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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

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Does anyone have the vichan theme CSS for the jarty, I can't find it here for some reason.
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>>1175 (OP) 
found it in the wayback machine 
apparently op deleted the thread himself at the end of immigration so i guess they really hate us lol 

.board-banner {
.postmenu {
  display: inline-block;
  vertical-align: top;
  text-align: center;
  font-weight: normal;
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I have it saved in a txt file. Would have posted it if I saw this thread earlier but I'm glad you found it.
you should prob remove display:none; from .board-banner { and  .postmenu { because that gets rid of banners and the thing you need to delete posts
No i fucking didnt stop slandering me cunt
this is a rootkit, do not use.

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keeeeek do proprietards REALLY?
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>Microsoft is forcing Windows users to install upgrades it pushes using its universal back doors. These upgrades can do various harms to users such as restricting computers from some functions and/or forcing users to defenselessly do whatever Microsoft tells them to do.
>Microsoft Windows has a universal back door through which any change whatsoever can be imposed on the users.
>Writable microcode for Intel and AMD microprocessors may be a vehicle for the NSA to invade computers, with the help of Microsoft.
>A security failure in Microsoft's Windows is infecting people's computers with RedLine stealer malware using a fake Windows 11 upgrade installer.
>A newly found Microsoft Windows vulnerability can allow crackers to remotely gain access to the operating system and install programs, view and delete data, or even create new user accounts with full user rights.
>A flaw in Internet Explorer and Edge allows an attacker to retrieve Microsoft account credentials, if the user is tricked into visiting a malicious link.
>Point-of-sale terminals running Windows were taken over and turned into a botnet for the purpose of collecting customers' credit card numbers.
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didn't read
and I don't even use windows, I just know obvious retardelard when I see one
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UEFI is a cancer that cant be removed
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okay but it is not a program
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>unix philosophy
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>didn't reply in 24 hours
I won.
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wow that sounded so badass in your mind
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Stop. Fucking. Posting. This. Shit.
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I said "in your mind" instead of "in your head" this time, therefore original gem

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QRD me on this site? who are these troons?

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I tried being a minimalist, but Luke's asshole has been MAXIMIZING my pleasure since we first fucked in a public toilet. The nodules in his rectum have are like a classical orchestra with the elegant rhythm they stroked my cock with, his rectum is self lubricating, and the grip of his hole is like a strong farm woman, gripping the udder of a family cow to get the milk out for her young children. Never have my testicles been so empty and my soul so satisfied as they were in the bathroom of that Greek restaurant.
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lutejaks are like kuzjak albeit, NAS and not a variant but still represents something soy related
just without the pedophilia kek
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j*RtyCVCKS really think we're forgetting this
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geg tsmt
>lutejaks are like kuzjaks
no they are not
lutejaks are IAS because they make fun of a specific breed of people (unhinged tech schizos)

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what distro does lute use?

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>der cord is now auto-scanning for hate speech
relevant XKCD
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>>1166 (OP) 
>relevant XKCD
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nonsense coal
damn it's downright UNCANNY how perfectly that XKCD fits this exact scenario. One may even posit there exists a "relevant XKCD" of sorts for every situation in the tech world. My office coworkers will surely LOVE getting emailed this silly little webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the rest of their lives!
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relevant white man video essay on the subject

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make me care lole
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If odysee goes down you can't watch this anymore
tl;dr: LBRY inc was the founders of a protocol called LBRY. How LBRY works below:

LBRY Inc does a lot of the coding and content hosting for the LBRY network, so it going down may kill it. LBRY as a protocol solves identity, but provides no incentive to seed files, and thus is a Fail!, but odysee is still less cucked that jewtube therefore the government shutting them down is also Fail!
don't care still using vidlii
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>don't care still using vidlii

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aryanbsd won
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>liking redditBSD
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redditors won

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