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After learning Brakhage from Dots and Loops was an ode to Stan Brakhage an experimental film maker i watched some of his films. I would recommend Cat's Cradle and Burial Path the first two i watched over the others i watched mainly because they gave me more to think about. Actual directors words confirm his basic idea is he wants you to see the world through an "untutoured" eye which perceives things directly and not through the filtering of previous knowledge but of course you can't do that so it just delivers films where you pick up the meaning through what visuals are presented in Cat's Cradle's case you see cats as well as what you could say is a couple with heavily implied romantic tension. In Burial Path's case it deals with themes related to death through the medium of birds. Other select works from artists wikipedia says he worked with are Maya Deren's At Land and Meshes of the Afternoon which are both surrealistic masterpieces which are felt more than thought and a Glimpse of the Garden by Mary Menken which is stylish cinematography which once again doesn't say anything but is very nice to look at although it is just the images of a garden.
edit i rated Burial Path higher then Cat's Cradle on RYM due to the thematic interest
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