users of his site as that is what he claims I am doing.

If Kuz tries to threaten me with the law or police, then he'd have a lot of trouble doing so as I have done nothing illegal and, if anything, attempted to work with Kuz to curb illegal activity. It'd be a tip that goes nowhere at best or a tip full of lies at worst. I don't believe Kuz should be wasting government resources on petty internet drama when there are real criminals attacking his site. Go after them, not me.

Kuz, I advise you reconsider your threats with this knowledge. There's no reason to be an internet tough guy over something as minor as a bald cartoon man forum. You've already attempted to intimidate me, a possibly illegal action. There's no reason to make this the hill you die on.

--On Kuz himself--

I was sympathetic at first towards kuz, being an admin is hard. He's had to deal with some very unpleasant things while moderating. I don't even necessarily blame him for being hostile towards me either. This site's name has been linked to very unscrupulous activities done by who I believe to be outside parties. He's gone through a lot and has received plenty of undue hatred. 

However now, after my short time communicating with kuz, I feel nothing but vindication for my earlier skepticism. In fact, I think I was too soft. He's a two-faced, belligerent bully who wants to abuse his power to monopolize the imageboard space. He cares nothing about the imageboards he takes over and only wished to build an empire for his sick kicks. He's willing to antagonize, lie about, threaten, and dox people for his own gain. He's a cancer on the greater imageboard community, spreading and destroying whatever he comes into contact with.

He doesn't care for the culture of those sites he buys. He doesn't care about maintaining the quality of the sites he gets his hands on. He doesn't care about being diplomatic with those who disagree with him. He is a hypocritical brute who wants to craft an empire out of the alternative internet. I don't know why he does it, maybe he has a fetish for power, maybe he's just a sad broken man, looking to dominate something to show he's valuable. Either way, what he does kills once thriving communities and puts innocent people in danger.

With that said, do not attack him or his sites. Fighting him this way is illegal and immoral. Don't spam him with CP, do not send denial of service attacks, do not do anything illegal. That's not the proper method for dealing with this.

If you visit, please use a proxy. There's no telling what he'll do with how unhinged he is. He's leaked IPs before, he'll probably do it again. I wouldn't put it past the man who's unhinged enough to threatened me over internet drama.

--To the soyteens--
I am sorry that you must deal with another round of drama fueled bullshit over a bald cartoon man forum. I don't like this, you don't like this, and kuz probably doesn't like this (perhaps for different reasons). However, you all have a right to know who your admin is and how he behaves. Even if you don't give a shit about how kuz acts now, you may in the future when he's threatening something you hold dear.

Read our email correspondence and come to your own conclusions. I doubt you'll be allowed to discuss the contents of this email on If you do, kuz will likely see you as a " shill" and ban you. I also feel as if any discussion on the website will lead to kuz going ahead and attacking this place as we have "raided" him somehow. I doubt I can stop that from happening, but still, everyone deserves to know that this is how kuz behaves.

If you have had problems with kuz in the past, contact me. I'd like to get a feel for what he has done to others before. I would also like to know how willing kuz is to use underhanded or illegal measures to counter those he dislikes. 

If Kuz has done anything illegal or threatening against you that could qualify as a breach of federal law, please report said crime to the proper authorities at first. However, this is not a call to make any type of false reports against him, that's a federal crime and could lead to you being arrested. Only report truthful facts if you were directly harmed by him. If you were not, please refrain from reporting.

If you see any illegal material on either of our sites, please report it to the respective administrations. 

Kuz and I's Email correspondence:
Requesting pointers on VPS providers
Hello chuddies, in the interest of further de-regulating the jakparty, I am looking for more free speech/libertarian hosting providers. Ideally, these hosts should be hosted in the USA due to its constitutional free speech protection. It's also necessary that the the provider is relatively cheap and offers the ability to attach external storage. Ideally also, it should accept monero or cash as a form of payment for anonymization and financial independence reasons. If any of you have suggestions, please email me at
Site Creation
Welcome to your new home soyteens. Hopefully this party will not have Russian interference.
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