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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

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My hecking based Reddithammer plastic toys creators have fallen
Billions must cry about it on shitter and switch to Battletranny
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>not my heccin funkohammers!!!
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My Marvelhammer is now wöke...

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somebody literally told me to play dota 2 an unironic dead game
Our allies' town needs help
Ulti, ulti
Men vafan!
An allied champion has fallen
Ahmen för fan, killar, var är ni nånstans?
Varför kom ni inte och hjälpte mig, jag var helt själv mot tre heroes ju
Ah men lol, hur fan skulle det gå till? Du springer fan tusen gånger snabbare än oss
Vi har inte en chans att komma dit innan du är död, fatta nu
Men ni får ju hänga med lite, ni såg hur jag sprang på N'aix ju
Hallå, vi kan inte titta på dig hela tiden, snacka med oss i Vent istället
Ja, ja, men jag blinkar ju på kartan
Äh, skit samma, det går ju fan inte att spela med det här lagget ändå
Ja, men kom igen nu för fan, sluta whinea!
Vi drar hem nu och så healar och sen så pushar vi mitt, okej?
Jag har min ulti redo
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Legit i've been in queue for 60 minutes and haven't gotten a match
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thats what these kikes deserve.

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reddithammer BTFO
ahh sheeiit this guy really buying plastic toys
only in ohio

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new 9.5+/10 EP just dropped

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hes right

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new toss
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Even doe both are gemmy
Hes right doe.
>it was all LE DREAM!
dishonest storytelling
Replies: >>2221
Even doe is gemmy
Fake schizo coal

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>DUDE, what do you MEAN you haven't played Starfield™ yet? i've been nolifing it for months, it's so IMMERSIVE! sometimes i like to just sit on a bench and RP as my character, it's not all about the action you know? i even got the super duper ultra premium good boy deluxe edition, it comes with a Starfield™ hot sauce bottle and a space cadet patch for my denim jacket! Once i get the jacket i ordered on Amazon that patch is gonna look so BASED! I'm in the official Starfield™ Discord server too, they've got the most epic Bethesda memes in there! Yeah I'm a hardcore gamer but video games are heckin art so I'm kind of like an art buff if you really think about it
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>games aren't art
Replies: >>2188
>>2004 (OP) 
>Starfield le soy even doe most of its haters are Soys irl
No Chud said that Dle

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>omg the best ocs/characters always have the pink-blue-white-black color palette, literally idk why i find it so appealing but i do
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now that the dust has settled... was xer a good oc?
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who are you quoting doe
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>who are you quoting doe
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no one looks like that doe

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