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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

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>LOTR gets much better after Lorien

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LOTR gets much better after Lorien

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Since people requested Jakraft without 10000 trillion special boy mods, I will be relaunching the old server shortly from Prizma's last backup with only one gemmy IAS mod added: schizocraft. You should also be able to make images and custom skins like in Jakraft2. Lets see how this goes. 
Schizocraft was removed for screwing with the server. This is now a vanilla server.


Server IP:

Version: 1.16.5

Seed: 1524388614523340216


Play Minecraft For Free:
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add this add that omg who the fuck cares no one's even playing
soot add robot players
ok I changed the playerdata so you should have all your heckin bedrock maybe
>>746 (OP) 
get on
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no because im a selfish fuck

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For the first edition of this periodic community discussion thread we'll talk about George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four including its various adaptations.
Prophetic kino or redditslop? How close are we to living in this world or when did we start living in one like it?
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I was supposed to read this in HS. One thing i remember was there being an always on screen in the living room beaming propaganda into everyone's minds. Seems like youtube/tiktok.
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That being said there is no difference between marketing/entertainment/propaganda now so even thinking in terms of "propaganda" and "the State" feels outdated and passe.
Is H. G. Wells the Klaus Schwab of books?
Ignoring the fact he released a book entitled "The New World Order", His book "The Outline of History" keeps talking about how a "world goverment of will" is the inevitable future of the human race, And how every reasonable englishman back then was a socialist.
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Jarty /emos/, What book most resembles you? picrel
>father was a "freethinker"
xe was doomed to be a pseudo-marxist from the beginning

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j*rtycvck albums

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>gemmy book that spawned a gemmy movie that spawned a gemmy soyjak subvariant
>>2248 (OP) 
she really cucked humbert at the end kek
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I read this book in like 8th grade and forgot the ending. What happens?
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'lita tricks Humbert into driving her to some town in the southwest and then pretends to get sick so that another pedo who was stalking them since the beginning of the book picks her up from the hospital and they disappear together.
He's Québécois though

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Ulysses and Blood Meridian are literary perversion with twisted and vile imagery.
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>>2329 (OP) 
I don't get fags who think le 50s were wholesome when the degen fuckery known as Ulysses came out over a century ago. How the fuck is the book le wholesome and relatable when the main character is paedophile gooner like jartycucks?
Replies: >>2357 >>2358
for the record it did get censored or banned in the usa
People view the past through a limited lens. History is recorded primarily about the official, proper, clear events and legal rulings etc. Feminists are actually right to say that history has a male bias, in that it is biased towards clear black and white, linear, causal chains of events and definite actions. More chaotic and 'feminine' type things don't get recorded, so we tend to view the past as a time when true men ruled and there was harmony and order and iron fisted rule over the subjects and nobody fucked around or did weird or perverted shit, everything was supposedly simple and clear "a time when men were men" etc.
Replies: >>2359
One example is chuds like to say the Frankfurt Marxist Jews were the ones to start experimenting with gender studies and crossdressing etc., so the Nazis were super prescient by being the first to recognize this was le bad and something to be nipped in the bud etc. But actually since the dawn of time people have been crossdressing, buttfucking, raping, having sex with kids, etc. Nothing new, just a matter of a limited depth of understanding of history.

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>i don't date men under 6 feet
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>>2305 (OP) 
I'm a 6ft 1in woman
>>2305 (OP) 
idk why my clitoris is bigger than the average women, i'm not even trans

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post cute and gemmy indie animations
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>invest in the heggin buttcoin
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the cem that killed the jarty
Replies: >>2341
meds, cems can't kill jarties
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>meds, cems can't kill jarties

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what is this?

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