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If the last revision on the page was made by an anonymous user, you can click undo and see xis ip.
still true
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@wiki admin basically you can view any unregistered user's ip by clicking undo, please fix this
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stil unfixed
Send lute an email. If there's a security vulnerability you're not helping by telling everyone about it.
It's a feature
the alternative is requiring user logins which is kiked so just use a vpn when editing
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I've been trying to figure out why this is happening for a couple days now, and am stumped. I think it's just a flaw with the AnonPrivacy extension the site uses.

If anyone can provide some help on how to prevent undos from leaking IPs, it'd be useful. You can just sign up with an account to prevent leakage, which requires basically nothing.
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dont fix IP reveal thing and ban popular VPNs so nusoytoddleras can learn how to use tuxler
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>encourage newsirs to hop on a botnet where someone will use their IP to download 'p
bait or mentally retarded
just find a way to keep revision logs always anonymous unless someone with a user is responsible for the revision
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