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>asmr explaining the story of the tribes most fearsome female hero

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>asmr hunting and gathering sounds

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new stonetoss political comic
bernie cant win

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>tyrone's bwc isn't an oxymoron, tyrone is a proud irish name

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jean d'arc wasn't real she was made up by the english to justify losing the war

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>why yes dean is in fact my name how did you know?

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>I don't think the fact that there's an illegal tunnel in a Jewish synagogue is what surprised me.
>What does suprise is that there's 4chan lore, and everyone from 4chan who has heard about these tunnels is actually scared of this.
>Fucking *4chan* is scared of this shit.
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>WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT... 4CHAN is scared? The same place that called a FUCKING AIR STRIKE that one time? That's it, we're fucked.
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>When those autists are scared of something theres probably a good reason for it
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>4chan lore
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>DUUUUUUDEE! Even those alt-right nazis on 4chan are scared! This is some serious shit!
another good post

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>Is that a blond nordic man, whose the Nazis see as superior, punching and owning Nazis who are ravaging his country? I HAVE TO SEE THIS
>Hello shaquan, 3 tickets to see “Sisu” please, my wife and her boyfriend we be coming late though.
I wonder how many decades after the war the last "le owning le nazis" movie will be released
underrated post

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>omg is that a shy innocent boy, time to femdom him
stop soyquoting me

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>Soylent is significantly cheaper than just about anything I could cook at home, even shopping sales and avoid pre-packaged food. I get eggs at the corner store across the street and a dozen is $3 and I eat four a day, so $1. I eat about 400-800 calories of Soylent per day, averaged out to let's call it 600 calories a day and at the price I am paying ($1.43/400 calories, 25% off new subscription order which you can do over and over again and stock up), about $2.15 a day average, for a grand total average of $3.15 a day. Mind you, I am on a VLCD, and have been for the last several months. When not doing that, I average about 1200 calories a day of Soylent and still four eggs, bringing the daily total to $5.29. Water is free.

>I value my time as well, and going to the store to do grocery shopping is a massive time suck. It's not free to park, gas isn't free and taking an Uber is going to run me at least $10 each way. I can take public transportation for a total of $5 round trip, but adds over an hour to the trip compared to an Uber or driving myself. Speaking of time, we haven't even gotten to the time it takes to cook and clean up, and not even factoring in the cost of cooking and cleaning supplies. I have a hard boiled egg cooker, that costs a whopping $13, and takes 4 minutes of effort between loading eggs, dumping them in bath of cold water and deshelling.

>Sure, I could mea
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>you bet! I love me some soylent, but the bottles are soooo hard to open ;P
gem post worth reading

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