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Since people requested Jakraft without 10000 trillion special boy mods, I will be relaunching the old server shortly from Prizma's last backup with only one gemmy IAS mod added: schizocraft. You should also be able to make images and custom skins like in Jakraft2. Lets see how this goes. 
Schizocraft was removed for screwing with the server. This is now a vanilla server.


Server IP:

Version: 1.16.5

Seed: 1524388614523340216


Play Minecraft For Free:

Jakraft2 world download:
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prizzy are you back
Replies: >>749
no it isn't being run by prizma although I am using the world backup from his server
Replies: >>750
what does schizocraft actually do
also you should change the background color to something lighter because its hard to read the texts
Replies: >>751
It adds total nigger death
vore mod when
soot is the server up yet?
Replies: >>762
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sooot i cant play
Replies: >>756
>>746 (OP) 
source code now for schizocraft anti-lute proprietard
Replies: >>756 >>764
but the mods he had before didnt have a source code available + its all java shit which is easy to decompile
delete your current instance before making a new one
dont just change the version to 1.16.5 and remove the mods
w7-890 HERE aww sweet just in time for my modified virtual machine with anti furry mods installed
im also a straight white nationalist zoosadist mtw MMM BOBS VEGANE MM
Replies: >>760
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Replies: >>805
You are a Filipinx
>>746 (OP) 
does schizocraft need other mods like forge in order to work?
Replies: >>763
I’ll launch it when I get back from work
Replies: >>765
Yeah you need forge mod loader but that’s it
You’d have to ask the people who make it on telegram (non-lukey software)
translator's note: "work" means school
Replies: >>766
It’s a Saturday in the middle of summer you schizophrenic
Replies: >>767
maybe you're a damn aussie
also why didn't you make the world download a zip file you fucking chud
Replies: >>769
Ok I'll launch this shit in an hour
Replies: >>770 >>771
literally everyone on the whole planet has 7zip+it was one less click
but an mc world file is exclusively .zip DOE and so i had to convert the file myself so it works
soot why is it not online yet
Replies: >>772
6 minutes however
Replies: >>774
k its up now
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>6 minutes however
>6 minutes ago
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Replies: >>776
try again?
Replies: >>779
soot the game wont accept my password
Replies: >>778 >>782
holy retard. let me figure out how to reset it. you can also just join with another username.
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root i didn't do anything wrong did i?
Replies: >>780 >>781
close the game and turn it back on
Replies: >>783
how did you get the special schizoboy theme
I unregistered you. join in and set a new password
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root did you ban me/my username?
did you ban those using ultimMC from joining?
did you ban my Ip?
Replies: >>784 >>785
No? I'm using ultimMC 5 myself
Replies: >>786
im not root and i can connect to the game
Replies: >>786
damn you steven 
nate would be ashamed of you
it's a spin on soot
wait... i can't play because i only have a local ultimMC account? is that the reason or am i just schizo
Replies: >>788
no the server is cracked
Replies: >>789
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are you sure there's absolutely nothing wrong?
Replies: >>791
maybe it doesn't like your username having an underscore?
Replies: >>793
btw I just got the same error but it worked after I tried joining again so maybe just try joining twice in a row
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root i made a new account and i think the server just hates me
anyone have any building ideas
Replies: >>795
one giant confederate flag
Replies: >>796
kinda coal
is schizocraft mod safe 
i dont want to get german virus
Replies: >>798
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i fixed the jew's farms (even tho he doesnt deserve it because hes the most stereotypical jew i have ever seen)
planning to fix spawn and everything else that the discord trans queens destroyed months ago, also left a few gifts for mari and lute
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i killed over 500 of them last night and yet they're still spawning
Replies: >>807
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niggaloo i cant join server even after installing your special adhd boy client
Replies: >>806
did you try joining twice in a row
Replies: >>808
holy wonderful bounty of nature
yes,and 3 times in a row, and closing game then joining
Replies: >>809
any idea what I should do
Replies: >>811
send the ultimMC or whatever the fuck youre using instance logs
Replies: >>818
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soot fix the lag it's currently unplayable
Replies: >>814
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fixed spawn and lute's tower
screenshots of old spawn are needed to build it back the way it was
Replies: >>815 >>816
erm... do you have optifine
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Replies: >>817
at that point spawn was already fucked up due to the twitter gypsies
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Replies: >>819
maybe you could ask /wsr/
Replies: >>820
>IMPLYING what i am not permabanned from 4chins
Replies: >>821
time to goy up for some myst coins
does anyone object to spawn being different from how it used to be?
if we dont find enough screenshots we will have to build from scratch using the small bits we have
Replies: >>823 >>824
i have many screenshots of the spawn from the start of the server
can share
Replies: >>825
you could look on for the old jakraft thread
then do it, chud
how tf do you guys even baritone chuds
Replies: >>829
i think the respawning mobs and blocks glitch might have something to do with the AuthMe Reloaded plugin
Replies: >>830
1. download the plugin
2. #mine diamond_ore
3. die because the game lagged and you ran into mobs
4. profit
Replies: >>831
not only friendly mobs, but vegetation is also growing back after i destroyed them so i guess it is a protection method
Replies: >>834 >>1520 >>1578
i think the problem is that this server has a high chunk load
in the original jakraft server the chunk load was very limited due to the server's capabilities and prizzy may have increased the amount of ticks for each chunk to compensate

niggertard simple version: server is better now and is able to load more of the world at a time than before but prizma may have made the world progress faster to compensate for his shitty servers
Replies: >>835
It’s also running magma instead of paper mc despite only using one mod and 4 plugins
Selfish little fuck here how the hell do you even run impact client alongside the schizocraft mod? and optifine? can you even cheat this thing?
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yo structures are actually getting generated
Replies: >>852
Replies: >>849
use JEI
Replies: >>850 >>852
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jesus christ why is the lag so extreme? are the diversity hires on VMware are really THIS incompetent? what the fuck is this latency issue also bandicrack does not capture the audio glitches it seems i guess ill just record from host instead
>Allocation 16/mbs
what the heck does this even mean ? i just wanted to play normally FFS

sweet i didn't even know there's a ching chong building as well

into the trash it goes
Replies: >>854 >>856
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>into the trash it goes
chuds when does everyone play I might join
it's a free mod that's a fork of an older mod. IDK what you're on about it being paywalled to patreon
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discord cringe on the moon
Replies: >>874
>amogus discord shit even do 'toss
i just opened some kind of amerimutt portal on that amogus spaceship and it crashed the server
Replies: >>876
try joining again
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the server is down again
it seems like shcizocraft niggered the server. what should I do?
Replies: >>928
check the lutecord for new messages
remove schizocraft and do plugins instead of mods from now on
it's still giving me connection refused even without the mod. I'll work on it later.

perhaps what I'll do is make it vanilla and give everyone creative mode like people suggested before
Replies: >>930
Remove schizocraft completely and reload the backup that prizma uploaded 4 months ago. 
Continue where prizma left off and then see what you can do from there instead of forcing 6 million good boy mods from launch.
Replies: >>932
>>746 (OP) 
yes, you should just do no mods and do any modifications (not too much though cause itll make the server laggy) with plugins, so that people dont have to bother with installing mods (soyteens are impatient)
Replies: >>932
this except add vore mod
sooot dont give everyone creative
Replies: >>936
sooooot just use some gemmy plugins like death chests and make the game run kinda light
sooooot make a minetest world because it has way better modding integration
new trannysoft legalese just dropped
Replies: >>938
loooooooooooor minetest now
server is up
what are some good plugins I could add?
Replies: >>961 >>964
something along these lines
Replies: >>966 >>973
add the ones from jakraft
Replies: >>966 >>973
any mineCHADS want to play?
death chest takes the consequences away from dying and makes getting your stuff back too easy
this keep it as simple as possible and add plugins later
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you cannot comprehend how much i fucking hate jakraft2 
i liked it when i could join the server no problem but those days are long gone
Replies: >>970 >>973
i just played for a bit and it was fine though

if you are playing with a proxy then turn it off  and if you are playing without a proxy then try turning one on
another problem could be your firewall or antivirus settings
ok I'll add it when I get back from work
like? be more specific. 
werks on my machine.
Replies: >>976 >>984
>ok I'll add it when I get back from work
soot nooo dont do it
graves in minecraft are coal
>when I get back from work
mute (minecraft lute) be like lute and quit your job so you can work on the 'craft full time
Replies: >>978
>quit your job so you can work on the 'craft full time ev&o no one plays in it
Replies: >>979
lootie did it for dead site kek, you could do it for dead game kek
Replies: >>980 >>981 >>997
*comfy site
*comfy server
Better dead than red
add authenticator plugin and that plugin so that everyones the same skin
also death chests
keep it as simple as possible
Replies: >>991
if I had the cryboy skin prizma used for everyone I would have added it
Replies: >>999
>ev&o lootie hasnt quit his job
[Hide] (1MB, 320x320, 00:46)
>>ev&o lootie hasnt quit his job
make one yourself
it isnt hard
i can make a soy skin
btw will anyone join the 'craft?
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now presenting: Rulesville
Replies: >>1004
[Hide] (4.5KB, 64x64) Reverse
guys I think I found it
ev&o it's jewville
Replies: >>1005
Jewsville has been discontinued
this land is now called Rulesville
Replies: >>1006 >>1013
Replies: >>1010
>>746 (OP) 
muuuuuuuute update to 1.20 but also add the no banning plugins
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good morning jarty i hate proprietary software
Replies: >>1009 >>1265
>uses a microsoft account
Replies: >>1011
rulescuck is a vile slur and such words will not be tolerated in Rulesville
because the gay niggers at microsoft are going to drop support for mojang accounts this year permanently
Replies: >>1012
citing my source:
That’s antijew plus you didn’t even change anything to make it different
muuuuuute update minecraft versions i got my shit to work but it only works on versions other than 1.16.5 for some fucking reason
muuuuuuuuuute use the no encryption or any other anti-guardian plugins so people can chud it up without being banned
muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute host a minetest server instead, it runs better + doesn't have all the kikery + you can set up the game to play a minecraft clone + you can add a shit ton of mods and no one has to do gay mod management
Replies: >>1015
caves & coal is coal
nobody has been banned. meds.
unless rothbard himself comes back from the dead to ask me for it, i'm not making a minetest server anytime soon because we're trying to move on from shitty gimmicks at the moment
Replies: >>1016
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mute, it's imperative you set up a minetest server. minecraft is anti-market and promotes socialist government intervention. This game has no respect for private property, and the homesteading you can do with it. minetest, however, does.
Replies: >>1018
soot add vore mod now
Ok I'll add minetest to the VPS eventually I think. That would make jewish infiltrator ludwig von mises happy I think
Replies: >>1019
ev&o that's rothbard
Minetest plays like shit even with the Minecraft clone mod.
any chuds want to play minetrans?
muuuuuuuuuute you're still on 1.16.5 which is stuck on java 8 and runs like shit and doesn't work with cracked accounts please fix this mute now
Replies: >>1038 >>1044
If I updated the world gen would change. are you sure I should?
it works with cracked
Replies: >>1044
we are all playing on cracked and the old cracked server was 1.16.5 too
everything past 1.16.5 is coal doe
what death chest plugin should I use
there are abunch
also does anyone remember the name of that party chat plugin? I liked that
Replies: >>1049
I think it was this. Although it's not necessary because we still don't have more than 3 players (including the admin).
mute death chests are ultra coal
added greentext, red text and blue text with this plugin
you can also just greentext with a meme arrow.
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>>746 (OP) 
Replies: >>1055 >>1056 >>1057
prizzy is it really you?
prizma i removed the gay stuff from your wiki page
please comes back to me :(
@minecord hop in
Replies: >>1061
nigga im sleepy
[Hide] (135.9KB, 430x400) Reverse
>nigga im sleepy
steven do regular backups of the server
Replies: >>1064
I already did a world backup a few days ago
>>746 (OP) 
whats the ip
Replies: >>1066
its in the website and the OP you just replied to
>Server IP:
>>746 (OP) 
why dont you setup a domain for the server
The server will be back up in 30 minutes to an hour
ok it's up teens
prizma come back
Replies: >>1072
Prizma is troongeleno
[Hide] (1007.5KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Rulesville Manor has been finished.
Only aryans doe
Replies: >>1520 >>1578
Okay sure. I will probably join you Chuds eventually anyway so better now.
If it wasn't already done (prefer to wait to buy Minecraft because I am Bill Gate's bitch) then rename the TNT block to TND.
Replies: >>1520 >>1578
>>746 (OP) 
Marge what happened to the old sharty minecraft server?
Replies: >>1140 >>1520 >>1578
[Hide] (4.1MB, 1600x1064) Reverse
As I said, I am Bill Gates' bitch.
Replies: >>1520 >>1578
probably died with the sharty
>kolymafags didnt even share a backup file of the world before deleting the server
kek kuz-era sharty was inferior to the jarty in every possible way
Replies: >>1520 >>1578
>the old sharty minecraft server...
i thought he was referring to kuzcraft
Replies: >>1151 >>1520 >>1578
jakraft is several months older than kuzcraft and kuzcraft has (or had) sharty jannies so obviously the site isn't going to endorse something with russian interference. 

if you want to talk about kuzcraft or another server you can make a thread about it here yourself.
does anyone play jakraft reloaded?
Replies: >>1182
Yes we had 5 people on the other day but nobody posts on this thread for some reason. I guess newteens are antisocial little school shooters
It's a simple thing but you can now connect by instead of copying the IP
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>>746 (OP) 
allow me to shill my minetest server for potatoGODS and freetards
mineclone2, survival multiplayer
if you blow up the whole server i will simply roll it back so don't even try, you're just wasting your time.
otherwise, do what you want as long as you don't make 'p mapart or crash/nuke the server, have fun building 6 gorillion blocks tall swastikas or something
Replies: >>1254 >>1259 >>1261
What if I blow it up slowly
Replies: >>1255
then i will datamine you, track you down, and put pipe bombs into your mail slowly (in minetest)
Replies: >>1258
Not him but damn, I don't wanna join a server where you'll get doxxed if the admin doesn't like you
Replies: >>1260
pedo matrixcord coal
stop using the jarty then, or any website for that matter
you will be datamined tracked down swatted fedded glowed and doxed by the admin if he doesnt like you
may join, though probably should make your own thread for this
hey niggers anonfiles died so don't bother with the world backups until I get around to finding a new place to upload them.
Replies: >>1263
Replies: >>1264
cucks who recently blocked tor because its hecking baderino
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
minetest chads dont have black fart matter splashes, laggy pajeet java code, or proprietary freedom restricting microshaft malware
not my problem
Replies: >>1266
emergency situation
i need to find a site where i can stream movies and tv shows for free
Replies: >>1268 >>1269 >>1273
btw splash screens can be edited
Replies: >>1269
nigger just pirate shit
also why in the jakcraft thread
Replies: >>1270
check the "download first and last pieces first" box in your torrent client
>b-but install the russian windows 7.1 XP cracked pro plus ultra patch and and install dotnet plus vscopium extra just to make windows and microsoft usable or something
Replies: >>1270
coz overboard told me that's where the latest post was
yeah i cant torrent right now tho
Replies: >>1271
install a torrent client then
Replies: >>1272
yeah but i really dont want to download it tho
Replies: >>1274
"streaming" is literally just downloading the movie while you watch it, but to your RAM instead of your hard drive
again, check the "download first and last pieces first" box in your torrent client, wait 10 seconds before starting to play the movie, and keep your torrent client running
also download it to /tmp if you want to, and/or delete it later
its literally the same thing as streaming, but without gay buffer bullshit that will cause everything to lag if you have shitty internet
you can just leave it downloading for an hour at 56kbps and watch it later without issues, streamingcucks cant do this
(besides, you dont get ads, proprietary js, etc..., go use any media player you like, like mpv)
is this server still active?
Replies: >>1298
server still active? how many daily players and luke plays?
Replies: >>1298
there were 3 players on last time I played but nobody is posting in the thread for some reason. afaik lute hasn't played since trump tower got attacked by the gypsies.
Replies: >>1299
trump tower was attacked again?
Replies: >>1300
no I meant when it was attacked ages ago lol
hey guys, nigger here! i will be returning to the lutecord on saturday so make sure to go to sprokestown for free diamonds
Replies: >>1313
we're so back
[Hide] (232.5KB, 642x831) Reverse
what kind of degenerate would build this trash in rulesville
anyone do anything gemmy on the server lately? I still need shit for my website. 

anyways I'm backing up the server atm
Replies: >>1331 >>1335
it's back up niggers
@lutecord time to hop on the 'craft xisters
if you hop on i can show you a few impressive things ive found
mute check the lutecord plz
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
new build in spawn just dropped
Replies: >>1345
mute unlock spawn so we can gem it up
Replies: >>1337
[Hide] (422.8KB, 1135x768) Reverse
'party gravestone at soytanistan
Replies: >>1336 >>1345
babe in the back, on the left
How is spawn locked 
I’ll look at it when I get back from work maybe
Replies: >>1338 >>1339
if you loaded the backup on the same server then the limitation you put in spawn then has remained
>In your file, there is a line which specifies spawn protection. It determines the radius of the spawn protection. Setting this to 0 will not disable spawn protection. 0 will protect the single block at the spawn point. 1 will protect a 3x3 area centered on the spawn point. 2 will protect 5x5, 3 will protect 7x7, etc. This option is not generated on the first server start and appears when the first player joins. If there are no ops set on the server, the spawn protection will be disabled automatically.
apparently it will be automatically disabled if you remove all OP's, alternatively you can set the number to 0 so only one block in spawn will be affected

Replies: >>1341
microsoft or something
soot why is the server down
Replies: >>1343
simple mistake. I launched the server without running screen first so the session timed out. it's back up now and you can gem up spawn.
mute check the lutecord
I'll add these to the jakraft website when I get a chance thanks
Replies: >>1351
@pissbaby time to hop on babycraft
soot where is the free food chest i'm starving
nvm I found a stack of beef in the cob guys house sorry for stealing but I was starving
nooootch make minecarts less shit so babycraft can be about TTD train autism again
[Hide] (133.2KB, 600x800) Reverse
The game lagged and I fell to my death randomly and now my elytra is broken
they're added now btw
Replies: >>1352
>by an anonymous soyteen
it was MN_GJ though
and i kinda helped build the soy statue
Replies: >>1353
you didn't give me the username of the person who built it in the post though
Not pinned anymore?
Replies: >>1363
Yeah because HECKIN stickies are fucking ugly  go back to s4s if you wanna soyface over tacks
[Hide] (21.2KB, 655x219) Reverse
marge, is schizocraft in or out?
Replies: >>1366
 out, the site has not been updated
Herobrine is stealing all of my blocks. Delete him from the server.
Replies: >>1445
meds there is no "herobrine"
[Hide] (478.3KB, 914x1000) Reverse
>meds there is no "herobrine"
>see recent posts in the thread
>join to meet the people in the server
>no one's home
why do you do this to me jarty?
Replies: >>1449 >>1450
I'm sorry Nate. I made the herobrine reply after leaving the server. I will join again, okay???
i can join in about 2 hours
>leave for two minutes
>chuddy disappears
adhd moment
Some admin should type
/gamerule playersSleepingPercentage 40
So only 1 player has to sleep for the night to pass when there's 2 players on the server
Replies: >>1455
[Hide] (185.9KB, 863x600) Reverse
>suffocated in a wall and lost all my items because of the lag
Replies: >>1454
This has never happened before in server history so take your meds
server is down for maintenance
 doesn't work
Replies: >>1457
it's back up niggers
>doesn't work even though I'm probably doing it wrong or something
Replies: >>1458
[Hide] (57.6KB, 580x1020) Reverse
>posts in the server and doesnt play in the server
Replies: >>1459
posts in the thread i meant
i might be a little special...
Replies: >>1460
I can't send chat messages and that's great
Replies: >>1461
try reconnecting
chvddy come back
Replies: >>1463
I'm trying to get the chat to work so I can log in. It's the xbox privacy settings I changed
Replies: >>1464
just play cracked
Replies: >>1465
Gem idea
Replies: >>1466
make a new instance and a local account and enter whatever password (doesnt matter)
then you can just play the game
Replies: >>1467
[Hide] (255.2KB, 508x640) Reverse
not him but I just want to say I fucking hate QT, they couldn't even make there garbage network stack (why would a graphics library have a network stack?) openssl3 compatible, so I am going to have to fix it and recompile their over 100 MB sources
I tried downloading the assets from pollymc but it didn't work because openssl 3 decided to deprecate there ssl_get_cert feature and pollymc can't ignore certificates or use HTTP, I fucking QT.
Replies: >>1470
I transheart Microsoft
You can not register more than once per connection then
all this talk and no one joins
werks on my machine
I got the chat to work. I think you have to plug your PC in order for Microsoft's settings to affect Minecraft.
Replies: >>1472
nigger what
just press the / button
Replies: >>1473
Literally couldn't chat because microsoft owns me
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I had chat enabled in the in-game settings
Replies: >>1476
Literally this exact situation and the same solution
nigger you have to login
Replies: >>1477
nigger you have to be able to chat to login in the first place
I literally couldn't even open chat nigger
Is the server lagging? I couldn't place any torches
[Hide] (684.1KB, 1920x1017) Reverse
I just realized that niggerite tools don't burn in lava, so niggerdestroyer's pickaxe could've been saved
Replies: >>1482
I'm sorry niggerdestroyer. I should've remembered sooner but it didn't cross my mind
Replies: >>1482
i think the ender pearl had taken me through the wall like over 100 blocks away and i suffocated while burning
Replies: >>1483
That was the strangest part of all
Marge, what is a mangrove swamp?
I'm playing on SneedCraft right now btw
[Hide] (641.6KB, 1920x1017) Reverse
I did the wholesome reddit exploit and got to the nether roof.

Borders aren't limited, right? I played on a server I thought was based, but the world border was only 5000 blocks away
Replies: >>1492
I forgot my fucking flint and steel the first time I went up there. It's okay though because I also forgot to stash away all of my wood, so I was able to create a double chest and save my items. I'm more worried about the fact that I went from level 30 to level 8
Replies: >>1494
i could have teleported you if you asked
btw does anyone want to play together on the 'craft??!?!??!
Replies: >>1497
i'll join in a bit
Replies: >>1497
time to play chudcels
Replies: >>1497
I was sleeping because of Euro timezone, plus it's my birthday. The nether roof portal is floating above spawn if you didn't notice.
Replies: >>1498
you deserve to starve to death
Replies: >>1500
soot i just died at spawn upon login
Replies: >>1501
i'll save you
any chudcels want to play?
hop on the 'craft
[Hide] (131.3KB, 1227x770) Reverse
[Hide] (84.8KB, 1002x887) Reverse
[Hide] (110.1KB, 617x900) Reverse
[Hide] (71.4KB, 803x1015) Reverse
[Hide] (156.8KB, 1048x974) Reverse
w7-890 just re posting all the deleted stuff i caught inb4 zooquoted also i think i now figured out how to install jewcraft in hyper-v

Deleted Chud 3 months ago No.833
>>831 | i think the chunk load is too high for some reason
in the original jakraft server the chunk load was very limited due to the server's capabilities and prizzy may have increased the amount of ticks for each chunk to compensate

(not deleted) Chud 2 months ago No.1032 | any chuds want to play minetrans?
Chud 2 months ago | No.1082 | Anyone playing?
Chud 2 months ago | No.1080 | any niggers playing? | Replies: >>1083 
[sage] Chud 2 months ago No.1113 | 4498130fd306d999de2289fe7e2d01937b9adfb71dd436372078c41f4b7c318d.jpg [] (188.2KB, 1145x1431)
Chud 2 months ago No.1128 | server is being backed up atm | Replies: >>1129
Chud 2 months ago No.1129 | >>1128 | it's back up now
Chud 2 months ago No.1135 | >>1130 | goofy ahh nigga just us ultim MC the server is cracked | Replies: >>1138 
(Deleted) Chud 2 months ago No.1141 | Replies: >>1143
>>1137 | soot shut it down ages ago
>>1140 | >kuz-era | that's not the old sharty minecraft server...
Replies: >>1522
get a life you fucking schizo retard
Replies: >>1544
[Hide] (3.3MB, 166x263) Reverse
>get a life you fucking schizo retard
Replies: >>1524
thats an actually funny post thats relevant to this site so i know for a fact it wasnt made by w7-nigger
jarty bros break out your thinkpads and wave the lolbert flag
its time to play minecraft
Replies: >>1527
I would but it's like 3 am where I live but I will in the future
Replies: >>1528
join for a bit and leave then chuddy
@everyone join the vc
[Hide] (85.6KB, 520x371) Reverse
[Hide] (52KB, 708x800) Reverse
Replies: >>1532
time to play chuddies
Replies: >>1534
i joined
[Hide] (156.1KB, 1024x1024) Reverse
lutecord assemble
its time to play 'craft
Replies: >>1538
Replies: >>1539
erm, it's @everyone
Replies: >>1540
... No it's not
I'm playing right now and trying to bridge my way to an elytra
i genuinely wish i had one being at home is always boring also unban me globally JEWT dont be selfish little fuck
IP4 T8zaksXN.*.* [06/09/2023, 11:33:08 am]
T8zaksXN.BP7Ik9b.4UaXavW.IP4 jesus this block of yours lasted for eons already
They need to update the End dimension after adding the Penguin.
[Hide] (192.4KB, 760x1377) Reverse
any j*rtyCVCKS want to play minecraft so i can laugh at them as they die from fall damage or drowning? keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
[Hide] (613.5KB, 270x480, 00:16)
Replies: >>1551
[Hide] (137.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
havent built it yet but heres a drawing of the soy factory that will soon be in spawn
Replies: >>1570 >>1583
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1280x720, 00:28)
>w7-890 just re posting all the deleted stuff i caught inb4 zooquoted also i think i now figured out how to install jewcraft in hyper-v

>Deleted Chud 3 months ago No.833
>>>831 | i think the chunk load is too high for some reason
>in the original jakraft server the chunk load was very limited due to the server's capabilities and prizzy may have increased the amount of ticks for each chunk to compensate

>(not deleted) Chud 2 months ago No.1032 | any chuds want to play minetrans?
>Chud 2 months ago | No.1082 | Anyone playing?
>Chud 2 months ago | No.1080 | any niggers playing? | Replies: >>1083 
>[sage] Chud 2 months ago No.1113 | 4498130fd306d999de2289fe7e2d01937b9adfb71dd436372078c41f4b7c318d.jpg [] (188.2KB, 1145x1431)
>Chud 2 months ago No.1128 | server is being backed up atm | Replies: >>1129
>Chud 2 months ago No.1129 | >>1128 | it's back up now
>Chud 2 months ago No.1135 | >>1130 | goofy ahh nigga just us ultim MC the server is cracked | Replies: >>1138 
>(Deleted) Chud 2 months ago No.1141 | Replies: >>1143
>>>1137 | soot shut it down ages ago
>>>1140 | >kuz-era | that's not the old sharty minecraft server...
Replies: >>1582
any chuds want to play though?
Replies: >>1580
@everyone hop on #vc
@everyone time to 'craft
>unsure if permabanned
every single damn time
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1003) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1003) Reverse
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1003) Reverse
soy factory finished
its got a full interior too
it's being backed up
[Hide] (18.7KB, 463x489) Reverse
[Hide] (777.9KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (373.3KB, 1024x768) Reverse
[Hide] (261.3KB, 1024x768) Reverse
also soot add sneed and soy factory
hop on #minecraft
Replies: >>1640
i joined where are you sis
Replies: >>1641
*sighs* i was having an argument with my valid trans gf because i found out she passed on aids
Replies: >>1643
[Hide] (32.8KB, 360x358) Reverse
such a silly baka
hopping on minetrans now
yep im joining the vc
time to dilate on minecraft
yep its time to craft again
Replies: >>1656
ya issa minechud time again
its minecord time again
okay time to mine
Replies: >>1692
ok xisters its time to craft
Replies: >>1691 >>1692
you know its kinda transphobic to mine at a time like this you know they are being genocided right
Replies: >>1692
I'm used to 1.18 ore generation by now
Replies: >>1693
chud the server is 1.16
@@everyone hop on #craft
@everyone yep its 'craft time
[Hide] (102.3KB, 320x320) Reverse
@soot jakraft is under attack, revert it to last saved state now
Replies: >>1705
I have a back up but its 3 weeks old. I don't want to load anything unless its major. How bad is the damage? I can just give you items to help rebuild if that's fine
we will be reloading the backup in a bit. If any of your shit is effected I can give you items to help you rebuild.

also there's an anticheat now. It doesn't block baritone so barichads are fine. I don't care if you cheat for fun its just to stop cord raiders.
Replies: >>1734
whonst here, i just want to tell you i love you
Replies: >>1709
you had good moves but you kept fucking hitting me without looking in my direction lol
that was actually lag i disabled it a log ass time before that
ill accept my loss either way gg
[Hide] (1.3MB, 2560x1440) Reverse
did you think I was joking
I have a backup
it was on planet minecraft but retard 1 took it down -w
Replies: >>1720
i fucking hate these trannies fucking niggers
did you sh*rtySHITS like any of the builds?
i hoped for gay porn but i liked the art
Replies: >>1719
soy factory has a full interior
Do you want me to prove I have a backup?
Replies: >>1722
yes chud
What do you want me to do?
Build something?
I can put down a sign with whatever text you ask if that'll do
Replies: >>1725
why not just upload the backup somewhere chud
Burning alive in the nether is "suspicious activity" lmao
Replies: >>1729
anti-cheat was added because the cheating shartycorders ruined everything near spawn in a matter of minutes
if you guys know of a better anticheat just post it ITT and i'll add it
Replies: >>1733
jakraft1 used this:
Replies: >>1735 >>1875
just spawnchud them
joining the minecord
prizma come back
Replies: >>1770
all the sisters are waiting for you at #minecraft
chud come back
dr. soyberg would never leave like this...
i cant i get shitty soi.netty error for no known fucking reason every time i try to join
Replies: >>1832
play cracked without an account dummy
Replies: >>1833
I AM playing cracked with no account, it works on 1.20.1 (sharty) but not on 1.16.5
Replies: >>1834
>sh*rtySHITS cant pirate minecraft
geg, what "cracked" launcher are you using?
Replies: >>1835
Replies: >>1836 >>1837 >>1869
use ultimmc
Replies: >>1837
[Hide] (645.7KB, 1317x576) Reverse
here is a screenshot by the way
don't see how that will work but will try I guess
Replies: >>1838
PollyMC is a fork of PrismMC which supports DRM, what you are seeing could be some remnant of that
Replies: >>1839
[Hide] (35.2KB, 1304x229) Reverse
[Hide] (15.7KB, 655x311) Reverse
anyways where to download ultimmc? the links in there are to workflow artifacts which expired, do I need to compile it? or is there a way to download these artifacts (or is there some third party which has binaries?)
Replies: >>1840 >>1855
its on github chudcel
Replies: >>1841
[Hide] (31.7KB, 1187x366) Reverse
that is what I said chuddycel, the problem is the links at the top return 404
I just want to know if there are pre-compiled binaries I am not aware of before compiling it
Replies: >>1842
alright I found binaries:
Replies: >>1843
nvm it doesn't work because of glibc version or some shit, it's currently compiling, this server better be good, lute
disregard all of the above, I downloaded a mod to connect to older versions of the game (viafabricplus) and it works now
Replies: >>1845
welcome to the dead server. the jarty completely lost its interest in minecraft since jakraft1 ended
Replies: >>1846
yeah I noticed, at least the server fits the imageboard
im hopping on chudcraft
any choods than want to join better do it soon coz i wont be here long
i warned you chudcels...
Googoogaagaacraft won
sooooor make the server a quake server or a minetest server
>anyways where to download ultimmc? 
bruh it's in the op...
Replies: >>1856
that is only for windows
Replies: >>1857
So for PCs. Minecraft java is a PC game it isn't on mac
Replies: >>1858
I am on linux nigger
Replies: >>1859 >>1861
While linux has limited use in business environments it isn't a consumer operating system for personal computers. You should buy a windows 11 key and activate it for your home computer.
Replies: >>1860
what model did you use to generate this?
also I just compiled Ultimmc, now I have a heckin' binary tailored to my needs or whatever (I don't even use it just wanted to check if it was le heckin' possible or not, and apperantly it is or something along those lines)
>I am on linux nigger
java is compatible with linux though
Replies: >>1863
[Hide] (77.8KB, 778x989) Reverse
>You should buy a windows 11 key and activate it for your home computer
I know, but Ultimmc is a c++ program, it needs to be compiled for linux for me to run it, I was looking for a pre-compiled binary but didn't find any as the selfish little fucks at github hadn't had a succesful build in 3 months, so I compiled my own
Replies: >>1864 >>1867 >>1868
holy fucking nigger tier behavior
can't even compile a program geg
Replies: >>1865 >>1868
I literally said I compiled, non-reading troon
yeah for some reason ultimMC's download page doesnt work anymore
Replies: >>1868
use pollymc
Replies: >>1869
>pollymc isn't working
>use ultimmc
>ultimmc doesn't have binaries
>use pollymc
also the problem is fixed anyways so who cares
[Hide] (687.8KB, 498x260, 00:16)
upgrade to minecraft beta 1.7
Replies: >>1871
im in the mood for some 'craft today post in this 'bread if you wanna join me
Replies: >>1875
I'll be putting this on the server if nobody has an issue with it
too bad nigger I'm backing up the server
Replies: >>1876
erm xister do you want to play or not?
Replies: >>1877
ok the server is back up
no I have work
[Hide] (54.9KB, 600x800) Reverse
>no I have work
attempt number 2: im in the mood for some 'craft today post in this 'bread if you wanna join me
Replies: >>1880
no I have work
Replies: >>1881
holy janny
[Hide] (128.2KB, 788x632) Reverse
>i cant play minecraft i have several discord to moderate
will no one play 'craft with me?
Replies: >>1894
send me your discord tag and i will sweety
Replies: >>1895
erm we share our discords in minecraft here so youll have to join the server first
soooot i cant connect to the server
Replies: >>1920
Sorry for the late response. I'm looking into the connection issues. I'm also planning on moving the default spawn so new players have room to build.
anyone up for chudcraft?
@minecord wake the fuck up
Replies: >>1941
Replies: >>1943
I couldn't build or destroy blocks in the bastion and got kicked repeatedly for "flying hacks"
It's over
Replies: >>1943 >>1944
you are 2 hours late but im joining now
I'll look into reconfiguring the anticheat
play minecraft with me :(
Replies: >>1963
fix your stupid server and maybe i will join
Replies: >>2020
soot fix yours tupid server
the server is being backed up
who are you talking to schizo
[Hide] (7.5MB, 854x480, 01:59)
Replies: >>2171
Holy coal
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