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>i miss the old kanye

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relevant xkcd
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>>1631 (OP) 
i think this image awoken a sort of change in me
i now realise i am meant to serve black men
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Oh my fauci, we’re so glad to hear about your transition!
>>1631 (OP) 
there's literally no point in keeping it vague anyway because 99% of players will just open a wiki page to find shit
its literally a waste of time, people want to move on and see the next thing you have to offer
what they dont want is to wonder around aimlessly and waste time

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gemmy arty

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>In OneShot, a single-player puzzle-adventure game, the player controls Niko, a catlike child who is placed into an unfamiliar sunless world.[5] The game exclusively shows Niko's viewpoint, employing a top-down perspective,[6] while the player is a separate character, referred to by the user account they have signed in with. Throughout the game, the player can make Niko sleep, causing the program to close; upon reopening, a short dream sequence is played.[5]

>The gameplay is composed of puzzles involving items.[7] The player may use items at specific locations or combine them to create a new item.[8] The player encounters computers, which signal that the player has to find content outside the game, including in the file system.[9] These can also lead to interacting with the player's operating system in other ways, which includes moving the game window off-screen, mimicking developing film,[4] or by gaining clues from the desktop wallpaper.[9] With these concepts, OneShot was officially described as a game where "the world knows [the player exists]",[1] and the in-game instructions recommend playing in windowed mode instead of fullscreen.[8] The console version, OneShot: World Machine Edition, uses a simulated operating system that allows players to interact with the game like they would with a computer.[10]
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>>1620 (OP) 
wheres the link i want to test this game since /trash/ keeps posting this reaction pic
>>1620 (OP)
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>You know people making AUs and fanfiction and meta for media they enjoy? That's literally just modern folklore, a concept as old as humanity itself, we are but witnessing the echoes of our ancestral rites across countless eons

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>>1584 (OP) 
Australian Glowie funded coalsoot
>>1584 (OP) 
is this garten from ban ban toilet or something

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the image which btfo nerds
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>>1621 (OP) 
This is fucking powerful. Now black people can spend 200 dollars on booster boxes instead of crack.

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>paw patrol is cop propaganda
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"paw patrol is cop propaganda"

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This game BROKE me...
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>>1614 (OP) 
buck broken even...

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Post your favorite flash games 'eens.
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>>922 (OP) 
the entire creeper world series. completely gemmy RTS gameplay, peaked at 3, haven't tried four though, maybe it's better.
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>Post your favorite flash games 'eens.
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>>Post your favorite flash games 'eens.
>>922 (OP) 
Strike force heroes I guess

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>pixel art
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croat i like you, please never leave, your autism is funny
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And you guys make soyjakking Great Again.
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Chat is this real?
get a life nigger lol
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Hes right albithoughie...

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