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 >an adrenaline rush is just overclocking your body
meme arrow fail, you look like that and say that now

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Crap. After learning how to code, I still don't know how to code.
I want to Master crap like alloc, files on C, all of SQL and just Master HTML without pissing my pants.
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>>356 (OP) 
kys /tv/ tourist
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why aren't you running plan9 jarty?
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you mean AAA games? no
but please tell me an example of "new" so I can see if I can help you.
it can run quake, is that "new"?
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we need games that are like early 2000s ones with edge, art style and gameplay.
ummm yikes... I bet this thing doesn't even beam propaganda into your brain like windows 11
NASSY cobcoal
modern games meaning games between 2001-2012
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>look at my aryan self-insert 'jak

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hey linux brothers
do you compile your own kernels, or are you sure you kernel provider isn't enabling NSA SELINUX?

you can check if the NSA has access to your kernel like this:
zcat /proc/config.gz | grep CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX
if it is =n you are safe
if it is =y you are fucked
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>cating into grep is le bad because cat -v or something
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you need to uncompress it you retarded faggot, what are you gonna do? gunzip -c < /proc/config.gz | grep SELINUX ?
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looks like cobson doesn't know that zcat is a symbolic link to gunzip -c
cobsisters we lost

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the absolute state of trannylation
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nintendo switch emulator
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>>322 (OP) 
>people use trannylators to pirate soytendo games
>trannylator devs make patreon
>money predictably corrupts them and now you need patreon account to download the latest builds of soytendo trannylators
>people pirate the builds, trannylator devs seethe
>now you need a linked account to use the latest build 
at this rate they will be making the project closed source and toss gpl in the trash
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>>people pirate the builds, trannylator devs seethe
>>now you need a linked account to use the latest build 
>you need to make an account on a proprietary website to use our service
so much for free and open source
i had a version from my repository that came before this nonsense, but i will uninstall anyway because fuck these troons
>>322 (OP) 
kek fork it

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Give me 1 (one) reason why you're not using Gentoo Linux right now.
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Python makes me want to vomit.
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>udev le bad because like... it just is okay?
>its bloat be cause like... it just is okay?
>bash le bad because like... it just is okay?
>python le bad because like... it just is okay?
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I don't own a thinkpad, and I don't use gimp

anyways let me explain:
1- udev is a tool  from so that even if other distros ( other that red hat linux and fedora) don't adapt systemd, they will still be able to control a low level tool in the OS
2- bash is slow and bloated ( I am not making this up, it is in the BUGS section in the bash(1) manual:"It's too big and too slow.")
3- python is a slow and bloated alternative to shell script

I don't really care about these packages, I just don't like all the fuss about how you can do anything with gentoo because some nigger on youtube said so, if you want do to anything you should use linux from scratch, not some stupid abstraction made by systemd lovers
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or just grow up and start using windows that works too
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>grow up and start using windows
>be an adult and stan the indian nigger tech gods that make shitty menus and buggy spyware, chud

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Hello, Jarteens. 
I want to release an audio version of my new biography and my new manifesto exclusively for this site, but I don't know how to edit audio. Could you suggest easy to use video/audio editing software?
By the way, if you don't support the state of Israel, you're not a real liberteen.

Sincerely, Rothbard
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audacity perhaps
shotcut and audacity are good, kdenlive too
Rothgod mindbroke the trannitor
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Rothbard himself moved this thread.

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is she true?
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i pirate every single one of my games and haven't seen an advertisement for literal years
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>We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

>#1) Respect the privacy of others.
>#2) Think before you type.
>#3) With great power comes great responsibility.

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mongoDB is niggerware
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>>268 (OP) 

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