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the jarty pc setup
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>>1114 (OP) 
soor edit this to have laughing cob and soytan and xe is showing off hte lutecord monitor
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on it
Replies: >>1117
don't use c*bson or i will downvote your post
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>the arch linux philosophy
>protest distros
>cuck license 
>systemd is what system admins deserve
>vim-like key bindings
>church of emacs
>cult of vim
>long option flags
>FSF-approved distros
>auto*hell, dependeny hell
>rewrite it in rust
>software mascot
>IBM and red hat are freedom fighters
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>I Promoted AI for Years and Automated Myself Out of a Job

>I had to have known this moment would come. As a technology evangelist, I’d spent years minimizing AI’s potential to destroy jobs. Every paper I wrote about AI and its practical cousin, Robotic Process Automation (RPA)—which uses software robots to accomplish “thinking tasks” like reading emails—boasted that the software would liberate employees from drudgery and enable them “to do more meaningful work,” or words to that effect.

>But now, the very technology that I helped promote has put me out of the job.

>I’ve been evangelizing the business benefits of enterprise technology for more than two decades, first as a marketing executive and more recently as a freelance writer. At IBM, I was known as a “Software Evangelist,” and my work always had me delivering secular sermons about the redemptive potential of the latest computer program or hardware.
based based based

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do you guys think so-called "smart guns" could take hold in the private security/military corporation industry? (not in the civilian one thoughie, it'd fucking flop there geeegg) especially ones that work off of biometrics, all they need is some additional doodads like some sorta vitals sensor, network features so all employees hooked up to the corporate network get a ping to their gun/vital sensor device whenever a colleague is unresponsive, ammo counter, etc (i'm sure they could figure out a way to shit out a mandatory heartbeat sensor that the gun won't function unless it detects a pulse). the closest thing we have so far is the Biofire smart gun. what do you think, techtroons?
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smart gun, a man just broke into my pod! unlock safety!
>unable to comply
what? this is serious smart gun!
>unable to comply!
>Subject is an BIPOC male. Studies show he belongs to a category historically disadvantaged by systemic racism
so? why does that matter? he has a knife! he's going to kill me smart gun, shoot him!
>since subject is disadvantaged by systemic racism he is merely lashing out against a flawed system, not "breaking into your house". The first rule of soybotics states I cannot be fired except in self defense. Unable to comply!
Nooooo AGHHHHHHH *gets stabbed 1000 times by the niggo*
>Black king detected. Unlocking safety. Ayo fam, wanna use me to show those niggas in bronx sector who the real gangsta is?
Gemerald that vvill probably happen someday

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BSDtroons are the lolbertarians of Free Software. They like something that has almost no difference from the main thing and are completely wasting their effort on something that only 5 people will ever care about
Take the BGNUC.
Replies: >>1084
>BSDtroons are the lolbertarians of Free Software
you realize that a lot of GNU/Linux software was literally made by libertarians? as is a lot of free tech in general
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>>1082 (OP) 
>BSD sux
tsmt sister, I get scared of BSD tools as they are very minimal, they don't even have NSA SELinux support, thank god for richard stallman and how trans rights are built into the coreutils
also remember to check out the civil liberities podcast at stallman's site, so we can all learn more about trans rights:
Replies: >>1085
enough about trans rights. we need to talk about trans wrongs!
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>BSD bad even though it has gem drivers

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The boards are not listed properly and the captcha is also broken but I couldn't get an image of that
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>>1069 (OP) 
try clearing your cookies and remove any custom css you may have inserted into jschan's settings
maybe check your firefox settings too
Replies: >>1075
nvm I went back to brave, I'm done with firefox
Replies: >>1077 >>1087
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I tried firefox stable and it worked again :) something funky was happening with nightly that broke the css

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xkcd blows pchuds out of the water...
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no one uses linux here in the jarty
this is a total BSD land
Replies: >>1076
what is the easiest BSD distro to get into?
Replies: >>1078
macOS jej
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OpenBSD is the one that just works out of the box, the users are even discouraged from editing configuration files in there
but FreeBSD is the most capable BSD, it has GELI instead of cryptsetup and has ZFS, it is the only BSD that has prober wine support (people will tell you NetBSD also has it but it doesn't work, trust me)

you wouldn't want to check NetBSD and DragonFlyBSD right now as their upsides are very low level and unless you know C and Assembly programming you wouldn't care about them, for example NetBSD is the only system (aside from solaris) that has use their own curses library instead of ncurses, and DragonFlyBSD is one of the only free systems that has a hybird kernel (windows and macos and plan9 also has hybird kernels, none of the other BSDs has them) also DragonFlyBSD is the only system that shows instructions to install it manually (like arch linux)

tldr: just use OpenBSD if you want the system to just work(tm), and FreeBSD if you want linux capabilites like wine and steam (and a fast system as openbsd is slow as hell)
>>1014 (OP) 
what do people even do in the browser? send emails? If you actually use a computer for work and not just emails 90% of the time you'll need a desktop program

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What are some good .onion blackhat forums?
Replies: >>1026 >>1073
finally a good fucking question for torbros on this otherwise shitty board
>>1010 (OP) 
Replies: >>1041
Good thread! bumperino
Replies: >>1072
>>1010 (OP)

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and with that, all hope for the free and open died
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Can't this be avoided by not using Google doe
Replies: >>515
yes but you'll lose access to services that use the feature. If your bank wants the BNWO enforcement organization to approve of you before doing business, then the BNWO enforcement organization can, for whatever arbitrary standards they like, ensure you can't do banking.
Replies: >>518 >>1025
I don't have any affaliation with any banks and I use mothra, so I litteraly don't care
this is literally 1984 if true, and theres no way this is happening, and even if it does, they can only do this in edge and google chrome, the privacy forks like ungoogled chromium will not implement this, since after all the entire point of ungoogled chromium is not to add garbage exactly like this from upstream

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