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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

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>>1417 (OP) 
this looks like shit
>>1417 (OP) 
latest and greatest nonsenserald unreal slop to kill the gaming industry
soot please nuke indie devs

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/qa/ = postal 1: the slowburn horror kino that started it all = postal 2: juvenile, stupid and funny = postal 3: a shitty knock-off but has soul = postal 4: the soulless sequel that killed the franchise
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Postal 4 is shit, but not truly the franchise killer. 
What I think Postal 4 needs in order to have a tiny bit of soul is mod compatibility and that stupid co-op mode.
Early Access and increasing the price are what ruined Postal 4 for me in the first place.
RWS thinks that just fixing bugs and all that shit in Postal 4 can be saved for some other time because Postal 2 was buggy before and they screwed it more up.
I wish RWS tried to ressurect Flesh and Wire or any project they had in their mind before creating Postal 2.
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Also, they should sharp the edge because it's boring in P4. 
Mocking furries, weebs and SJWs is Reddit and mocking Canadians and China are not enough.
postal brain damaged is an obscure spin-off that is far from what a real postal game should be like, so yeah basically
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still the real Postal 4 for me. even humor in this game is funnier than one in what RWS calls Postal 4.
>postal brain damaged is an obscure spin-off that is far from what a real postal game should be like, so yeah basically would be like a shitty gay catboy sex mod for postal 2

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super paper mario was downright kino, but suffered from being a mario game, so it's way less kino.
soor remake this game with just as much kino but less gay nintendoisms
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>>1399 (OP) 
it wouldnt exist because it was mario you retard
it would just be another gay anime JRPG about medieval fantasy or scifi bullshit if it wasnt a nintendo game
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but it'd be kino if a more competent and experimental studio was given it and were allowed to go wild

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what's some quirky 2000s core entertainment media?
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the mario and luigi and paper mario games are quirkycore although you wouldn't expect it from a babies game.
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Wes's most recent films do feel very hipsterish
i need to play these again
oh my kino oldschool internet slangs!!
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i say this because old internet was le comfy

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new 'toss
Rare 4cuck diamond
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>you will not use your film degree to talk about how some random kids media is comparable to the likes of mothlight or the four hundred blows that's just being dishonest with yourself
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>film degree
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Fuck these video essays
Chuds don’t get film degrees doe

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I like watching birds poop

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I haven't played dont starve together since around 2019, and played it during its very early beta. What have I missed out on, is it worth returning to?

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I'm a gigachad which means I can't enjoy Starfield. I'm sorry. I can't even do what I usually do in these games which is play as gigachad and subjugate soyboys.
Isn’t it like a no mans sky knockoff
all the effort they put in this piece of shit game should have been directed towards another fallout game, i fucking hate hecking scifi star wars planet bullshit, it's so overdone and stale i puke when i see it

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>azumanga daioh
>hidamari sketch
all great animes. evangelion is shit btw
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>family guy
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Yes, sir

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