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linux troonsers be like
>words words words
furries can't meme
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wordswordswords even though linuxtroons say this
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Heh. Even furfag who made this knew troonsers are pussies
REPORTED jab yourself with pfizer please
so your the same subhuman shitting up the minecraft thread? with your rapely memes and impersonating me
Replies: >>116
I didn't know Fauci is a Jarty mod. Also, work on your vaccines, boomer cuck.

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Do you think holograms in the future will be fine?
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>>71 (OP) 
Moldova used to be a monarchy though
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This thoughever
>>71 (OP) 
where the fuck is the thread source? im going to hunt down furfag behind this disgusting false flag
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yo mama
seething moldovan

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give me an example of a good budget 8 core cpu to upgrade to
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>>67 (OP) 
post moar

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ima just drop this obscure information about a sorta old programable logic chip here
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>>37 (OP) 
vacuum guy approves

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Will VCR ever get a comeback
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>>40 (OP) 
Vacuum guy here
I have like 20 vcr players in my garage. It seems like the only people who buy them are hipsters. Or autistic people who collect tapes. Most media is non physical now. And the greater consoomer consiousness says owning things are bad. Not to mention the lack of support on modern tv's
Replies: >>46
I wish they come back one day. I hope on of my TVs who are from late 2000s and early 2010s support it.
if not, then I can make someone from other towns create a digital copy of it

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Does any of you use Windows systems before 8? If you even use Windows as OS.
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apple produts should never be considered ever. None of there products are easily repairable , and apple fags are usually soyjack looking
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I swear that even firing a minigun for 12 seconds which cost $400000 will be cheaper than Apple monitor and future iPhones together.

Even Diablo Immortal is less scammy than apple.
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oops. i wrote the first letter of company's name low. Apple aka company is scammier ever since Steve Jobs died.
So not to come from a total ecofag angle but apple devices for years have lacked the ability to upload your own Os etc... Apple must be avoided at all costs. Even sansa made a better media player than apple lol
Take the Hackintosh pill

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I see that you can make a game engine by yourself now.
Might take a long time, but it will be worth it.
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write it in something that doesn't make you wanna die like nim
Replies: >>36
Who? Stuart Tusspot?

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leenux mint is le good

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