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>blackowned business

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retards... aren't we all?
i am

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black people be like "i love getting money and not respecting women"
no arrow

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everyone is so fucking retarded on every single soi website

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more and more men are joining religischizo denominations in the aims of getting a tradwife
you look like that and say that

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I’d still suck it doe..
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Oh definitely. Make her know that you still love her, maybe let her know that her tiny little pp is why you love her
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wrong cause all futa's have big cocks

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>Why is this not popular yet?
She marks a valid point thoughever
"this" is one of the most used words in the English language though
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got it
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you're annoying

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I see Angeleno in the Walmart isle, with his beautiful mouth agape. He is holding a bottle of soylent. I approach him and compliment him for his beautiful mouth. He’s bashful and a bit embarrassed, which is quite understandable when you open your mouth so wide and expose your pink tongue in a public place like this. I ask him if he comes here often, to which he responds “yea bruh no cap on god I come to this mfer [sic] every day. I love going to the deli and purchasing the mozzarella sticks. They are always fresh and crispy, and make for a wonderful snack.” I tell him I know of an even greater snack. “tell me more” he responds. I motion for him to come with me.

We begin walking towards the financial services counter. As we get close to it we come upon the area where the bathrooms are. I motion for him to follow me into the “Family Restroom”, which is single occupancy and has a locking door to be used.

Once inside, I lock the door behind us. “Ayy bruh this don’t seem like no place for no snack, I think you capping”

I then respond, “I have the snack right here, leno boy” and unzip my 8 inch BLC (Big Lute Cock). It has massive girth and the veins look like they’re about to burst. Leno gets so scared that he drops to his knees in a submissive position immediately. I slowly work my way into his mouth, and he begins teasing the head of my BLC with his tongue, making slow, rolling motions over my glans.

All the zoomer meme speak leaves his body, as he slowly works his wa
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The countries with the highest suicide rates are all in africa yet in america blacks have the lowest suicide rates
what is to be made of this?
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i miss when jarty had its own identity beyond 4chan if nobody fucking used it and they posted soyjaks less
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>i miss when jarty had its own identity beyond 4chan if nobody fucking used it and they posted soyjaks less
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we all look like that and say that

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