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>aragorn le bad even tho he is black in mtg

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The year is 2045. The southern United States lives under BLACK RULE. All white males are sissified. White women live to serve BLACK KINGS in vast reproduction facilities. Welcome to America's BLACK FUTURE. 

Alex Lang remembers life before the revolution – before the government-issued hormones, the sissy wigs, frilly lingerie, and mandatory chastity. He lives on the war-torn outskirts of New Africa, where he hides his beautiful blonde step-sister Kaylee from the clutches of the brutal New African army. 

As musclebound black soldiers prowl the countryside searching for fertile white women, Alex will stop at nothing to protect sweet Kaylee's purity. In his pink-and-blue wig, flirty sissy skirt, and fishnet stockings, Alex gives his tender white body to a gang of pitiless black alpha soldiers: the ultimate act of courage and sacrifice. But is sissy Alex prepared for the overwhelming demonstration of power and domination? The encounter brings him face-to-face with his worst fears... and his most unspeakable sissy fantasies. 

Acclaimed author and pro domme Whitney Ryan presents a tantalizingly political vision of the future. Her powerful, vivid, fly-on-the-wall passages of three-on-one interracial man-on-sissy action push the boundaries of sensual fiction. The BLACK KINGS have their way with Alex's sissy body, pumping and pounding and cursing through one of the hottest gang scenes in the history of the genre. And interspersed throughout the sizzling prose, a suspenseful na
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>the boards are unlocked
we are so back

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deez niggaz don't kno I got dat bbc
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>>128788 (OP) 
average chud

only straight white males can produce art, women, minorities and gays are all worthless whores
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>>128784 (OP) 
no arrow therefore you look like nothing

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>bracks bad cause they stink and fuck our women

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new toss
Niggers can barely read a welfare check. What is this niggo doing with Eragon?
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blacks can be nerds too chud
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>only straight white males can produce art, women, minorities and gays are all worthless whores
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Chud speaks exclusively in trvthnvkes

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>haaai guys, i'm svvt from the shemmyyyy~
>how are you all doing todaaaaay?
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>j*rtyCVCKS couldn't come up with any gems so they had to resort to projecting their furfaggotry on others like they used to
...not a good look
why is she brown?
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furries are all white coded though

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>you are NOT exempt from jury duty
>you WILL report to the courthouse at the date and time listed on your summons
>you WILL wear a mask
>you WILL engage in social distancing and observe the relevant signage
>you WILL be paid $3.00 a day for your service
>you CANNOT choose to be paid in bitcoin
>you WILL refer to me as The Honorable Judge Soijack
>you WILL NOT make any mention of "jury nullification" within 50 miles of my courthouse
>you WILL NOT imply that poop 2 is real in any way, shape, or form on penalty of fines or jail time
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finally a good post
glistening corterald

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