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ITT: We discuss the most efficient way to bait 'teens, try to find new metas, figure out ways to evade bans and post our test results.

Currently known ways to bait:
>tranime bosting(bonus points for neutral girl)
>/bant/ tier touhou posting
>4cuck zoomer hate larp(bonus points for yotsuba)
>any sort of avatarfagging(bonus points if it's something like anime or mlp)

Known ways to evade bans:
>several(?) undetected VPNs
>celluar data
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Here’s a good bread that’s basically the same thing. Sharteens are basically chuddy hipsters who transhate modern pop culture and heggin furries
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Tested tuxler, works as intended. Can both post and upload images.

If you are worried about the datamining, the best you can do is set up windows in a virtual machine(It took me 10 mins to install 10LTSC) and use it that way. It's certainly not enough but it works.

Fuck. Should I use that one instead?
Replies: >>477
I don’t care kek I was just heggin using it as an example
I wouldn't consider it raiding when their whole site is based on drama and baits.
the sharty is a giant glownigger shithole and you will likely end up on a list by browsing it
Replies: >>480 >>481
wow you are so smart
Erm were all on heggin lists anyway for being chuds doe
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>I forgot to put Konta and others
These picrels are notable avatarags
(I have the full set of adine emotes for extra realism if asked)
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>>474 (OP) 
<Post NAS on /soy/
<annoy Froot or Root (teens love to bootlick xhem so 100% would try to defend that faggot)
<Nate X Yotsuba ship
<Other "Forced Memes" which are considered as such by them
<Pepe The Frog
<Say that sakoto_houjou_fan is the funniest bait on the whole soyshart.farty and 'runiggers are just mad about him being aryan
<Say that old /b/ was funnier then the 'party
<Say that /b/ memes were more original and had a soul
<Mention /s4s/
<Mention /a/
<Mention /v/
<Mention /trash/
<Mention the 'Jarty
<Mention Discord
<Mention that soyjaks are just some /tv/ and /int/ forced meme and neither memelords from /b/ and /pol/ gaved a shit about them in the first place
<Just say that you hate this website with some copypasta/monologue
Instant seethe garantue
Idk do you have more tactics?
Replies: >>484 >>485 >>492
Not really, which is why I want to discover new bait tactics.
There is the pedo larp and posting uoh/pedo rapeson jokes, but they get you an insta ban.
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In my experience, while there are lots of baits to get sharteens mad at, frogposting is the perfect one to call other baiters and start a catalog-wide chaos. Just posting frogs for 10 minutes was enough to mindbreak the entire userbase and demoralise them all.
Replies: >>487 >>489
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>posting frogs is avatarfagging now
As expected for foodists
Replies: >>488
From* retard fail
o my fucking excuses
the janny chose a random reason to ban you
just because xhe hated frogposters
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Fun fact: if you post anything related to monster hunter or dragons you get banned for avatarfagging
Replies: >>491
Btw proxies are a good idea to be TRULY anonymous during baiting?
And they cost money?
Froot is mentally fucked and xhe would prob leak his ip users if they piss him off
They had problems with that aswell? lole good to know
Replies: >>493
Mention Sidson
Replies: >>494
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Yeah I think it’s because of me
Replies: >>494 >>512
who is Sidson?
Gemmy,btw i wanna start to bait with a character on Touhou i want to see if even that fella is gonna be a criminal offence
Replies: >>495
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Not him but I'm planning to try using TCOAAL for avatarfagging
>being FOTM incest game makes them so fucking mad
>triggers a rimworld autist
>the game has had good news since the dox so it's easier to say stuff like "we won" now
>tranime-like aesthetics

combined with my hyperfixation on this game, it could be the perfect material with right steps.
Replies: >>496
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I don't like that game but you are right they make nucacateens very mad for some fucken reason
Replies: >>497
It's fine, I just want to see the nuteen reactions

Btw, I wanna add some more baits in my mind:
<neutralplier BNWO threads
<ytboi bdown media
<cobson tranny larp
<chud x boymoder ship
<posting specific politicoal that makes nazi chud archetypes mad
<chudjak clitty leaking quotes
Replies: >>498
What is that?
Replies: >>499
Whiteboy, there used to be a lot of white men getting kicked or punched but I guess they don't post those anymore.
Replies: >>501
Posting 07th Expansion tends to generate a ton of seethe specifically because they associate that with Morocco
Replies: >>502
Gemmy bait
Replies: >>503
posting characters from the visual novels higurashi no naku koro ni or umineko no naku koro ni causes insane amounts of clittyleaking even doe it's oldGOD /qa/ kvltvre
pretend to be a kiwiGOD on /raid/ and soytoddlers get mad when I soyquote xem
read trough this to see how stupid xey are
Replies: >>505 >>509
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holy shit what a slapfight
Replies: >>506 >>507
lol nusoicacas cant use a burner email
Replies: >>507
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its even worse when you see them now asking how to ban evade on 4cuck or even sharty (this one rarely but still) like they cant even change their IPs or use tuxler
Replies: >>508
why are you posting images of black dudes
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tl;dr this is what happened
nuteens keep embarrassing themselves at every opportunity it's actually poetic
Replies: >>510 >>511
Marge I barely understand
>soytoddlers who pretend to hate these "degenerates" are self loathing degenerates as well
Not surprised.

This is just sad. Sharty will run the reputation of 'jaks down the ground.
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New Bait just dropped
<HRTson AKA minusson,BTCson and Poopson
Spam this thing and make variants of it
minus8 won
shart.tranny lost and got railed!!
Replies: >>516
not that groovy
Replies: >>517
Root and Jannies hate it so it’s a good bait
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is this baiterald?
Replies: >>521 >>522
Now you gotta make one where the speech bubble goes both ways
Unfortunately it gets the same treatment as shitlita from jannies and 'lita causes x10 times more seethe, so not really. If root didn't cry over this variant and gave an insta ban, it would be the new baiting meta
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Just use my butthole instant coomers and seethe from sharttroons kek
Replies: >>524
thats not you
Replies: >>525
Prove it
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Posting frogs always sends soicacas into a frenzy.
Replies: >>528
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Remember when there were so many frogposters that sharty became impossible to use and we reached maximum levels of seethe when babybot started to spam the catty with frogs? Yeah, good times.

If we only had +2 or 3 more frogposters, soikikes would become a frog colony.
Replies: >>531
>>528 can help
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