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Ok so there is already a wiki thread in the catty but it was made before the new wiki and having an OP with useful links could be helpful.
Index of pages that need a category:
Index of all pages:

Steal copy articles from here:

Remember to donate the price of a heckin coffee to wikimedia chud.
Why should I care
Replies: >>4666
so we can make the wiki as good as the kuz one
gemem prkscziekigese
prizma please add source editing the old wiki had it
Replies: >>5239
wdym source editing is enabled
Replies: >>5240
my bad I meant visual editing
>>4652 (OP) 
updated to mediawiki 1.39.1
fixing the issue with visualeditor not working
Replies: >>5549
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>visualeditor works even though it still doesn't do anything it just adds action=edit to the url.
Replies: >>5551
i said im fixing it
its a super specific issue and it isnt easy to find info for it online
Replies: >>5553 >>5558
oh ok
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muh repeating numberoos
the issue will be fixed soon
the problem was with the extension that is hiding ips interfering with visualeditor
a kind mediawiki guy bothered to fix the bug and is waiting for the maintainer to merge it and release a new version
Replies: >>5559
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>>4652 (OP) 
visual editing has been fixed by the kind mediawiki soydev
say thank you to this guy: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/User:Bawolff
Replies: >>5561
you should use source editing anyway because it's way more efficient and easier
Replies: >>5562
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Could not open lock file for "mwstore://local-backend/local-public/2/20/Onions.party_Announcement2.png". Make sure your upload directory is configured correctly and your web server has permission to write to that directory. See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Manual:$wgUploadDirectory for more information.

prizzy what the fuck does this mean
Replies: >>5566
soot I want to edit the wiki but can't do it if I can't upload images
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If it helps I was trying to upload this
my bad its fixed
Replies: >>5570
thank you
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>Matomo has been added. The data that is collected is clearly noted in the privacy policy and you can easily opt-out.
We need to wiki chud everything asap
although I'm a bit busy at the moment
Replies: >>5602
kolyma spyware has been implemented since day one
>>4652 (OP) 
planning on revamping the wiki:
- making the main page better, giving it proper css
- adding more quality of life extensions
- uploading the images of the stolen variant pages
- creating missing articles: soyical arts, soy community, raiding...

feel free to help
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>"categorize your pages ~~~"
new category just dropped
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goypedia is down
Replies: >>5635
works for me
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>ESL fail replaced with AI fail
Just use the Angeleno wiki. The rules are lax, and it's just plain better.
[Hide] (569.3KB, 1500x1500) Reverse
>Just use the Goyeleno wiki. The rules are lax, and it's just plain better
>Also the kolyma datamining on the 'ki isn't real take yer meds
let unregistered users upload media and generally make it less cancer to use
Replies: >>5645 >>5646
>matamo datamining
>you can't mention the jarty unless its the kuz approved narrative 
>ran by a discord troon
we need all the help we can get or something
the wiki will remain dead if you don't at least try to improve the user experience
what exactly is cancer to use
also allowing non-registered upload is just asking for spam bots
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Thoughts on the new logo?
Replies: >>5653
can you give context to what you clicked?
remove the nbook outlines behind the head
make the wiki active we don't have any serious commited people making articles and you know why yes its because we cant upload media without accounts so go fix it
soot how do I format it so it isn't fucked up
soot I fixed it with <br> html tags
soot my revamp of the wojak article is done
Replies: >>5699
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I'm gonna copy it to soyjak wiki, thanks j*rtyCUCK
Replies: >>5700
that's fine because I believe in the heckin free flow of information doe
also kys subliminal message cobshitter
soot how do I do the box thing
Replies: >>5702
which box
take yer meds
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>Reasons for creating this article

>    brain damage
>    esl rage
>    nonsensefag
soot I mean the infobox on pages like this https://soypedia.xyz/index.php?title=Wholesome_Soyjak
Replies: >>5710
copy the source and edit it as you wish
soot why hasn't prizma made any edits did he die
Replies: >>5718
soot you haven't done this though
Replies: >>5718
soot come back to life
soot stay dead
soot live a long and happy life
soot the soyjak wiki is down
soot add Special:GoToInterwiki:Dramatica
soot i don't understand any of this module shit is so I won't bother importing it
soot we need a catchy site icon like the soyjak wiki
soot ban esl fails
Replies: >>5753
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soot what are the gayest wikis
Replies: >>6164
[Hide] (679.5KB, 1178x1124) Reverse
new wholesome meme just dropped
Replies: >>5756
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1154x2038) Reverse
Replies: >>5757
Nice. Now let's see China's opinion
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prizzy died of ligma
Replies: >>6006
whys the 'ki down though
Replies: >>6006
soot fix
Replies: >>6006
niggerpedia is downerino though
Replies: >>6006
soot fix it
Replies: >>6006
zoot I am starving African child from zimbabwaestan
I read the soypedia wiki every night while hiding from the brutal millitary junta. its my only access to the outside worlds news and it helps take my mind off the brutal realities of living in a 3rd world country....
please zoot... bring it back...
soypedia died of ligma
Replies: >>6006
Replies: >>6006
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soot the repeating digitroos say fix the ki
Replies: >>6006
if soypedia is gone forever there is a back up...
Replies: >>6006
[Hide] (14.2MB, 600x900, 01:34)
the soypedia.xyz domain doesn't link to the server anymore...
Replies: >>6006
[Hide] (84.7KB, 1920x973) Reverse
Soot what’s going on
Replies: >>6006
Use the Angeleno wiki.
the wiki is back
i was away when the server stopped
its running again
[Hide] (93.4KB, 721x1333) Reverse
>the wiki is back
>i was away when the server stopped
>its running again
Replies: >>6011 >>6012 >>6013
hit em with that cobby sis
get em sis
tell em sis
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>I was busy chud
Replies: >>6027 >>6031 >>6122
hes literally me
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>Ok so there is already a wiki thread in the catty but it was >made before the new wiki and having an OP with useful >links could be helpful.
>Index of pages that need a category:
>Index of all pages:

>Steal copy articles from here:

>Remember to donate the price of a heckin coffee to wikimedia chud.
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>reeks of ACK! ACK! ACK! ACK!
picrel you look like this prizzy also i joined yesterday and marked the signs but there was nobody in the server
lets get back to copying articles from the old wiki though
Replies: >>6127
soot fix this
Replies: >>6126
[Hide] (109.9KB, 320x320) Reverse
soypedia sucks
Replies: >>6129
upload the templates yourself chud
Replies: >>6128
you cant copy them faster than angeleno deletes them
i tried and it didnt work i dont know how to do it 🤬
Replies: >>6162
stop using my image, it used to get you banned on the sharty
Replies: >>6134 >>6135
splintersite cuck cope
mainsite chad acceptance
That wiki is a disgrace. They take all the Star Trek episodes that support their Marxist ideologies out of context, and the ones that don't fit their agenda they call "outdated".
Some of them write entire essays about how they can't enjoy Star Trek because of its "outdated" messages.
will the Russian spam be deleted? its kinda funny but also clogging up recent changes
soot is it true that prizzy is shutting down the ki
the site still works for me
Replies: >>6373
yes, I have been informed about the step-down from the wiki. I plan to inherit it soon enough.
Replies: >>6374 >>6403
[Hide] (32.6KB, 781x988) Reverse
>inheriting the failed j*rtyCVCK wiki containing nothing but copywrite infringement articles and russian CP spam.
soot do something about the cobshit vandalizing every page
soot you're basically like captain America and we're counting on you to save the day from the cobshits (the nazis)
Replies: >>6378
>cobgems  le bad even doe it replaced all the cp and russian spam
Replies: >>6380
I say this because I'm a retarded j*rtycuck who malds over my wiki not being full of CP and copyright violating articles that would get my ass tossed in jail if my admin weren't a jew
>russian spam le bad even doe it helps our wiki get spread to the russian speaking world through search engines scraping it
soot do something
soot the wiki is down
'ew 'utecord 'pdate 'bout th' 'ki
[Hide] (70.5KB, 469x385) Reverse
the wiki is never coming back
[Hide] (45.3KB, 530x520) Reverse
its so sad prizzy died of ligma
when will it come back please soooooooooooooooor
new accounts will be necessary. Clean up of coal spam will be necessary. However, we're back.
Replies: >>6623 >>6624
[Hide] (3.3MB, 360x203, 15:53)
>new accounts will be necessary. Clean up of coal spam will be necessary. However, we're back.
Replies: >>6626
[Hide] (96.7KB, 1024x768) Reverse
it's already looking gemmy again
>Error creating thumbnail: File with dimensions greater than 12.5 MP	
lute fix this
also can you give me janjan powers i'll help fix the wiki -steven
Replies: >>6625
[Hide] (86.4KB, 300x379) Reverse
Will fix it
>janny powers
email me about it so I can confirm its you
lute ban the avatarfag
[Hide] (6.8MB, 1920x1080, 00:41)
>lute ban the avatarfag
sooooor add a favicon
>File uploads are disabled.
holy retardarald
Replies: >>6640
how do you do it though
I'm janny so I should be able to I think
Replies: >>6641
retardarald even though i just fixed it
no only the person who has access to the server can
wahhhh wahhh wahhh
>one guy has all the power
that's basically fascism
soot it keeps logging me out every time I close out and come back fix it fix it fix it fix it
wake up new retardarald just dropped

Could not open lock file for "mwstore://local-backend/local-public/3/3c/Wholesome_smiling_good_boy.png". Make sure your upload directory is configured correctly and your web server has permission to write to that directory. See https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:MyLanguage/Manual:$wgUploadDirectory for more information.

Return to Main Page.
Replies: >>6646
retardarald even though i just fixed it
Replies: >>6648
I am mass deleting spam pages so if a normal page gets deleted please point it out but I don't think it will happen because I double checked and didn't see any+the wiki was kinda dead when all those spam pages were made
*made it worse
Replies: >>6649
made it worse even though i fixed it this time for real
[Hide] (170.8KB, 720x1560) Reverse
w7-890 here testing if lute can guess my country just by using the soot goggles sorry for the scrrencap i dont want selfish little fucks from mining the metadata
Replies: >>6651
Stop bragging about the free travels you get to European countries thanks to the UN. Go back to the Philippines and stay there.
>This file is bigger than the server is configured to allow.
soot fix this and devote more server space to cartoon baldmen
Gemmy new community event just dropped
loot there's so many spam pages in on 'ki
[Hide] (67.9KB, 453x523) Reverse
>Error: The text you wanted to save was blocked by the spam filter. This is probably caused by a link to a blacklisted external site. The following text is what triggered our spam filter: blacked.com
give me delete permission
I want to delete spam pages
Replies: >>6750
loot you retard, I've been waiting for a week in order to get delete permission for me to clean up wiki spam pages because Steven haven't doing zis job as a janny.
email her, she responds more often that way
I would make you janny but only lute can edit user permissions
apologies on my lateness with this, i've been focusing on other projects than the jarty for the last month. 
You've been granted perms on the 'ki, now be a good little fuck and gem up the 'ki.
[Hide] (83.8KB, 488x436) Reverse
>apologies on my lateness with this, i've been focusing on other projects than the jarty for the last month. 
>You've been granted perms on the 'ki, now be a good little fuck and gem up the 'ki.
[Hide] (69.7KB, 1303x1080) Reverse
>apologies on my lateness with this, i've been focusing on dilating with fellow /liberty/ sisters on the lutecord.
holy heck sneedman uncoaled the wiki
The pedo cobcorders named every article jartycuck (very original and funny). Could you change the names back to normal?
Replies: >>6949
>>6948 no
Replies: >>6950
Replies: >>6953
[Hide] (172.1KB, 305x341) Reverse
Check soypedia
Replies: >>6955
Just delete this wiki, it's so dead and shit and mods/admin don't even write anything themselves.
Replies: >>6955
Based, but the index is still spammed with jartycuck everywhere.
Seethe shartyshit.
Replies: >>6956
that should be everything, but if you still see some left, try to clear your browser cache, if not report it in this thread.
Fix the boards list. Someone added /bara/ and the kolymacord called /x/ a CP sharing board.
Replies: >>7153
this can be fixed by making /bara/
troongeleno might be on his way out according to sharty schizos
good. hopefully xhe'll be gone forever.
>>4652 (OP) 
added /liberty/ lore to the 'ki
Replies: >>8320
I added every single article starting with the letter C nigga
[Hide] (48.3KB, 1570x162) Reverse
you guys gotta be quick
Troongeleno is doxxing wiki users use soypedia instead.
Replies: >>8438
And he sells your data
All of the pages from the soyjak wiki have been copied over. Images and categories still need to be added. Also many of the pages could use a rewrite. The main point I guess is they're there and you can edit them freely.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 480x854, 00:10)
fixxed the pages froot censored and deleted for no reason 
for the future if more pages are deleted i can copy the direct code for it and put it here as long as i have admin
one last tip i have is go to https://wiki.soyjak.party/index.php?title=Special:UnusedFiles&limit=500&offset=0 as it takes jannys forever if ever to delete files
Replies: >>9481
nobody cares about your forced memes or your lolcow articles
Replies: >>9482
but i care
[Hide] (23.4KB, 1678x241) Reverse
just finished stealing images from the soyki for our templates, time to move onto something else
Replies: >>9497
I'd help you but I'm sick
>You must be logged in to upload this file.
Let people enjoy things, l*Te
Replies: >>9744
it's a small requirement to prevent the site from being flooded with chink spam and CP.
marge why's the wiki homepage mirrored
you should protect the main page and delete the discord invites, gore and furry porn 
[Hide] (315.9KB, 470x533) Reverse
>you should protect the main page
[Hide] (168.2KB, 1900x1125) Reverse
latest toss
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