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hello we're taking janny applications here's the form you have to fill out
1. What is your ideology? 
2. How old are you? 
3. What country, province and or state are you from? 
4. What got you into your current ideology? 
5. What books have you read that have influenced your worldview? 
6. Define Libertarianism and your World-View.
7. What are your thoughts on Taxes, Minarchists, Homosexuals, China, and our Ayn Rand?
8. Who are the heros you look up to?
9. What are your religious beliefs? 
10. What is your race? 
11. Describe yourself and give a basic biography.
12. Why do you want to join us?
13. Have you ever had a girlfriend? 
14. Are you a virgin?
15. What do you think about normies/lemmings/NPCs?
16. What do you think of skinheads and what use do you think that they have?
17. Opinion on Christians and moralist religions? 
18. What do you want to join the Nexion of WeedWaffen Divison?
19. What are your skills/traits you have?
20. Are you ready to cause harm in real life and be serious?
21. Do you own any firearms?
22. Do you have any issues with substance abuse or use illegal drugs? (To be in WWD you must be able to use these substances regulated, and you cannot be addicted. )
23. Do you have a criminal record?
24. How did you find us?
25. Are you physically fit?
26. What is your religion?
27. How do you incorporate the Libertarian way in your life?
28. Are you ready to cause psychological damage to others and torture IF they violate the NAP?
29. What are your opinions on the mundane?
30. Do you have any combat and or military experience that'll benefit our hate camps?
31. Are you interacting/associating yourself with another group?
32. Send a picture of your eyes, hair, hand with your user next to it, and nose. 
33. Describe the differences between Acasual and Casual.
34. Are you serious with Zero Cash(All Crypto), if so how do you incorporate it into your life?
35. How do you respond when being confronted by Police and or Federal Agents? 
36. Define Universal Law & Order
37. Define Anarcho-Capitalism
38. Send a video of you taking hardcore substances and verify yourself within that video by showing your eyes & write your user on a paper. (LSD, Heroin, Crack, Meth and or any Hardcore substances)
Do you realize if you do snitch out on anyone you are endangering yourself?
I have a BWC. When do I start?
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failed, can't follow the rules.
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