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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

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Specifically, making fun of g*meCVCKS who got buck-broken by the Unity licensing changes
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>>1367 (OP) 
I thought there was a free version of unity people used for low quality shovelware though
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bro tf does propriatery or whatever even mean nigga like speak english
Unity made it so that game devs have to pay every time their software installed, making creators have to pay once per download if you meet a certain revenue and download threshold. 

Gamedevs everywhere are seething over this because they're selfish little fucks who don't want to respect the copyright of their now jewish masters (i shit you not unity got bought out by an Israeli data-mining company) while still imposing copycuck law onto their end-users. They're getting a taste of their own medicine and whining about it.
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I was thinking of making a shitty soyjak fps in unity but will probably just use one of the doom/quake engines (heckin open source) now that I've heard how jewish they are
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Remember, when looking for software to build off of, you want to ensure the tools you're using are free and open source. They respect your freedoms, and will do so for years to come. You will own your code and your creation, and even if the license of the tools you use doesn't require it, you should release your work under similar licenses to allow fellow developerCHADS to build off your work.

Not doing so creates a hostile, petty environment of drama and greed. Game development is an artform to be remixed and shared by all peoples, no matter their creed, if humanity is to step forward. 

I suggest any newbie game developers look into tools like Raylib or Godot. Godot is more comprehensive and "bloated" compared to raylib, but is great for beginners just dipping their toes in. Go out there and create work, and if you share it, let others build off of it to.
>i shit you not unity got bought out by an Israeli data-mining company
its over the software used to make funny 3d flash games was bought out by the jooos
>while still imposing copycuck law onto their end-users
they get two popular games (cuphead and hollow knight) and then INSTANTLY sell out? why are devs like this??
ayo that shit crazy af bruh but who tf asked
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me, i asked
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>>1367 (OP) 
>dutch furfag gamedev
>supports selling sahpe assets
every single fucking time
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