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>getting cancer le bad even though you can make funny breaking bad references with your family

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>if science is true then how come when I cook eggs they turn into solids instead of evaporating into a gas
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look up alchemy
>>128511 (OP) 
She right doe
>>128511 (OP) 
soyjak would never say something this disparaging about the science...
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she is having an existential crisis of faith

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actually, not just a gem, but a gem that made me audibly chuckle
Because the Chinese word for pineapple sounds close to the sound of the phrase 'luck coming your way', pineapples have become a symbol of good luck in Chinese culture. 

Where to Position Pineapple for Feng Shui?  Placing this plant in the Southwest sector, it may enhance love and relationship energies because of its association with the element of Earth.

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>actually, not just a gem, but a gem that made me audibly chuckle

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>Kind of insane how many hooks this packs in eight minutes. In the middlepoint it legit sounds like insanely talented popstars singing their best hooks at each other in a battle for who can be the catchiest songwriter. And then the glorious hook comes in and the track builds up on that in the best way possible lol. One of the best (dance) songs I ever heard

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new toss
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>first day on the internet?

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new toss

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picrel is me
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jarty wake the fuck up wtf is this ?
picrel is me btw
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>>125738 (OP) 
picrel is me

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she cude
yes she is
Shes jewish
my wife

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It's time we had a serious conversation about BBC effect, and BBC theory as a whole.

First off, let's establish that this is not some conspiracy theory or a sick fetish. BBC is a very real and powerful force in today's society, and it is something that white men need to be aware of and adapt to.

So, why is BBC so irresistible to white women? Well, there are multiple reasons for this phenomenon.

One of the primary reasons is the physical aspect. Let's be honest here, black men are blessed with larger endowments compared to white men. And when it comes to satisfying a woman's sexual desires, size does matter. White women are drawn to the idea of being with a man who can truly please them and show them a good time in bed.

But it's not just about physical pleasure. BBC also represents a sense of rebellion for white women. It's a way for them to break societal norms and go against the traditional idea of dating and marrying within their own race. In today's world, interracial relationships are widely accepted and even celebrated. And what better way to rebel against the outdated views of the past than by being with a black man?

Moreover, black men are often seen as more confident, charismatic, and exciting compared to their white counterparts. They exude a sense of strength and masculinity that is highly attractive to white women. BBC represents a sense of adventure and danger, making it even more alluring to those seeking an escape from their mundane lives.

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