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I don't fucking know. Newshart corders didn't like this one even though it's an accurate depiction of the janny dealing with all the unresolved shit.
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Dunno, one of them told me to post it here. I'm only doing it so I can inevitably get told to KMS or to "go back" because clearly nobody here would give a shit about sharty drama. Just testing to see if I'm right.
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Why do you expect nushartyfags to understand nuance kek. Any criticism towards godmods is LE BAD even if it has good heckin intentions
In retrospect, it would have been better to make Froot a glowie, but I made it at 3 in the morning and I was too tired to think that far. Aside from that, it all seems sensical to me.
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hold on, I have to fix the layering to make this work
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yeah it's definitely some mid-effort iron now imagine converting all the admins/drama related jaks into normal soyjaks then you have a gem
nice post op
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