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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

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>attempt to download an emulator that calls itself free software
>one of the depencies is discord-game-sdk
Replies: >>1071
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Replies: >>1060
not installing kikerosoft's niggerware because of one bad actor in the free software community
Replies: >>1061
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use a non troon operating system like windows or macos and you wont have this problem
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>Not using Jewish spyware is… le troon!
Replies: >>1064
>non troon operating software
>troon companies that outsources itself to gay indians
That means trans rights are anti-semitic rights. Heh.
many emulator devs are trannies and use their position to wield power over others
>>1058 (OP) 
jesus christ man just put that spyware emulator thingy in KVM even vmware does a better job playing my vidya than that thing
its pcsx2 right? Its the best emulator but its bloated with shit like 'cord and achievements
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>Attempt to download emulator that calls itself free software
>Must have patreon account linked at all times to get latest updates
>Have my data recorded and given to multimillion dollar corporation
are emulators really this kiked now? i havent messed with anything newer than dolphin
Replies: >>1466
Yeah it's been this way for awhile now. Soydevs mark games as compatible and make these shill videos of them running at 8k 60fps or whatever ugly upscaled resolution is currently in. This gets them lots of patreon shekels. Then when you try running the game it doesn't work so you have to go on discord and beg for bug fixes. Of course if you post a pirated game or do anything to break whatever arbitrary rules the server has then you can look forward to a ban. As the last step of this process they go on boards like /vr/ and circlejerk about how you should "just emulate bro" so more people enlist in their digital fiefdoms. Just search retroarch in the archive and you can find dozens of shill threads like this:

Also they put out retarded updates to force people to do things their way if they can get away with it. There was this one incident where the dev for some xbox emulator put up a annoying warning if you tried loading an iso.

Then the citra/yuzu devs started charging money for early access to updates but they got sued by nintendo for it so thankfully it looks like emulator devs probably won't do it anymore.

I'm not against emulators, I use them on my laptop all the time. But all the drama with nuemulators is too much for me so I just buy consoles and hack them lol.
Replies: >>1469
>in addition, comments in the code accuses users of being "stupid", suffering from a "traumatic brain injury" and sets a "moron" flag on the user if the message box was skipped. it would also open a google search for how to extract a file. there was also a message box added that displayed "terminated due to lack of basic computer skills"
ok this is epic
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isos are not "commonly associated with piracy", it's a fucking disc image format lmfao
>When's the last time you used one for non-piracy purposes?
Installing my libre operating system of choice.
>Which is not a common task for a majority of people.
Replies: >>1507
>not using .img files so you can compress them
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