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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

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rather you like it or not, this is what peak main character looks like.
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>rather you like it or not

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Oneshot OST is the greatest OST of all time

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/v/ be like
hold still while i save this also whats the meme source?

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im happy for robert kirkman because finding success as a writer and maintaining your soul is a near impossible task but ill never watch the hollywood bastardizations of his work
>the only successful hollywood AND original franchises in recent history were all made by this guy
really shows how utterly fucked art is
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>>2032 (OP) 
It’s not even that great
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the comic book was fun and it had neat ideas which is perfectly okay

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Is Aphex Twin soy?
>is [thing i like] soy?
definitive list of soy items:
<being obsessed with [corporate brand]
<integrating [corporate brand as a part of your personality]
<niche fetishes
<being a furry
<claiming victimhood in situations where its not at all necessary
<putting politics in everything
<being unable to have a political discussion that doesnt revolve around movements and political figures and/or parties
<refusing to acknowledge another person because of their political beliefs
<prioritizing your political beliefs over everything else (often claiming that refusing to adhere to your beliefs is worse than pedophilia)
<group mentality
<genuinely believing that your group is better than anyone else's for arbitrary reasons
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I have some of these, looks like I've got work to do but thankfully my music taste is safe
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erm, if furries are soy, then why are j*rtycvcks furries?
Replies: >>2030
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aphex twin is soy because its not hardcore
you can like whatever you like as long as its not completely degenerate and depraved and honestly aphex twin isnt that bad
j*rtycvcks are the ultimate form of soy

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new 'toss
i hate how people call his lazy mspaint drawings "90's cartoons"

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new stone toss
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2 28u 18947 12984 92147129874 921784 12874 981274 981274 981274 129874 92174 912847 912874 92174 918274 98217 49127 41287 49214 791284 7912 26 543176255634532675
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tier 1 coal

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oh my post office this movie was kino
posted post office posting again award
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Thanks, I hope the heckin posthems don't burn themselves out trying to deliver that award to me within the next century!

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pizzacacas got BTFO'd at the gay awards by the slow-burn masterpiece known as COCOON
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good i cant wait for them to go homeless
COCOON is the perfect puzzle game, the developer found a nice balance of making interesting puzzles without having them break the momentum of the game. im glad he won
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by the end of that game you are carrying a world inside of a world inside of a world and you have to use all of them to solve puzzles
despite that you wont have trouble finding the solution because the developer is a genius who telegraphed it perfectly without a hud or tips
unless of course if you are a retarded tranime consoomer

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