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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

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>pixel art
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>pixel art is LE SOY because i've only played bloated unity roguelike rpg trash made by trannies who can't draw!
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We all know Minecraft is the best one
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>pre dos pc oltroonism isnt soy
>soyncole oldtroonism isnt soy
>babycraft isnt soy
>muh japanese night city pixel art #7987298 isnt soy
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Zdravko Mamić is better
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mamic gaming
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thanks. also, i like the layout on this board. Good one, Lute.
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fucking meds schizo
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>the tranny admins finally embrace the /digi/ theme once and for all while pretending to be against faggotry
w7-890 here holy shit you cant make this up lol is this the power of prizzy sissy? no wonder why your site is still dead (also anybody got archives of /trump/ and /biden/ i need it for research)
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>>900 GET btw im stealing this to piss you off

>ζwζ you see this what do you do /pol/ ?
Kill furries. Behead furries. Roundhouse kick a furry into the concrete. Slam dunk a furry foal cub into a brick wall. Crucify filthy KIKEmonos. Defecate in a furfags food. Launch furries into the sun using spaceX. Stir fry furries in a wok. Toss furries into active volcanoes. Urinate into a furries gas tank. Judo throw furries into a wood chipper. Twist furries heads off. Report (((  FUR-FEDS  ))) to the CCP. Karate chop furries in half. Curb stomp pregnant rainbow furries. Trap fatfurs in quicksand. Crush furries in the /trash/ compactor. Liquefy furries in a vat of acid. Eat furries rural mainland china style. Dissect furry brains for /onions/ence . Exterminate furries in the --gas chamber--. Stomp furry skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate furries in the oven. Lobotomize STEM furries publicly like Arabia. Mandatory --microchipping-- for furries. Grind furry fetus vats in the garbage disposal. Drown furries in musk and greese. Vaporize military furries with a death ray gun. Kick popufurs down the stairs till they stop crying. Feed vore furries to alligators. Slice guro furries with a katana.

fix your goddam server i cant connect at all inb4 my third world shithole is ISP geo banned
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croat i like you, please never leave, your autism is funny
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And you guys make soyjakking Great Again.
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Chat is this real?
get a life nigger lol
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Hes right albithoughie...
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