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ITT we share jak templates and assets

Here is an XCF file you can use to easily make a wholesome jak like pic related
Anyone have requests?
Art request from fellow anon on /soy/!
requesting soylita holding the rope of a hanging shartroon like in picrel
$2.99 digital $4.99 hard copy. Free copies in this post also cuz LOL why not?!?! ABSOLUTE /LIT/-TY KINO!! HAS ALL THOSE *checks notes* "Gemeralds" and "Swedish Win" you kids like!!!!!! Read a heckin' book drumpfkin chuds!! And then afterwards, TOUCH. THE. GRASS. m'kay?!?11
i made this jak pls rate it
Post all the front page style soytans
Give her a face, /art/
Alunya won
give me neutralplier ideas
Can someone try giving him open eyes and make him not crying
will draw anything unless it’s too hard send requests
I don't fucking know. Newshart corders didn't like this one even though it's an accurate depiction of the janny dealing with all the unresolved shit.
I drew Coby cob as aryan today
where cemmy drawthread go
Soylita and Shoyta had a lovely time together at the pier. The weather was perfect!
Soylita and Shoyta are attending the prestigious Soylent Gakuen Girls' Academy. Due to Shoyta's birth status some strings had to be pulled, but they fit right in with the other students!
Soylita and Shoyta took advantage of the beautiful spring weather and had a lovely picnic together on the school grounds.
somebody make an image where on one side there are black bull races and it only includes black men but and on the other side there are whiteboi races which includes every other race then have a panel at the bottom where the whiteboi races are seething at their classification
blender render on this 'log because im bored
Benjamin Studios is a one-man studio producing the most slowburn-kino indie films known to man. Predominantly, his content centers around puppet shows using popular video game and movie characters on the 'net, but other content is frequent on his page. Benjamin himself has used his YouTube channel to do interviews about some of his favorite subjects, namely vore.

Benjamin's major interests, listed on his deviantart, include "Vore, Art, LEGO and so much more!". Benjamin, namely, lists Vore as something that "changed [his] entire life". 

Links to online presence:
YouTube -
YouTube 2 -
DeviantArt -
LetterboxD -
Brother's Youtube channel -
It’s time for columbine
Reichargentina is an Argentine artist who draws pure chudcore and uploads it to bitchute along with deviantart. She sometimes does covers of songs, nightcore variations, and basic animations. The main bulk of her work is on deviantart.

Her bio is as follows:
"Luna Vera👸🏻 | Defender of Latin Europe🏰 | Nationalistϟϟ and Traditonalist💃🏻 Politic | 🇦🇷🇪🇦🇮🇹🇵🇹🇧🇷🇵🇾 | vintage lady 🍵 |16 years old | Proudly Christian✝️🇩🇪 | Portuguese Royalty🇵🇹🚢👑 | My ascendant is Conde Pinto🤴🏻 | Artist, fashion designer | Defender of Spanish Empire to the death⚔️"

Links to online presence:
check out my oc :)
Flag for indonesians(like me) who hates furries and jews :)
colorjakking irl
made this
I drew this as a reply on /sharty/ but I'll put it here too.
We need to make a jarty mascot in the same vein as Nate.
from what i know catjak is banned and several blobjaks are missing, anything else to add on the list?
does anyone have any more jakes
What can I do to make this jak not absolute brimstone
Art for December, 22 days until Christmas!
how do you draw soytan correctly
Anyone wiling to make banners for the I need some more. It doesn't really have anything to do with the jarty but since my site is dead I may as well shill here.
>kinodog will never drop an animation that goes hard...
<oh yes I will!
dumping my traces here, feel free to post your own
w7-890 here officially speaking sorry for the plebbit lingo stratokike this is VERY important please dont delete it
this serves as a rudimentary thread for discussing pirate websites and accessing paywalled content in general (not just porn and cheap steam games)
it might not come handy for now but if you were to ever get banned or your posts magically deleted on IBs for no reason at all this is the right place to come and all forms of schizo posting is welcome here (i will update this thread as needed)
bonus points for including drama from "imageboard furries" and japs as necessary (looking at you u18chan and fakku) plus feel free to add screencaps images for proof or if xe/xem goes damage control mode in our little /bunker/ board
plz dont bully this is my first time making a shitty general i might edit this later on if i get mod access also i HATE /co/ and /ic/ so much its unreal its almost like the mods there are wannabe tumblrites pretending to be adobe experts
as much as possible please refrain from witch hunting jewish artists or blatantly shitting on the admins for their past wrongs i want this thread to be as unbiased as possible free from tranny janny censorship thanks to lutes neutral stance

>>909 (check this one out)
ooh thanks ill keep those fresh catbox links and thanks for the amazon free book
Thoughts on this remake of Soyak Front?
d4ni3l001 is a mexican deviantart user who draws images of his self-insert among us OC with Sky, a friday night funkin OC with lore of its own (

Besides his FNF related content, he draws MS Paint renditions of various ships, most of them crashing or otherwise sinking. Sometimes his interests in FNF and Ships cross over. D4ni3l001 is a big fan of TF2 as well.

Internet Presence:
because you're all selfish little fucks and don't want the gemmiest new board on earth[1], I will now start using /art/ as the discussion grounds for autistic content. Expect autismeralds to come soon.

[1]. >>>/meta/7355
ITT I make jaks with NAS qualities 100% IAS
new 'rizzy just dropped
>Animation memes aren't wholesome 100 jarty culture
the coaliest, most tranny horrorfags are about to infest some 2000s internet aesthetic kino. it's so fucking over.
mippytrippy is an American artist who hates johnny test and fanboy and chum chum. He often draws crude Johnny Test torture and Fanboy and Chum Chum murder/hate content.

He particularly dislikes the Nelson X Lisa (Simpsons) ship. 

Links to online presence:
pibby corrupted sonic
Give him glasses so it's 100% IAS
I've made these jaks, if anyone wants to help me fix them give me advice
relevant XKCD
could a drawfag make this but it's jarty related? would be gemmy I think.
gemplate i made
ITT we take old jaks and improve on them/remove the SOVL
I just read this board as /fart/ lol
Also here’s my fartpiece (it’s stinky shit lmao)
>squanto doesn't like the yellow-faced man from the datamining tribe...
TimoArtist also known as TimothythePainter or BenevolentBlonde is an autistic artist best known for his crude MS paint drawings and bat-shit insane writing. Recently, he has begun adding social justice advertisements to the bottom of his art.

TimoArtist's best work is known as "Santa Clulutchi is coming to town!" and consists of a Tamagotchi character delivering presents to earth and subsequently being raped by every man on earth. All the men have swords for penises as well.
>actual 'jaks from gemmy island inbound adventure thread
Marge what website allowed you to do this again? I forgot. It was like some weird 3D gif maker
sam hyde soyjaks when
i made a shitty peepee poopoo post but its technically a new template since kuzjak pointing backwards doesnt exist anywhere on the 'ru
<.xcf file (GIMPchads winning):
Free image editing programs:
GIMP - -
ImageMagick -

Video editor:
Shotcut -

Browser-based image tools and editors: (AI image generation models)

Browser-based .gif tools: (spice up your troonjaks) (output is .mp4 but you can just use ezgif to convert to .gif and crop it)

Compression tools to make your 'jak filesize small enough to spam on the 'cuck:

OG Booru MEGA archive:

If I forgot anything feel free to put it in here.
Coal I made
this has sovl
What's the websites name for making these again?
>Connections: Beloved YouTube gamers who've been part of the platform almost since the beginning. Both are known for their witty attitude and laid-back demeanor, as well as their intense devotion to a certain video game franchise (FNAF / Super Mario). Both hate a certain character from these franchises so much that they've become a staple of their channel (Chika / Pink Gold Peach). Both have two alternate personas, one being their antithesis (Darkiplier / Bathaniel Nandy) and the other being a sophisticated dork (Wilford Warfstache / Nathaniel Nandy). Both have had iconic running gags (Mark totally not being a masochist / Nathaniel's "It's not Melee"), and both have made ambitious projects involving them and their friends traveling across time and space (In Space With Markiplier / Bandy's Universe).

>Made this in honor of the Bandy's Universe trailer from yesterday.
>Rooting both, betting Markiplier.
gem or coal
>Theme: win95
cheers for a better future
new soytan
my wife soytan
just jakked some old 'toss
hopefully this will reduce the amount of coal for both sites
This is Paint.NET appreciation thread.
same vibe
New 'toss just dropped
Nathaniel Bandy is an American YouTuber best known for his Nintendo content and ranking every spongebob episode, movie, and spin-off. His art endeavors include his series Bandy's Universe (

Bandy's Universe is a piece of effort coal that blends various series, including smash brothers and spongebob, sonic, and pokemon, into a movie-length adventure.

Nathaniel Bandy confirmed his autism in the comment section of Ultimate Smash Bros. Theory: Smash is Autistic ( by Lockstin & Gnoggin.
SovietUnionMeggyUSSR is a Philippine artist who is obsessed with Communist states, Undertale, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Splatoon.
He expresses this interest by combining all aspects of these into his OC characters, which can be seen in the attached images.

Online Presence:
total prizzy death
gem audio
John Romita JR rocks!
hello jarty can someone fix his ear pls
jak xer
New 'toss just dropped
Does anyone else shout at the mirror to come up with ideas for jak quotes
Create CHVD paintings with stealthy Jarty promotion NOW!!!
artfags coping hard
something broke
Rob Liefeld's art style is 'jak worthy
new calmjak
click this guys forehead with the color picker
press X to switch to the FG color
click this guys chin with the color picker
press X again
Select the skin of the jak you want to make /calm/ with the magic wand
Select Gradient
Click in the selection
FAITH art general
52 get
gondola thread
Because /art/ is /art/, I thought of posting a thread related to comic books. Instead of capeshit from USA, I want to ask any of you if you ever heard of Faktor 4. It's a S*rbian comic which ran for 12 issues. Sci-Fi shit.
how do I make a smv?
I like Mark Bagley's art style
Ever used Source Filmmaker?
If your laptop doesn't have DirectX9 model shader 3.0, be happy if it can still handle SFM.
Also, I have seen others telling us experience working on this engine. Answer from Valve will always be DOTA DOTA COUNTER STRIKE
the study and creation of flags and symbology

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