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too bulky to be a compact console you can take anywhere like the 3ds and not big enough to have decent hardware like the steam deck
the joycons are annoying to use when they are attached to the switch and they're worse when you put them together to make a controller

so the switch ends up being an overpriced tablet with a bad controls (pay $60 extra for their "pro" normal controller) and overpriced games with graphics from 2013
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PS5 (pee ass fi): better hardware than the switch but a really steep price for a console with no good original games
(se)xbox series (se)x: same hardware as the pee ass fi but a really steep price for a console with only bad ports of steam games that you pay a subscription to play

steam deck: decent hardware, more compact than a laptop, the only console to offer you freedom with its operating system thats based on arch and allows you to migrate to different linux distro
access to steam games, easy piracy, and a decent portable pc
total valve win
>>1250 (OP) 
If I ever get one I plan just to use it as a home console
Immense ‘Jak Potential
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