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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

they’re openly pedo-ing and grooming a 15 year old girl who was already involved in a federal case i know the owner and admin here is one of the only antiCP altchan figures, its what Jesus would have wanted
"Skajyos, a long-time janitor from the early days of, is known among users for allowing lolicon content to remain for hours and for disregarding reports about jailbait content, along side ignoring posts that sexualize real children while accusing others of being projecting pedos. He frequently complains on /meta/, advocating for the unbanning of gore and lolicon content to attract the old user base back to the site, although the admin has repeatedly rejected his requests. The admin demoted Skajyos for threatening to misuse his moderator powers in a post that was later deleted. This angered Skajyos, and ever since, he has been derailing threads he believes were posted by Ragefag or Admin to ensure every user knows his opinions, even though no one really cares about what he has to say. >even though i care bcause i managed to trick him on multiple occasions that i was the @JEWT" - the 'ki

is it about time we dox xher?
=              =
andria WON heil andre
=             =
=            =
=           =
=          =
>shitoko: *farts* i hope you like it daddy~ UvU
niggers cant spam
pajeet games
drQQt do this
>guise let's dox minus plus or whatever
we won
counterraided GEG
can someone doxx that twitterxister titicaca B_B_GHAST
raid this indian discord server
these pajeets have been raiding my server for the last couple of weeks
its now my turn.
this is the server link url
[Discord link censored] admin, Doll was doxxed last summer. Don’t believe me? Try typing that address in the sharty and you will get autobanned.
Vr tranny is mad that they keep getting called a tranny nigger even though they used to call people tranny niggers
Found a niggerdick kek podcast
For every claim give a source.
Stay silent.

They're allowing this to operate on their site and deleting posts exposing it.
Jakkers of the world unite! Election season is amoung us and in canuckistan the election is rigged for 2025. Would any of you cucks chuds or 18yo soy teens want to make the Soyjak party official in Canada? All is required is you sign a petition with at least 250 memebers and a mission statement to make it official
someone should doxx this nigger
Raid NOW!!!
Name: Niall Anthony Murphy

Date of Birth: 1997-05-14


His house:,-2.0202754,3a,90y,13.13h,83.21t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqTfE3fV9VRLG6yXI783dgg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192?entry=ttu

Floor plans of his house:
Yo guys who is down to raid some troons in twitch and get them banned.
I'm bored af rn.
Fucking DESTROY this absolute DISGRACE!
So much evil here. This company is scooping up dead pet bodies, taking the money of the pet owners, then blocking them without giving their pet back. They probably just toss the pets in the dumpster.

For the cats.

Google Listing With Reviews:
>shemmy organizes a raid on some shit nobody cares about tranime moeshit altchan
>half the posts are made by 1 obsessed jartycuck
yup we won i'd say
Let's raid pajeets on
Why does 4chan block you completely from posting on their website now? you cannot complete the captcha properly even if you do it right anymore on 4chan, regardless of IP or browser but people on 4trans are posting as normal so what's the fucking issue here i am the retard? the sharty blocks me from posting in a proxy sometimes but lets me use my home ip which glows really hard.
Cattywipe Shemmy's /soy/ and /qa/ with cobbess gems and clittyleak nusoisplinter

ITT we discuss ways to stop the degeneration of the sharty into and doxtrannies taking over the party and as a result tactics to stop cancerous dox and sometimes """raid""" threads aswell as other tactics to curbstomp many unwanted users out of the 'party.
Beware that the ends justify the means, most of these doxxes are total fails and only end in disasterous, sharty killing brimstones and that by putting them out of the misery you are in a sense, saving the sharty from it turning into even worse niggercoal.
raid kc when
Since froot gave us his email sign him up to the worst websites you can find
fellow ANF brothers, are we really just going to allow this oldtranny larper insult us like this? doxx this fucking nigger next
So in one of the recent dox threads the clitties did, they made their stupid video but posted screenshots of their 'cords in it because they cannot go five seconds without attention.

Anyone got dirt on them?
>the ANF
I'm thinking we should group together on an IRC channel in order to coordinate quality raids and provide an alternative to the sharty's KF drama posting.

why should you raid this imageboard?
because the owner is a pedophile and grooms children on discord 

plus he has a small dick
Its time to raid and wipe /q/ on thefrogpond noooooooow
ANF (anti-nusoicacaist front) just have a news that a foodist from shartycacas raided /sharty/ and sending their videos about doxxing innocent artists because froot the admin 6 told it so, snitch their post now!
Bump all ANF/Anti-nusoicacaist thread, anti-froot thread, and anti-foodist doxtroon thread now
Please post on my based new imageboard!
Froot the admin 6 and also a giant foodist doxtranny had cause so many victim for not playing FNAC and xhe also doxxing innocent people like nemlei and GLITCH productions, we must not be a cuck, we must resist, we must have a organization, we must have a good reputation since trans people hate foodist.clitty


- Anti Nusoicaca Foundation
Did you know that posting Omori and subvariant:lawrence on sharty's /qa/ triggers a very aggressive schizo which acts similar to Lee Goldson and can be made even more deranged in future?He usually posts at the same time around 12:00-04:00 Moscow time (convert it by yourself,nigger).
How to bait:
1.Spamming catalog with omori and lawrence pictures works.He may become tired and stop seething, but VILL definitely return next day even if he promises to stop seething.
2.Stealth bait.Must not be as stealth as actual leebait,he isn't yet deranged to the point he would seem several pixels that resemble something.Can hide in filenames if can't photoshop.
3.Making fun of him.Directly.He is commonly portrayed as certain old man picture,often together with angry anti-omori janny.The speech of old man usually contains "DAMN!".
4.Other boards can be used for bait too,but don't abuse it too much because jannies will start banning all lawrence and omori - we don't need a total ban.We need to continuously bait him for months and years without angering mods.Stealth baits can be useful for this.
5.Do not break the rules,mods shouldn't have a legal reason to ban baiting.
ITT: We discuss the most efficient way to bait 'teens, try to find new metas, figure out ways to evade bans and post our test results.

Currently known ways to bait:
>tranime bosting(bonus points for neutral girl)
>/bant/ tier touhou posting
>4cuck zoomer hate larp(bonus points for yotsuba)
>any sort of avatarfagging(bonus points if it's something like anime or mlp)

Known ways to evade bans:
>several(?) undetected VPNs
>celluar data

most proeminent lolicon defended. unironic pedo and also wants troons to be in media

Name: Louis Testone Jr.

Birthday: July 23, 1993

Email :,

Password: [unknown for now]

Phone Number Landline: (315) 445-4061

Phone Number Wireless: (315) 447-8796 

Residence ADDY: 6150 Waterloo Rd Jamesville, NY 13078

Coordinates: 43.01397496699733, -76.09246476126636


Vtumor whore married to rev says pedo. scam lonely men with her useless asmr

Alexis "Lex" Hatt
usernames: darlingstrawb, darlingstrawbie, shyichigo, Lex Marie, 

Residence ADDY: 505 Riverbend Pkwy #313 Athens, GA 30605

April 14th, 1999


Tell the shartyniggers about this now!They would be so happy!
sharty-tier /incel/ thread, though, I found a 16 year old soyteen troon who's dating a 14 year old boy, who happens to dox himself on xis twitter. the linktree for the person named exmilitaryalt leads to a 'cord called the natcord. I smell pedoshit. my personal army, start investigating:


xer underage 14 year old boyfriend:
= testing on the dead board =
lets decide what to raid sharty with, I'm bored.
raid this nas coal IRC pretending to be a chan, they got a sticky on /trash/ and need to be HUNG
lain worshipping tranny website
tranny thread
ugly chatroom
I'm bored u guys wanna raid somewhere?
He will always win
Nikola Uroš / Isaq / Kevin: The infamous CP Spammer, nicknamed Serbian Goth, The kingpin of der 'cord, the amerimutt spammer, owner of a TOR CP site and wannabe hacker.​
Presumably 19 years old, Uses Arch Linux like the insecure pedo he is, runs 2 websites, one where he boasts about his sad pathetic life and his discordtranny drama called, his chat and a CP TOR site called Tabularis hosting thousands of illegal content, which is linked on his clearnet website for some reason. He also started the muttposting meme on
Serbian Ministry of Justice
Belgrade, Nemanjina 22–26
tel/fax: +381 11 785-8000
Secret board for tranny weeaboos. Tor is blocked.
Reason: Being an obnoxious faggot who makes reddit tier videos

Name: Luke Lerd Wichagul

Username: SMG4/SuperMemeGenerator4

May 24, 1999

Home address:
Australia, New south wales, 6/138 Newton Road Blacktown

Accounts:  SuperMemeGenerator4#7777

Phone number:


get in here fast!!!
posting this solo raid here because jannies woke up
this board has a 2 thread-per-hour limit, but my soyposts from 1 month ago still haven't been deleted. whoever owns the board is afk so it would take the plw admin stepping in for the threads to get wiped.
there are currently 42 threads on the catty, and if the board has a default 10 page limit like the others on the website, it should take 157 threads (taking into account the pin) to wipe the board, which at 2 threads/hour would take roughly 3 days at the very least.
it's time for the slowest slowburn kino raid of all time.
Raid to prove this board is less dead than theirs
This site is dead. Let's revive IT.
gem this up

An ai based on that shitty french twitch streamer , you can ask questions by saying !q and the AI will react.

gem it up
Spam Anti furry propaganda
The lovely ladies on have come to and agreement- small, pink labia are DISGUSTING!! Only a PEDOPHILE would like a clean and neat pussy.

Real men (not incels) prefer their labia to be dark and wrinkled and to resemble deflated ballsacks. 

I for one, stand in solidarity. To show my support, I'm replying to all goodthink pussy hivemind takes with a special chat bubble, the origin of which is donated generously by one of their own users. 

Let's go show some love for our fellow women and remind them they matter, even if they have grotesque labias. Transparent template included.
vandalize sharty ad with jakparty shilling,-1169,-853,16
I am a newfag here and am aware of you people's hatred towards people who are new
Which I believe is justifiable as I know how it feels when niche,small communities are invaded by massive amounts of new users who post things which are not to the communities standard. 

 I believe that it is ok to be sad about or to complain about or even take action against these situations. The reason being that I think that as long as what you do benefits you and a healthy amount of time is spent doing what you're doing, you aren't being a 'loser'  . What i mean is that complaining once and asking admins to help reduce the influx of new users is ok. When these things happen to me I get upset and forget an hour later, however I would complain or attempt to do something helpful if I wanted to. Note that I do indeed have a life outside the internet.

What this post is about is that I believe there will soon be a massive influx of new users soon because of a few reasons. Let me explain. A while ago, there was the 'thug' meme, which was enjoyed by a very small community until a massive influx of users arrived after a couple of events.

Firstly, the axel in Harlem meme which was a meme that was 'adaptable' which meant variants of the meme could be created. There were photoshopped versions which featured characters from anime, TV shows etc. I remember edited versions containing jojo among other things 

Secondly, dreamybull got popular.

Finally, lessons in meme culture made videos on them.

On youtube, someone named hyperjumper had made a video named chudbob soypants. Later, I saw a varient featuring Evangelion and then I saw, on r/ihaveihaveihavereddit, a variant featuring Freddy from fnaf.

Then, also on r/ihaveihaveihavereddit, I noticed an increase in soyjak memes in the same style of the ones on the sharty/jarty.

And on Google trends, I saw a massive spike in the keyword soyjak ( worldwide ,past 30 days, youtube) 

Also be aware of r/incomprehensiblewojak

This post is just letting you know, I do not endorse harassment or bullying, 

Do whatever you please with this information as long as it's legal.
I know how to make raids funnier: use NAS stuff first then us jaks.
The exceptional individuals over on have started cultivating a tightknit community based around torturing animals and children. 

I recommend you don't click any links, unless you'd like to see puppies being fed to their own mothers. 

And i DEFINITELY recommend you do not click ANY of the titles they post on and They have somehow occupied these anonymous upload sites completely, despite those two having "popular" pages which of course, are a testament to their depravity. The titles there are enough to make you want to die. 

How can you help? 

Flood There is little to no moderation and posts can easily be buried. 

For nippy drive and nippyfile, report both domains here:

The more reports, the more visibility. I have been reporting them for months but unfortunately I am just one person. 

Millions of cat girls are dying, will you sit by idly?
This site is dead as hell and I think it's because you need to register, but even after registering, it still didn't let me in.
I don't know if it's a good idea to raid this site.
this 4cuck clone has no captcha
anyone wanna raid it?
If you listen close enough, you can almost hear the wind echo throughout the deadest board to ever dead.
let me introduce you to tf2chan:

It's been a dead site since 2013, but is still alive, rarely getting a post from the occasional user, or in some cases, soyteen. It's all but abandoned, with the software its running being Kusaba, which I can't even find a copy of anymore, but know it was forked to create TinyIB. 

I don't know who maintains it, but it persists in existing despite it all. Perhaps it can become a colony/back up site for when this place goes down.
anyone wanna do a jakbox raid?
magi (goth) is a moderator
surprisingly, he deleted cp
you know what to do
what are some altchans we could raid though
just one post on each site, not even a whole raid. can j*rtyCUCKS properly shill their site on dead imageboards, or are they so low IQ that this concept filters them. I even did one for you just to help out:

J*rtyCUCKS prove me wrong, all you have to do is show me you can do this small task.
for posting on other sites
Hi guys, is tuxler worth downloading? I want to use the 'party and 4chud again, but I don't want to pay for a VPN.
alive board
lets colonize
the tranny janny was fired recently so its ripe for jarteen occupation.
side C site
Side A on the catty
Side A WON
Side A website
Claiming board for side A
Side A board
Side a Board
Side A Board
holy comfy board
>23 posts TOTAL
shills... I kneel...
lets raid these faggots
>Supporting free speech is an immediate ban.
>Absolutely NO anti-CCP sentiment.
>Absolutely NO homophobia, transphobia or furphobia.
>Absolutely NO misgendering.
>Absolutely NO antisemitism.
>Absolutely NO vaccine misinformation.
lute add /bara/
Sharty Boys are raiding 3chan. Wanna join?
Lets raid
They're a bunch of oldfag larpers.
anyone wanna raid twitch?
I thought of asking you to raid 7chan. Not because of promotions, but because the site has less followers and it would be nice to make it boogie a bit.
While I am not fund of raids due to degenerates coming to us, I thought this raid might make 7chan a bit alive. Just don't leave the mark and make them come here, okay? Just post soyjaks like Impjak or Soystein.
let's raid 'afe jannies are asleep

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