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>ai le bad even though eventually every women will have ai porn of her making it impossible to tell if a women has really done porn meaning chuds will no longer be able to filter women based on whether they did porn or not
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>mens fashion is pointless because women only care about money
>womens fashion is pointless because men only care about vagina
>nobody actually care about fashion for it's own sake, it's just a tool to get the thing that you actually want (money/vagina). That's why everyone follow trends with zero self expression or creativity, because influencers told them dressing a certain way maximizes their chances of getting money/vagina

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>yes daddy spank me i've been a bad girl

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>the world revolves around me

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>clitty leaks
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>>128924 (OP) 
clitty leaking le bad even though it will prove to everyone around you that you are a fertile male able to cum

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>equality for women

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>The simplest explanation is usually the best one.
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>the material BBC, which is imperfect and ever-changing and the BBC of ideas or “forms” which is perfect, unchanging and eternal.

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Last thread was derailed by drawfags so I'm leaving this gem here.
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kys tranny
jannies ban him for spam that borders on avatarfagging
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go back to the sh*rty
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ofc the nushartypedo misses the obvious reference
lurk moar faggot!
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xavier cisneros thread

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>On October 12, 2019, it came to my attention that Darty posted a video on Twitter, depicting some art he found that my alternate account commented on, and some that it edited. I quickly reached out to him in order to explain some of the reasoning behind it, with the hopes he could delete the video (or maybe just leave a reply underneath), but that didn’t happen. Instead, he got me into a voice call, asked questions as if I had committed a felony, and pressured me to respond in that same manner. He recorded the whole thing (presumably for use in a video), and from the looks of it, Darty is looking to stir up drama by purposely misrepresenting the art that I used to associate with. I apologize for keeping quiet for so long, but my mental health was rapidly deteriorating, and I desperately needed to take a break for the sake of my sanity. Darty’s video singlehandedly convinced lots of people that I considered to be acquaintances and friends that I was some kind of monster, and that shit eats away at your brain. I think I’ve been missing in action and worrying people long enough, so here’s the full story from my perspective.

>October 9 – I got a Twitter notification telling me that someone had mentioned me in their tweet(slight nsfw warning I investigated it and found a slightly lewd drawing of my character in a fem-pyro outfit, based on a shitpost Zesty Jesus made. I assumed it was a joke, as my friends have drawn similar things before (, so I retweeted it to show my support for the fan art and moved on. Mountains of likes, retweets, and replies started pouring in, and I quickly realized the mistake I had made retweeting the art. I undid the retweet and started making more tweets trying to draw attention away from it, but that of course only ushered in more attention (and lead to the discovery of more explicit art). I went to bed soon after and woke up the next morning only to discover that people had discovered old diaper “fetish” art depicting my character, uploaded to DeviantArt several years ago. Later that day, I made a statement (

>“It has come to my attention that diaper fetish art of my persona from years prior has surfaced online. Yes, this is real, and yes, I apologize if you saw any of it, but there is nothing wrong with having a fetish so long as no one is getting hurt, all parties consent, and it doesn't involve minors. However, there is a bit of a stigma to this fetish which leads people to believe that it is related to children. Frankly, that is disgusting- I don't want anyone who gets off to kids or any thoughts related to minors anywhere near me. My character was designed to represent my own person in those situations, and nothing inherently sexual was ever portrayed in the art to begin with. Again, anything sexual involving minors IS NOT ONLY WRONG, but ILLEGAL, and I do not condone nor support any form of pedophilic behavior. Hopefully I can get back to my regularly scheduled and safe for work life now.
>P.S.- I found sexually explicit art out there too, which I only found out about last night from my friends. That is what I was referring to with my earlier tweets about requesting people to NOT draw porn of my character. Thank you.”

>In this statement, I referred to the depictions as “diaper fetish art.” I should have chosen my words more carefully, because there was nothing inherently sexual about the work that was posted (diaper art warning ). As a direct result of my poor word choice, a few people thought that the art was intended to be sexual, and it was made even worse because of the babyish attire worn by my character. I should have explained this more elaborately in my statement. The community this type of art comes from is ABDL (adult baby / diaper lover), which primarily is comprised of people who want to reconnect with their youth and others who just like diapers, whether it be sexual or non-sexual. In my case, this is the “AB” side, completely non-sexual. I first became interested in it at a young age and found other people that felt the same way when I joined colors 3d (a painting app for the 3DS). I made a couple friends there, then actually joined the community when I was about 15 years old (in 2015), and I probably should not have done that because I was a minor… though I was also blissfully unaware of the sexual side that existed, or that the words “kink” or “fetish” implied anything sexual. I never really disclosed my age, but I made many more friends in the community, commented on art they would commission, and even got to the point where I was editing art for one person. The art I commented on was reserved to commissions friends would get, and this is what lead to an issue Darty pointed out: said art I commented on depicts minors. I stand by my earlier statement and will repeat it: there is nothing wrong with having a fetish so long as no one is getting hurt, all parties consent, and it doesn't involve minors. The art I commented on and the art I edited was not intended to be sexual in the slightest, much like the art depicting my character. People like the ABDL lifestyle for a plethora of reasons, and some like to get commissions of themselves/other characters/etc regressed in order to escape stress, feel younger and carefree, et cetera. That’s totally fine. What I have a problem with is when that youthful side combines with the fetish side of the community. I always made sure to steer far clear of it, because not only is that borderline pedophilia, it’s fucking gross. When Darty posted his video, his tone and language implied that everything was intended to be sexual, and that got to my head. This is why I started the conversation the way I did ( ). When he got me into a voice call (I used text) and began questioning me, I mentioned that I regret leaving comments on my friends’ commissions and do not condone babyfur art (though the art depicted was non-sexual). I do regret leaving those comments (because it’s so easy to take the art out of context like Darty did), there’s nothing inherently wrong with babyfur art, as long as it is PURELY non-sexual. That night, my emotions were getting the better of me, and I said a couple things that I do not agree with.

>At the start of Darty’s questioning, I said that “looking back at the video myself, I almost fucking puked dude. I regret all of that dumb shit I did when I was young,” but again, it wasn’t sexual. I mentioned this several times before ( ), but Darty seemed to refuse to believe it, so the entire conversation panned out in a similar fashion and wasn’t getting much done. It felt like I was defending the same thing over and over, and I had to address every single piece of art I commented on individually. Darty kept trying to hold a moral high ground saying, “you were x age, you should’ve known better,” but again, he seemingly refused to believe that this wasn’t sexual. I also told him that I deleted my accounts and left that community before I turned 18 so I would no longer be associated with it, and this is true. The only account I couldn’t delete (the one on “DiaperedAnime”) was only used once for a couple minutes after I signed up, and the account never had any content on it. Darty pointed out that my last login was June 2, 2019, and that was from an (unsuccessful) attempt to delete the account.

>Another point Darty brought up was my past video thumbnails ( ). In the bottom-left corner, you can see that there used to be a cropped version of one of the pieces of diaper art depicting my character. This is due simply to the fact that I was a broke kid with no commission money and didn’t want to beg for any free art. Every single piece of diaper art with my character in it was an unexpected gift, and since they still depicted my character, I cropped it to use in the thumbnails and make my videos more easily identifiable.

>However, this isn’t the end yet. A few of you probably noticed the “aar has no rights” Twitter account ( ) that has been leaving videos and screenshots in the replies to my tweets, claiming me to be a pedophile, transphobic, and homophobic. I am none of these things. This account, from what I can gather, is being run by a group of old friends I used to have that are trying to “cancel” me by taking DM screenshots out of context. The anonymous individual taking the DM screenshots was very “horny on main” and would try to talk to me every day (even pretending to be into what I was into, all the way back on colors 3d) and encouraged me to do lots of dumb shit. When things would have had serious consequences, though, their endeavors failed. Allow me to elaborate.

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jartybulls are going to like this one
Replies: >>128902 >>128903
erm, why would jartybulls like this?
Replies: >>128906
and secondarily, why would jartybulls like this like seriously, cite your sources too.
because jartybulls are partially colorblind and blue is of the colors they can see and the op image is blue
Replies: >>128908
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>you forgot your source.
>things asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
>case closed, do better.

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