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Soylita is now globally banned under rule 1.

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>Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube
>It looks like you may be using an ad blocker.
>Ads allow YouTube to be used by billions worldwide.
>You can go ad-free with YouTube Premium, and creators can still get paid from your subscription.

>Allow YouTube Ads
>Try YouTube Premium
>Not using an ad blocker? Report issue
purge all caches and update your filter lists if you have this problem using ublock origin
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invidiousbros we can't stop winning
doesn't work. I've done that like 4 times already.

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I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as Distrotube, is in fact, BBC/Distrotube, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, BBC plus Distrotube. Distrotube is not a real entity unto itself, but rather another sissy component of a fully functioning BBC gangbang made useful by the BBC cocks, cum utilities and vital system components comprising a full gangbang as defined by Israel. Many faggot 4chan users fap to a modified version of the BBC system every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the version of BBC porn which is widely used today is often called “Distrotube”, and many of its users are not aware that it is basically a BBC gay gangbang, developed by Mental Outlaw. There really is a Distrotube, and niggers are fucking it, but it is just a part of the gangbang white boys they use. Distrotube is the sissy white slut: the faggot in the system that allocates the cocks resources to the other holes that you cum into. The faggot is an essential part of a BBC gangbang, but useless by itself; it can only function in the context of a complete BBC gangbang. Distrotube is normally used in combination with the BBC gangbang system: the whole system is basically BBC with Distrotube added, or BBC/Distrotube. All the so-called “Distrotube” gangbang are really distributions of BBC/Distrotube.
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>>1110 (OP) 

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fix this or something 
not really important albeit
>fix this
start using a computer

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How to tell if a pdf is insecure?
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ask a physiatrist
>>1141 (OP) 
toss it into the CIA dataminer known as and see if it comes up as chink spyware

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>fighting the censortroons and the state that supports them
>creating kino content
>advocating for liberty related software
total libertarian win for the 'farms
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Kiwifarms hosts Lee Goldson disrespect therefore coal
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Democracy and free speech is for brainwashed NED/CIA niggercattle change my view atleast we have full pirate rights in our asian shithole unlike you Zooropeans also fucking nuke america already

oh hey thanks hold on lemme archive that
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>Democracy and free speech is for brainwashed NED/CIA niggercattle change my view atleast we have full pirate rights in our asian shithole unlike you Zooropeans also fucking nuke america already

>oh hey thanks hold on lemme archive that
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Lee GODson thoughbeit

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cancer isn't real
and why are you saying it is over? it is just getting started, linux stopped systems research for almost 20 years now, I don't think or hope richard stallman will die, but I think him getting cancer will let people check other systems.
and honestly, stallman was already getting kicked from both the GCC and FSF commities, I think ((( they ))) are going to kill him as he is the only thing making GNU not take advantage of their monopoly, I really hope that is not the case, I hope you get well soon, stallman.

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>J*artyCucks manual pages
Replies: >>1127 >>1129
Replies: >>1127
>>1125 (OP) 
Even doe it's not a leak
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currently the program reads from stdin, if nothing is in stdin then it checks the first argument as a file, if the file doesn't exist then it checks the manual, can you guys help me expand this?

if [[ -n "$1" ]]; then
    if [[ -f "$1" ]]; then
	man -c "$1" > /tmp/soypage

sed "s,manual page,snopes verified source,g" $i \
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>>1125 (OP) 

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another test

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Marge, why is this the only board on the site where people can attentionfag and namefag?

Anyway, dark matter and dark energy is a stupid theory, and no I'm not a scientist but rather a wheelchair amateur so my opinion is not peer reviewed by snopes or whatever but hear me out here
>we can't see 95% of matter in our observable universe, therefore it's a different type of matter
schizo schizo schizo, just take your meds already and admit that you don't have the necessary tools to observe 95% of the matter in the universe.
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>>1103 (OP) 
Ewww OP, you're not one of those "chuds" are you?
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I follow all of the modern snopes reviewed science and all of the modern science communicators. I am not a heretic, I swear.
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>Marge, why is this the only board on the site where people can attentionfag and namefag?
this board has barley 10 posters, so when there is a thread about OS wars or something and somebody says he uses Y then he is probably the only one using it
I have namefagged as a plan9/dragonflybsd/netbsd/kisslinux and possibly otheres I am forgetting
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dithercancer on the background
Replies: >>1123
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>xsetroot -grey

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relevant xkcd

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