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The lovely ladies on have come to and agreement- small, pink labia are DISGUSTING!! Only a PEDOPHILE would like a clean and neat pussy.

Real men (not incels) prefer their labia to be dark and wrinkled and to resemble deflated ballsacks. 

I for one, stand in solidarity. To show my support, I'm replying to all goodthink pussy hivemind takes with a special chat bubble, the origin of which is donated generously by one of their own users. 

Let's go show some love for our fellow women and remind them they matter, even if they have grotesque labias. Transparent template included.
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>>292 (OP) 
yeah downvoted because wtf is this
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This is probably a signal to chud it up.
truthfully, straightforward, genuine, honestly this is the darkest unenlightened coal of a post. I was just scrolling sharty and you absolute chudcel drop this bombshell of a coal on my screen. This is UTTER and UTTERMOST disgusting shit I’ve got to see. Keep your damn pussy preferences in the places designated for it. Nobody gives a shit. And once again, this is the worst coal I’ve had to see here. Why would you post such nonsensical carbon on a site for soyjaks. Nobody here’s seen a real pussy anyway so all you’re doing is just sending some dumb ass tranny ass bitch ass fuck faggot shit. And on top of that you’ve seen enough pussy to be bitching about, so I honestly recommend taking a break from any social media, as porn has corrupted your mind beyond repair.

Never post here again

With hate and confusion.

-not porn addicted and not caring about such dumb things chud
I don't care what femcels think

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vandalize sharty ad with jakparty shilling,-1169,-853,16
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The sharty has fallen, billions must jarty.

I am a newfag here and am aware of you people's hatred towards people who are new
Which I believe is justifiable as I know how it feels when niche,small communities are invaded by massive amounts of new users who post things which are not to the communities standard. 

 I believe that it is ok to be sad about or to complain about or even take action against these situations. The reason being that I think that as long as what you do benefits you and a healthy amount of time is spent doing what you're doing, you aren't being a 'loser'  . What i mean is that complaining once and asking admins to help reduce the influx of new users is ok. When these things happen to me I get upset and forget an hour later, however I would complain or attempt to do something helpful if I wanted to. Note that I do indeed have a life outside the internet.

What this post is about is that I believe there will soon be a massive influx of new users soon because of a few reasons. Let me explain. A while ago, there was the 'thug' meme, which was enjoyed by a very small community until a massive influx of users arrived after a couple of events.

Firstly, the axel in Harlem meme which was a meme that was 'adaptable' which meant variants of the meme could be created. There were photoshopped versions which featured characters from anime, TV shows etc. I remember edited versions containing jojo among other things 

Secondly, dreamybull got popular.

Finally, lessons in meme culture made videos on them.

On youtube, someone named hyperjumper had made a video named chudbob soypants. Later, I saw a varient featuring Evangelion and then I saw, on r/ihaveihaveihavereddit, a variant featuring Freddy from fnaf.

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didn't read
read every single word
>I do not endorse harassment or bullying, 
this isn't reddit, you can say you want them all dead
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newGOD making a point, brace for impact 'teens

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I know how to make raids funnier: use NAS stuff first then us jaks.

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The exceptional individuals over on have started cultivating a tightknit community based around torturing animals and children. 

I recommend you don't click any links, unless you'd like to see puppies being fed to their own mothers. 

And i DEFINITELY recommend you do not click ANY of the titles they post on and They have somehow occupied these anonymous upload sites completely, despite those two having "popular" pages which of course, are a testament to their depravity. The titles there are enough to make you want to die. 

How can you help? 

Flood There is little to no moderation and posts can easily be buried. 

For nippy drive and nippyfile, report both domains here:

The more reports, the more visibility. I have been reporting them for months but unfortunately I am just one person. 

Millions of cat girls are dying, will you sit by idly?
ev&o catgirls arent real
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>cat girls
>no email verification
hop on 'lix teens
[Hide] (10.6KB, 373x48) Reverse
it's over
Seems like a honeypot

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This site is dead as hell and I think it's because you need to register, but even after registering, it still didn't let me in.
I don't know if it's a good idea to raid this site.

[Hide] (596.6KB, 597x795) Reverse
this 4cuck clone has no captcha
anyone wanna raid it?
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>>146 (OP) 
It doesn't work for me
>Secure Connection Failed
Will post there next time
ok the site works on my machine how do we raid it?

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Nice ibis paint pen on those tattoos you knuckledragging child raping fucking twitternigger.

[Hide] (1.2MB, 512x680) Reverse
If you listen close enough, you can almost hear the wind echo throughout the deadest board to ever dead.
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(everyone liked that)
Owned him
I liked seeing this board always be red in the boards list but now your thread ruined it
>>36 (OP) 

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