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the following is an actual scene from the game
evil white woman: *uses wrong pronouns when referring to troon*
heroic brown troon: *murders her with a machine gun*
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cite your source
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Show us, op
the entire game is about brown gays and brown troons starting a rebellion
Talia has a tranny (Female to Male) girlfriend and the minister of culture calls her a she instead of a he so of course Talia murders her with an smg because of that as seen in the video
yara is a pseudonym used by the writers to refer to cuba btw
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Wasn't the Main bad guy of Far Cry 6 black?
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Either way, Far Cry 6 is a movie slop trying to be a game and fails at it so I wouldn't be surprised
no its more complicated than that
the leader of yara (cuba) is a black man who doesnt like troons and he's backed by a canadian leader who is "draining yara of its resources" (even though canada doesnt control cuba in the real world) so it is a white man bad story in the end
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Canada isn't White. It's run by chinks.
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in far cry 6 the canadian leader is a white man with blue eyes
in reality canada is american's bitch and america is israel's bitch
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Writers were very inaccurate with writing Canadians and since Ubisoft has Californian territory and California nowadays is dogshit, makes Sense why story sucks and could have been more interesting.
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AI post
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California stinks
Only in california man
>>696 (OP) 
keyed though, pooners are cute and valid
Ironically, I thought that the tranny was the bitch with the purple dress.
Just look that the bone estructure.
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modern game devs cant make attractive women
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even doe is accurate
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