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Beginning in late 2019 during the announcement of the election, a number of astroturfers tried to convince everyone on /pol/ to vote for certain candidates; those being Joseph H. Biden and Bernie Sanders (before resigning like a cuckold) because "they're not Trump". Several people vehemently rejected this idea and moved on with their lives, rooting for Trump instead. A year later just when the election was starting up, a high amount of astroturfing on /pol/ would emerge in numbers, with most being Mossad puppets and communist trannies, they'd often use the board to shill their agenda and subvert the native population of the board into rooting for Biden through many techniques of their indoctrination tactics - which worked quite well as now a few /pol/ regulars have turned against Trump and are willing to overthrow him and his government. A fight would break out between Bidentrannies and MAGApedes, with the latter doing their part to wipe off the JIDF's slide threads advocating for Biden's presidency, and working together to help the cause. The conflict between Bidentroons and MAGApedes would go on for several months until the election came into fruition and many have started rooting for Trump to keep America great. However, just as American patriots were getting ready to vote for Trump, the astroturfers botted the vote and elected Biden as president, rigging the election afterwards. They would later leak onto /qa/ with their subverting soyjak spam, Biden appreciation threads,
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Kanye West, because he is a smart nigger

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>communists are financial incels

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>my pupper got into my chocolate soylent while i was at the fulfillment center and now he's sick

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trukey onna dukey
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Thankfully with Trumpflare existing on /qa2/, you won't get to see embarrassing shit like this anymore.
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>of /qa/ Get out
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>>128439 (OP) 
Holy fucking shit what mental illness is THIS? I just got here after a fellow patriot told me about this site and this is the first thing I see.
These people are NOT normal and should seek professional psychiatrist immediately!!! I don't know what this /qa/ was all about but I started my journey there after the leftypol trannies in charge of the site flushed all PNN thread here, it was fucking awful, it's like you walked into a mental hospital filled with SICK & UNWELL people. As for this site, it seems that nothing interesting ever comes out of it, just nothing but plain retardation being perpetuated for HOURS and HOURS on END!!!

Thank God we moved past this, Trump could've pulled the plug sooner or earlier before this /qa/ thing got out of hand!!
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>mlp episode make new friends but keep discord
ponyfags are corders kek

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In the aftermath of the 2020 US presidential election, a group of American patriots realized that their beloved President Donald Trump was being unfairly targeted by a vast conspiracy. They believed that the only way to get him back on track and save the country from the clutches of the deep state was to conduct a technological revolution.

The group, led by a brilliant tech entrepreneur named Sarah Jones, set out to create a revolutionary new technology that would not only restore Trump to power but also transform America into a literal utopia. They called it the "TrumpTech" project.

The first step in the TrumpTech project was to develop a new type of AI that could analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns that were previously undetectable. This AI would be able to uncover hidden connections between seemingly unrelated events and provide insights that could help Trump and his administration make informed decisions.

The second step was to create a new type of communication network that would be completely secure and immune to hacking attempts. This network would allow Trump and his team to communicate with each other in complete privacy, even in the face of intense scrutiny from the media and the deep state.

The third step was to develop a new type of energy source that would be clean, renewable, and abundant. This energy source would not only power America's cities and towns but also provide a new source of income for rural communities through the sale of excess energy back to the grid.

The fourth step was to create a new type of transportation system that would be faster, more efficient, and more sustainable than anything currently in use. This transportation system would allow Americans to travel long distances in record time, while also reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

As Sarah Jones and her team worked tirelessly on these projects, they began to see remarkable results. The AI they developed was able to identify patterns that had previously gone unnoticed, leading to breakthroughs in areas like healthcare, education, and national security. The secure communication network they created allowed Trump and his team to communicate with each other without fear of being spied on or hacked. The clean energy source they developed provided a new source of income for rural communities and helped reduce America's dependence on foreign oil. The new transportation system they created allowed Americans to travel faster and more efficiently than ever before, while also reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

As these technologies began to spread throughout America, the country began to transform into a literal utopia. Crime rates plummeted as people felt safer knowing that their communications were secure and their energy needs were being met by clean sources. Education levels soared as teachers were able to use AI-powered tools to personalize learning for each student's unique needs. Healthcare improved dramatically as doctors were able to diagnose diseases earlier and more accurately than ever before. And as people traveled faster and more efficiently than ever before, they had more time to spend with their families and pursue their passions.
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the more you know
based and schwaypilled

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I just got some insider info about last night's meltdown and it's fucking hilarious, apparently the soiloon was keeping his shit thread he calls a "gem" alive to amuse himself and his twitter friends and the thread was killed by a fellow frog at the exact moment he was getting ready to bump it, mind you these are twenty low testosterone beta male cuckolds in their early 20's who still think soyjaks are the height of comedy and btw they are not 'trans' because they use soyjak emotes on discord to lure children into their harem and groom them, that's the soymmunity for you, just when you thought you had seen the depths of their decadence and insanity they keep on giving. He also went completely ballistic on his shitty discord hugbox altchan attacking and insulting everyone there for not doing their part to fight frogposters.
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soipoops will NOT recover from this
they haven't recovered from THIS

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Are soiniggers able to refute this?

protip: you can't, good luck, kike.
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even after 6 months they still haven't been able to do so, wonder why
they have the average IQ of 60 so i don't think they can
they still havent kek
they're too low IQ so of course they can't
they still can't.... they're too busy perpetuating kike propaganda and spamming homosexual fantasies to even refute this fact

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Beginning in 2018, 4chan was in a state of disarray after an abundance of shills, kikes and trannies started flooding in and began demoralizing the right by pushing their agenda and lies anywhere they could by joining forces with the tranny jannies and thus allowing them to shit up the boards further with their degeneracy. The self-proclaimed "right-wingers" then turned against our Lord Trump thanks to Mossad's effort and indoctrination to stain Trump's image, followed by the rise of BBC kikery on /pol/ which was an effective effort against the right-wing and nigger killers as a whole, this was considered a "success" by the JIDF and has since made it impossible to discuss killing niggers and blowing them the fuck out since most of these "right-wingers" embraced the notion of stroking on niggerdicks to lust for the concept of white genocide, as well as derailing the threads with posts supporting niggers and the BLM movement. This was considered a dark time for the majority of the right-wing and it only goes more ((( deeper ))) than you'd think. The situation would deteriorate amidst 2020. After a long deride with the weeb mafia and reclaiming /qa/ as our continent, Mossad puppets and soicucks infiltrated the board and started spamming low effort garbage that doesn't add up to anything - they were even spamming neutral tranime girl in a desperate attempt to replace the last bastion of the white race (frogs) to no avail, it didn't succeed because no
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keyed shit

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